An Open Letter To All My Fans – Finally I am Standing up for Myself

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I didn’t think that I would have to deal with this, but it came to the point when I just have to stand up for myself.  It came to my attention that my soon to be ex-husband wrote a post about our marriage in which he pictured me as an abusive monster that used him to get to Los Angeles only to dump him, dump BodyRock.Tv that we’ve build together and become a star. My stomach literally turned upside down when I read all of those horrible things he wrote about me that are absolutely not true. I keep being bullied by this man who took literally everything from me. 
Here is my side of the story. Freddy and I have build BodyRock.Tv a fitness/personal blog that became very successful. We traveled, had fun, shot hundreds of workout videos that went viral on youtube.  BodyRock.Tv was a very successful business that was making us a lot of money. It was insane. We had everything but home. I did not want to live in Canada and my husband did not want to live in Prague. We tried a little country in Mediterranean – Malta, but it still didn’t feel like home to either of us. In 2011 we were contacted by a large talent agency and production company from Los Angeles to discuss a possible business opportunity. It sounded great and we were both excited to move to L..A. 
We moved to Los Angeles in May 2011 and rented an expensive house in West Hollywood for the entire year. While we did not close a deal with the production company and did not get representation from the talent agency, we both felt strong about BodyRock.Tv and wanted to keep growing. Our relationship on the other hand was not at all in good shape. It was not because I was a monster wife that would physically and emotionally abuse my husband. We had serious issues that caused disconnection on my part. I was not happy about the creative direction of our videos and the way I was being portrait and perceived. While I was happy about the numbers on youtube and growing business I was feeling more and more embarrassed about my sexualized image. Don’t get me wrong, I like sexy, and confident, but I don’t enjoy having camera close up my cleavage and elsewhere. That was also a reason why we did not get any sponsorships or representation by any large talent agency despite of the popularity online. I felt like our goals were different. I wanted a clean family friendly blog that people wouldn’t be embarrassed to share with their friends, and Freddy wanted to see bigger numbers. I felt like I was being controlled in every aspect of my life. I didn’t even have my own cellphone for the first few months in Los Angeles. Apparently it wasn’t needed. If anyone wanted to talk to me, they can call my husbands cell phone. 
Another issue in our relationship was our intimacy. I was not as physical with my husband as he wanted me to be which led to frustrations on his part and disappointment and disconnection on mine. I couldn’t get a hug from him to be comforted, without him being sexual with me. I could no longer imagine to have family with this man. I knew that I would not be able to look into my children’s eyes and tell them that their dad is the love of my life. 
I decided that the best thing for both of us would be to separate as a couple and remain best friends and business partners. While I can’t deny that Freddy was devastated by my decision, it was not true that he had to leave to his home town in Canada. I told him that our house was big enough for both of us. We had two separate bedrooms. I offered him that I would help him to get through the changes and that I would not be the first one to date other people if he decides to stay. I wanted him to be happy and I wanted us to keep growing BodyRock.Tv. 
He decided to leave me in Los Angeles and went back to his home town in Canada with his family. I was fine with that and I have to say that I felt relieved and was excited for the new beginnings. Freddy and I were in touch every day and talked about BodyRock.Tv and how we are going to continue as business partners. We agreed on bringing in other girls as hosts of the workout videos. However my idea of hiring a camera guy to shoot my workout videos was denied by my husband. No one was allowed to shoot videos of me. That’s why you could see me doing only short intros to the workouts having my camera on tripod. I was also doing some nutrition and diet posts, but I felt very limited by not having anyone to help me. We were both feeling overwhelmed by the change, because we were used to working together and we were very good at working together. 
Things got very tough when his new girlfriend Lisa Marie came to the picture. While I thought that him having a new girlfriend, a person that will be there for him, will make things a lot easier, I was wrong. Up until then, we were friends, partners and we were getting along. If you were following BodyRock.Tv back then you must have noticed that I have basically vanished right after her very first post. In December 2011, Freddy’s attitude towards me changed completely. He became incredibly mean, he denied me an access to BodyRock.Tv and all the social media we’ve build together. Since I had no access to our Canadian business account, and owned only 49% of the company, I was relying on him to pay me monthly dividends. My future was completely in his hands. When I asked for my dividends he told me to first sign a non-compete agreement. What that means is that I wouldn’t be allowed to ever have my own fitness blog or to ever do a workout video online. I felt like I was being controlled again and threatened on top of that. It was never my intension to leave BodyRock.Tv. I was forced to leave to keep my independence and dignity. He told me to lawyer up and the last email I got from him stated exactly this: “I want you to sell the company car that your mom is using. Aww, isn’t it horrible that your mom that has nothing won’t even have the car?” That my friends right there was the end of our friendship. I couldn’t believe it. Of course I did not sell the car and my mom still has it.
What happened next is that he wrote a post on BodyRock.Tv that would portray me as a bad person that betrayed him in every possible way. He wrote that he was being forced and manipulated to write the post about us breaking up. That was the post with the picture of us sitting on the front step of the house in West Hollywood. Just to let you know, nobody was forcing him to write what he did. While I was pushing for him to post the truth about us not being a couple, he wanted to write it in his own words and told me not to let anyone know that I left him. I was fine with that. 
At that time, I decided that I will not give up and that I will continue doing what I love and he or nobody else will ever stop me. I contacted Darren from Watch it now entertainment, explained him the entire situation and asked him if he wants to be my partner. We clicked as friends immediately and we were on the same page when it comes to fitness, blogging and my image as a trainer. I got hired by his company and got my work visa instantly. After that, you know the story. We started shooting ZWOWs and I tried to get back on my feet. I can never thank Darren and his team at Watch It Now Entertainment enough, who all helped me when I had absolutely nothing. I am also forever thankful to my boyfriend who stood by me the entire time and gave me the kind of love and home that I have always dreamed off.
I filed for divorce in January 2012, however I am still waiting for the divorce to happen, because my husband is way too power hungry and wants my 49% of BodyRock.Tv  which he thinks is worth his signature on our divorce papers and nothing more. I was also threatened by a letter from his lawyer that I might be deported back to Czech Republic if I won’t stop doing ZWOWS and sign the non-compete agreement with BodyRock.Tv.  I guess he assumed that I didn’t get my visa. 
I have received way more abuse from him in the form of online bullying. He said so many bad things about me on his Facebook and other social media and I have never stood up for myself. For some weird reason I thought that he is really not that kind of person and that maybe he’s just very hurt that I left him. I thought that he is being like that because he’s probably suffering. Now it got to the point that I am hundred percent certain that all that crap he writes about me is his cover up to justify the fact that he took everything from me and have been actively trying to destroy my career and my online presence. Here he is again with another post trying to hurt me.  He didn’t take the most important part of me though–my faith, love, and will power. 


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  1. Melinda

    Melinda  | 

    I’m so sorry you are going through this!!!

    You are an awesome person and I love

    Your workouts !

    • Brian

      Brian  | 

      Wow! That’s what happened. I remember watching your videos on youtube and then meeting Fabio. A guy you worked workout out a t the same place. You sent me a video on his phone saying hi. Don’t know if you remember this but then all of a sudden when you disappeared off youtube and wondered what happened to you. Good to hear you back up and doing things. You seem like a great person and very talented and if you need any help let me know. I’m a trainer myself and working on a few things in fitness and live in LA also. Actually in the Valley. Keep in touch.

    • Russ

      Russ  | 

      It’s great that you are standing up for yourself. I hope women can see that it’s ok to be strong, with class. You have so much going for you that a bump in the road will not get in your way. It’s sad how everything turned out for you. I don’t like to see people fight each other like two dogs fighting over a piece of meat. But, it happens. Keep your head up. Get what is yours from BodyRock. You earned it. Things will be lots better than you ever thought. For one, I just checked out your new site ZWOWW. Very cool. I like it already. Keep up the great work. By the way, don’t worry about the men, you’re a special woman. It’s going to take a special guy to love you. It will be worth the wait though. Trust me. Plus, now you know what you don’t want.:) Stay blessed, keep the faith, continue loving. Later.

  2. Melinda

    Melinda  | 

    I’m so sorry you are going through this!!!

    You are an awesome person and I love

    Your workouts !

  3. Crystal

    Crystal  | 

    Good for you and he cannot take what is not to be taken; your spirit/soul/love. No one can take that and you are inspirational and I’m happy to hear that sexy is good but THAT other peticular direction(trashy) is and was wrong!!! Best continued success!!

  4. Saeed MIller

    Saeed MIller  | 

    Humans can be disgusting and mean.

    You don’t deserve this ill-will. at all. Thank you for what you do. You a greatly appreciated and I wish the best for you.

    • Monia

      Monia  | 

      I’m with you since 2009, you are for a source of inspiration and motivation, I am sad for you that you have lived through all this shit, but you can be very proud of you because you did not give up and you’re still , I’ll support and continue to make you known in Montreal Quebec Canada.

  5. Bridgett

    Bridgett  | 

    You go, girl! Best wishes!

  6. Tara Hanrahan

    Tara Hanrahan  | 

    Zuzka, I’m so glad you wrote this post, and so sorry to hear what’s really been going on.

    You will overcome this, and you will be successful. It’s clear to see how strong and how worthy you are. Keep doing what you’re doing!

    • deb Kaplan

      deb Kaplan  | 

      Right on Tara!

      • Claudia

        Claudia  | 

        Well said!

  7. Tara Hanrahan

    Tara Hanrahan  | 

    Zuzka, I’m so glad you wrote this post, and so sorry to hear what’s really been going on.

    You will overcome this, and you will be successful. It’s clear to see how strong and how worthy you are. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  8. Tara Hanrahan

    Tara Hanrahan  | 

    Zuzka, I’m so glad you wrote this post, and so sorry to hear what’s really been going on.

    You will overcome this, and you will be successful. It’s clear to see how strong and how worthy you are. Keep doing what you’re doing!

  9. Samantha

    Samantha  | 

    I have followed BodyRock.Tv for years. I stopped watching though after you left and was ecstatic when I found your new blog! I’ve always supported you and will continue for years. Don’t let anyone get you down! You are a strong woman <3

    • Lisa

      Lisa  | 

      I agree!!! I’m a long time follower on BodyRock, too, but I completely lost my taste for it after you left. SO glad when you started your own site. I’m so sorry for all this nasty business!! Good for you for standing up for yourself. I’m grateful that you have a good support team around you now. Keep up the great work!! We love you!!

      • iDorotka

        iDorotka  | 

        Agreed :)

        • Daina

          Daina  | 

          I couldn’t agree more! I watched followed BodyRock for over a year then stopped after Z left. It just sucked without you, Zuzka :) I was so happy when I found your new site and I hate that you’re going through all this. Keep your head up! You’ll get through it.

    • maureen augusiewicz

      maureen augusiewicz  | 

      I agree.

    • Mettra

      Mettra  | 

      I have been searching and wondering what happened to your videos and was happy to find this site, I was not connected to the bodyrock site with lisa marie as the fitness trainer, when I couldn’t find your videos, I stopped going to the site. I am happy to hear that you are not giving up or giving in, I am a strong supporter of your workouts and meal plans and don’t give up!!! YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  10. Esteban Ortega

    Esteban Ortega  | 

    Insecure men like him do not deserve hard working dedicated women like you anyway. I am glad you are doing well and I cannot wait to see you prosper and succeed in your career as a fitness trainer/motivator. I did notice the way you were being portrayed. I noticed how well mannered you were, well spoken and polite. But I would question why the purpose of the video shots were they way they were. Now I know! lol. I could tell you wanted to help yourself and others in your introductions and breakdowns. I hope everything gets situated sooner for you than you think. Way to post this and show people more about yourself, allowing them to connect with you on a higher level. Good Job and take care!

    • michelle

      michelle  | 

      I felt the very same way and agree with you esteban. I did notice the way Zuzka was being portrayed. I noticed how well mannered she was, well spoken and polite. But I also questioned why the purpose of the video shots were they way they were. It did not add up.

      • J.T.

        J.T.  | 

        I agree… I saw it too for years! Glad to know the truth… God bless!

      • Adele

        Adele  | 

        Me too!!! I never liked him

  11. Ricardo

    Ricardo  | 

    Hi Zuzka!

    I’m really sorry to hear that, but I know you’re a strong woman. You’ve been through worse, much worse, and you know that!

    I, too, did think that those old videos, the sexualized ones, didn’t picture what you really are: a trainer, a teacher, a guide. I used to think “Is she really ok with this?”, and you weren’t. But you fought it off and won, just like you’re gonna win again this time.

    I do hope you build a happy family, I really wish you become the happiest woman in the world, because YOU DESERVE IT! YOU’VE EARNED THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY!

    I know you know it, but we can never have enough: we, warriorz LOVE YOU!!!

    • Ricardo

      Ricardo  | 

      And this is for your new boyfriend:

      You know you’re a damn lucky guy, don’t you? Now you treat her very well, and if you ever break her heart, I’m going all the way from Brazil just to kick your ass!

      LOL! Just kidding! You two be happy!

      • michelle

        michelle  | 

        I second this and I’am also just kidding lol.

      • Michele Beery

        Michele Beery  | 

        You’re going to have an army backing you up, Ricardo. :)

        • Tosca Hilbrands

          Tosca Hilbrands  | 

          Damn right you are! Go Ricardo, love this post! 😀

  12. Jessica jones

    Jessica jones  | 

    Stay strong! Don’t ever let him or anyone else ever break you! So proud that there’s women out there who know to stand up to men! Keep training there’s a lot of people who you are changing their lives in so many ways! Thank you for sharing your story!

  13. Esteban Ortega

    Esteban Ortega  | 

    Insecure men like him do not deserve hard working dedicated women like you anyway. I am glad you are doing well and I cannot wait to see you prosper and succeed in your career as a fitness trainer/motivator. I did notice the way you were being portrayed. I noticed how well mannered you were, well spoken and polite. But I would question why the purpose of the video shots were they way they were. Now I know! lol. I could tell you wanted to help yourself and others in your introductions and breakdowns. I hope everything gets situated sooner for you than you think. Way to post this and show people more about yourself, allowing them to connect with you on a higher level. Good Job and take care!

  14. Tabitha

    Tabitha  | 

    Zuzana, I have to say I’m not surprised! :/ I followed you since body rock and saw the change when Lisa came into the picture. My husband and I started being a little embattled to watch the new videos as they were almost intrusive. Then one day Freddy made a post about his both ex wife or something of the sort and I commented immediately to tell him that you have never bad mouthed him in your videos or blogs and my husband and I left body rock for good. We are loyal fans and love your workout videos – we do them everyday!! Wish you nothing but the best Zuzana!!!! xo Morris Family

    • Olga Balakshina

      Olga Balakshina  | 

      Tabitha, I am exactly with you, I loved watching Zuzana’s videos though I was not exactly 100% happy with the way she was filmed.. It was obvious that those videos were aimed at men for them to get “excited” over, not women to get inspired and get healthier and stronger. Though Zuzana’s personality kept me going back to her videos.. But when instead of Zuzana the other girls appeared, I was quite disgusted by “this new member” and upset about Zuzana’s disappearance.. I also left bodyrock to join Zuzana’s new site, coz there are no one else I would rather follow!

  15. Josie

    Josie  | 

    Ive been following you on Bodyrock for a number of years now and saw everything that was happening without really knowing what was going on. My Husband (now my ex-husband) did the same controlling thing after I left him, and on social media too. I agree with everything you are saying and I feel for you too as I am still going through this ordeal as well. Its funny how you think you know someone and then all of a sudden they change and are so incredibly mean, and like you said everything has come down to a signature on a bit of paper…. my Husband wouldn’t let me even have my own car under my own name unless I signed everything else I had away to him, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have so much more at stake. Yet i know how it feels to start all over again with nothing…… good luck Zuzka, thank you for writing your post, I feel like my story too has also been told. xx

    • Olga Balakshina

      Olga Balakshina  | 

      Oh… So sorry for you too.. I was also robbed by my ex… He left me with nothing but two kids to take care of.. I love my kids, but I’m so angry at the fact they don’t have everything they deserve to have..

  16. Tabitha

    Tabitha  | 

    Zuzana, I have to say I’m not surprised! :/ I followed you since body rock and saw the change when Lisa came into the picture. My husband and I started being a little embattled to watch the new videos as they were almost intrusive. Then one day Freddy made a post about his both ex wife or something of the sort and I commented immediately to tell him that you have never bad mouthed him in your videos or blogs and my husband and I left body rock for good. We are loyal fans and love your workout videos – we do them everyday!! Wish you nothing but the best Zuzana!!!! xo Morris Family

  17. Christina

    Christina  | 

    Congratulations on defending yourself. Your fans will continue to follow you wherever you go. It wasn’t Freddy that we wanted to see anyways. The organized structure of the Zwow’s is so much easier to follow with the intros than the br workouts.

  18. Pamela

    Pamela  | 


    I know that your fans, including myself, were confused whenever your videos ceased to appear on body rock. I was confused until several months go. I liked body rock because of you. Your personality and your workouts are the only reasons I liked body rock. After you left and I learned about the split and drama, I only watched your zwow and personal site. I’m happy that you have your visa and so inspired by your strength and perseverance. You have something special, and because of that, you have a strong and loyal base of warriors. Thank you for all that you do, you continue to inspire me!

    Best wishes,


  19. Tabitha

    Tabitha  | 

    Zuzana, I have to say I’m not surprised! :/ I followed you since body rock and saw the change when Lisa came into the picture. My husband and I started being a little embarrsed to watch the new videos as they were almost intrusive. Then one day Freddy made a post about his both ex wife or something of the sort and I commented immediately to tell him that you have never bad mouthed him in your videos or blogs and my husband and I left body rock for good. We are loyal fans and love your workout videos – we do them everyday!! Wish you nothing but the best Zuzana!!!! xo Morris Family

  20. Pamela

    Pamela  | 


    I know that your fans, including myself, were confused whenever your videos ceased to appear on body rock. I was confused until several months go. I liked body rock because of you. Your personality and your workouts are the only reasons I liked body rock. After you left and I learned about the split and drama, I only watched your zwow and personal site. I’m happy that you have your visa and so inspired by your strength and perseverance. You have something special, and because of that, you have a strong and loyal base of warriors. Thank you for all that you do, you continue to inspire me!

    Best wishes,


  21. katie

    katie  | 

    Zuzka I knew that his post was a ton of crock after I read it but I’m glad you’re sticking up fir yourself. You have all my support and I know you’ll continue to be theamazing person that you are. Stay strong.

    – Katie

  22. Lucia

    Lucia  | 

    Sorry Zuzana,

    Divorce is always painful.More so when one partner turns vindictive, even if their actions lead to the break up.

    You are an inspiration,sorry it’s been a rough road.Keep walking away with your head held high.

    Best wishes,Lucia

  23. Bree

    Bree  | 

    You are amazing. Any person that believes those awful things he writes is just plain stupid. Everyone at is exceptionally greedy and it shows. You are sincere and amazing. God is always gonna bless those that remain truthful. :)

  24. vanessa

    vanessa  | 

    So glad you stood up for yourself…my ex just did the same to me…publicly humiliated me and took everything…my home my car and now i have no way to get to work…he is trying to take full custody of my daughter and since i cant get to work he knows i cant get a lawyer….its hurtful and shocking to think someone you once loved could do this to you…i am strong and will save every penny to get a car and my life back….stay strong….sending prayers!

  25. Tracy

    Tracy  | 

    Stay strong :) Kindness, honesty and integrity are the most important qualities in a person. I am so happy you stayed true to yourself. I was following bodyrocktv until I felt the videos and blogs were becoming way to sexualized and off topic. Your Zwows are amazing and you are quality. Keep it up Karma takes a while but she will bite a large chunk out of your husbands ass :)

  26. Carla Dal Col

    Carla Dal Col  | 

    XO Zuz

    • tessa

      tessa  | 

      You are amazing Zuz. I have had a bad and controlling relationship in the past too! Its horrible, but you are a good person. Thank you for sharing! I have followed you for years, and have always loved your heart!

      Wish you all the best

    • Audrey

      Audrey  | 

      GOOD FOR YOU!! I’m proud of you and happy for you for not letting him push you around. I stopped following his sorry butt a loooong time ago. I’ve thought about bashing them in this post but figured they’re not worth my time. Love you! :)

  27. Karl

    Karl  | 

    hey Zuzana, don’t let him take you down… don’t let him stop you from doing what you like… and live your life with power and make your dreams come true 😀

    greetings from Lower Austria and keep your head up!!!

    yours Karl

  28. Suzanna Bailey

    Suzanna Bailey  | 

    I am so sorry Zuzana. I am so glad that you are sticking up for yourself. Do not back down. You are a great person with a wonderful heart. You are doing fine for yourself. I loved your closing in this letter. Those three things, Faith, Love and Will-Power will help you to continue to be successful in life. Well wishes to you and God Bless.

  29. soozannah

    soozannah  | 

    (((Hugs))) Zuzka. We all love you and support you 100% x

  30. Andrea Marriott

    Andrea Marriott  | 

    HUGS!! You are a strong incredible and independent woman and I wish you nothing but success (which I know you will achieve) from this moment on!

  31. Claire

    Claire  | 

    This is incredible. I’m so proud of you for having the guts to write this to the world! Props to you for standing up for yourself and proving to all the other women who feel bullied out there that they can, and should, stand up for themselves! Xoxo

  32. Seven

    Seven  | 

    I wish you all the best. Loved you on BodyRock and I’m happy I rediscovered you here. Stand strong and don’t let him see you fret. Apparently doing so emboldens him. Hopefully he will get over what is clearly happening, hurt and misdirected anger. Hopefully you two can come to some type of peaceful state. However, if you two never do and you’ve extended the olive branch and he denies it, keep excelling in spite of.

    • Seven

      Seven  | 

      Oh and I love watching you a whole lot more than the chick on BodyRock now. You just seem so much more genuine and friendly.

      • Caroline

        Caroline  | 

        Not to mention a lot more knowledgeable on fitness and nutrition!

  33. Lynne Anderson

    Lynne Anderson  | 

    You are a warrior Zuzka!! Body Rock TV was amazing when you started it and when you were involved with it. When you left it became very sexual and I did not feel comfortable recommending it to my clients anymore. ( I am a trainer). I was like where did Zuzka go…I miss her!!!!!!!! Lisa Marie seemed to fall under Freddys’ control and started having all of those surgeries ….she doesn’t even look human anymore..scary!! Anyway I don’t want to bash people I don’t know…my point is that your ex seems very manipulative and controlling. I am so glad that you were able to get away with your dignity, self respect and your own business… you go girl!!!!!!!!!! Good luck with everything you are truly an inspiration for so many of us. Please keep your head held high…we support you!

  34. Crystal

    Crystal  | 

    Zuzka I followed you back then and I remember it all. It is very brave of you for telling your fans your story. I love what you do. You keep me motivated and change so many lives! Don’t let him bring you down. You are a beautiful soul and you deserve nothing but the best! Behind you 100% Z!

  35. Cyrus

    Cyrus  | 

    I do not know you…at all. I am just a random woman struggling to convince myself that I am capable of a better me. I looked at you as a model of fitness and as someone who was obviously motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle. I think we all sometimes forget just how human our role models are, and this post fixed that for me. I am sorry for what you are going through. The worst betrayal is that from a trusted loved one. You have overcome many obstacles in your life (and those are just the ones readable online), and here’s to you overcoming those yet to come. Be well, Lady Z.

  36. Natalie

    Natalie  | 

    You are a strong and wonderful person. It is true that you can tell a lot from a person by paying attention to what they say and how they say it. Even when you were still with Freddy I had this bad feeling about him. Everything about his personality and the way he carries himself, screams “DOUCHE”. He is a slimy and manipulative man. I hope no one out there believes his bull. He disgusts me.

    Keep being you Zuzka!! All of your fans, me included, know you are a sweet, caring, good hearted person. Keep being positive and hopefully that negative part of your life will finally go away soon.

  37. Jenn

    Jenn  | 

    Good for you for finally standing up for ourself. I loved your body rock videos especially the ones from Malta ( where my family is from) but have to admit got tired of the “sexy” shots. Most people can appreciate a fit women without focusing on sexy poses or as you said cleavage shots. Pictures are motivating to a certain degree but demeaning shots are something entirely different. While I do use both websites to get variety I find my self skipping the new body rock videos and just writing down the workouts. Congrats on your continued success and. All the best for the future.

  38. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth  | 

    You are doing great Z! Stay strong and know that your PAST is just that, and that the FUTURE you are building will be bigger and better than anything you had with him. Cheers lady, I hope we can see you rise to the great goddess YOU know YOU are!

  39. luis

    luis  | 


    first of all. yo worth more that any other person and not because a guy like this thinks like a dog, you must feel bad, feel great i saw all your pics and videos you are great am from mexico and love it, you are great, i try to follow all the exercise, not all i do, but most, you are more that a single person that is jelaous from you just keep beleive in you , and we are going to follow you…..

    God bless you

  40. Eslam

    Eslam  | 

    Zuzka,Do whats good for you, and what you see is good. You are awesome, and you are one of my most important motivation in fitness.

    Keep up the good spirit, and the good work.

    I hope you a very happy and healthy life :)

    Thank you for everything.

  41. Bal

    Bal  | 

    What a mess Zuzka. I’m glad you’re finally getting back on your feet and you’re independent again. I can’t comment on what Freddie might or might not have done, as there are three sides to every story. However, I do agree that bullies need to be stood up to. Good for you. I haven’t been on the Bodyrock website in a long time as I felt some of the routines have become repetitive. I was also concerned about how much Lisa has changed physically. I can only suggest you be true to yourself and try to deal with all situations with dignity. Good luck x

  42. Tom

    Tom  | 

    I am an honorably discharged U.S. Marine and former Vice President of a small Dallas company. I have not kept up with everything that has happened, but I have enjoyed your diet and exercise and style videos. I was surprised when I no longer saw you on videos, and the first video I saw after you seemed so sad. I knew something was amiss, but didn’t research it because I figured it was none of my business. I am the sort of guy who really dislikes abuse of women, children, and animals. Now that I have a more complete understanding of what’s been going on, I want to offer whatever assistance I can. My lines of work are database management and telecommunications network operations. If there’s anything I can do to help out, please feel free to contact me at the email address provided. I am not seeking anything from you but only to help out where I can.

  43. Hugh

    Hugh  | 

    You are the best, keep doing what are doing and nothing but good things will come your way!

  44. Seringe Habshar

    Seringe Habshar  | 

    When I first tunned into Bodyrock I followed it faithfully….eventually I did notice the missing presence and inquired. I realized the parting of ways and when Lisa came in….I realized that Bodyrock really had a lot to do with you as the face and personality behind it. So….I followed you to the Zwows and mailed everyone that I tagged to bodyrock… I see that slowly buy surely, you have persevered and created your own path….a testament and proof that a lot of the success of Bodyrock came naturally from you. Break ups are hard…they are never easy….watching someone succeed or even superceed without you in their life is a hard pill to swallow….I don’t condone the cyber bullying and Im sure there are 2 sides to every story….I wish you both the best and a quick divorce with as little drama as possible…Donnot lose focus of who you are and what you have accomplished in life.

  45. Annemarie

    Annemarie  | 

    Suzanna, it is truly unfortunate that your personal life is out there in cyberspace. I have followed bodyrock for years and knew when things were shaking up that freddie’s inappropriate babble was not the whole truth! Many fans of yours have stuck by you and your great blog and videos. It must feel liberating to tell your side of the story! Now its your turn to enjoy your life and be successful! Go girl! You deserve it!

  46. Karl

    Karl  | 

    never let him take you down, never let him ruin your life… it is YOUR LIFE and YOU have to LIVE it… so keep your head up and walk your way… as you did what had to be done… YOU CAN DO IT because you are a strong lady… 😀

    greetings from Lower Austria and I wish you a nice summer 😀

  47. Brittney

    Brittney  | 

    Good for you! I always disliked Lisa Marie! we stand with you Zuka! :) stay strong and do not give in, in this process their will be times that are so done trying you will just want to say eh.forget it. but dont. stay strong and stand up for yourself and your rights! I will be praying for you!

  48. Sylvia Perry

    Sylvia Perry  | 

    I admire you Zuzka! Keep your head up! I have always been your fan since day one and will remain your fan.

  49. Gareth Dix

    Gareth Dix  | 

    You’ve done well to bite your tongue for this long, a lesser person would have been so public about the whole thing. Someone once told me the hardest choice is the best decision and it seems like you’ve had to learn that over and over in a short space of time.

    Stand tall, stand proud and do what you think is right and don’t let anyone ever tell you that you can’t do something that makes you happy.

    You’ve inspired so many people and so many of us owe so much to you that when you need our support you only have to ask and we’ll all be there for you!

  50. Raina

    Raina  | 

    Z I was a BodyRock TV fan and I remember those days, I also remember the negative posts from your ex husband and that lead me to stop following him and Body Rock. I was so happy when you started ZWOW and I *knew* immediately who it was behind the overly sexual bent because the same formula is being used on the new host. Good for you for standing up for yourself. We all know you were the heart and soul of Body Rock anyway.

  51. Ren

    Ren  | 

    Zuzana, I read Freddie’s post this morning as it came up in my Facebook feed (didn’t realize I was still subscribed to his stuff on Facebook at all?!) and what I read made me feel sick. Immediately I thought what the hell kind of ‘marketing’ is he trying to do with this and that it was in very poor taste to put all of that stuff up on the internet. That he did put all of that stuff up on the internet, for all to see, led me to believe that it was a move to defame you. I have known people in abusive relationships and while I can’t paint everybody with the same brush, survivors of abusive relationships generally aren’t quick to tell the entire world via the internet of their painful story; Such intimate and personal details are hard to share and thus usually are shared only with those who are the closest to them.

    As soon as you left Bodyrock, it became a hot bed of controversy. It was sad because Bodyrock is actually what helped me to begin my lifestyle of health and fitness and before Bodyrock, I couldn’t do a single pull up and now I work in a circus doing incredible physical things that I never thought I would be able to do – and even though to me you are an internet personality, I thank you for the encouragement and motivation that you provided me.

    Lisa-Marie plays the trope of the hypersexualized female in fitness that it makes it hard to take her seriously. It made me angry that Bodyrock had become part of the problem of what women usually have to suffer in the fitness world — being more sexual beings rather than inspiration for health. A video of Lisa-Marie in underwear and closeups of her cleavage did not inspire my training in the slightest. It became obvious that Freddie was more interested in getting viewers at any means…even if it just meant dudes following it for purposes other than to train.

    The censorship of Bodyrock and the types of posts he has (such as his entitled view of how Lululemon is entitled for not making Bodyrock, a for-profit company, an ambassador…meanwhile my sister has volunteered over hundreds of hours in the yoga community before she became an ambassador) gives a window into the type of personalities of the people who are now a part of Bodyrock.

    I’m sorry to hear of what you have had to go through. I really suggest you collect a catalogue of all of the things that he has been doing and go after him for defamation. It might be worth it to talk to a lawyer about it at least. Again, I’m sorry you have to go through this shit. I don’t even know you and it makes me so angry and sad :(

    • Chris Vancil

      Chris Vancil  | 

      I know what you mean. This is just another controversy for Freddy to generate views and comments with. Except it’s about his current wife. It is so Sean on the toilet and Lisa-Marie getting implants two sizes to large for her body. There are tons of reasons to see Freddy is making stuff up as he did in the past. –Chris

      • Jacqueline

        Jacqueline  | 

        I agree. Freddy’s ‘views by any means necessary approach’ is getting beyond a joke. This blog post is possibly one of the nastiest, tackiest things I’ve ever seen since they split up. He’s like an angry child who throwing his toys around. He’s not behaving like a man, but like a stupid, petulant little boy.

  52. Kita

    Kita  | 

    Love ya! Stay strong!

    You were the reason I loved, you motivated me to get moving. Keep doing you. I did notice what you spoke about in regards to butt and breast shots… I love your new workouts and will be joining your new site soon. Keep your head up! I’m(and I’m sure a million others) are behind you 100%.

  53. Elitsa

    Elitsa  | 

    Zuz, I never, not even 1 %, was in doubt that what you just told us here was happening in the backside of the story. I am just grossed out by the disgusting asshole your ex turned out to be. I never liked him and now I can clearly state I hate him!

    Please don’t give him what he wants and fight for your 49% of BR. You deserve it much more than he does and I want you to make him pay for what he did to you.

    Much love from me and my 7 years daughter which does burpees everywhere with me :)


  54. Angeli Yuson

    Angeli Yuson  | 

    Hi Zuzka,

    I am glad you are standing up for yourself. You made BodyRock TV and i will always believe that! I am sad that your ex has done that to you but i am glad you are sticking up for yourself now. You are amazing and i love your videos and will always support you!

    Thanks for being a great inspiration to me! Angeli xx

  55. Adrian

    Adrian  | 

    I think anyone who followed you during the transition phase from BodyRock to where you are now would have known that this was the truth all along. BodyRock seems to have devolved into soft-core porn, whereas Zuzka’s site is for people who want to get fit (of course she’s attractive as well).

    It’s always sad when a loving relationship breaks up, but in this case, it certainly seems to be for the best, and I would say you’ve gained more than you’ve lost.


    • Olga Balakshina

      Olga Balakshina  | 

      I agree, this must be for the best of Zuzana!! She wasn’t supposed to work in a soft porn industry, she belongs to health & fitness industry!!!

  56. brenda

    brenda  | 

    You go zuzka! You are the reason I now love burpees, I dont even know how you did that! But it was you that made people love bodyrock! I have seen lots of the negative comments directed toward you and they are all in very bad taste. And then they cry why does everyone say bad things about them and not you. Negativity attracts more negativity. I am happy for you to tell your side and you just keep doing you because that is what we have all grown to love you for! Your positivity, compassion and true love for your fans and helping others get healthy and fit! Warrior Z 4 ever!

  57. Erica Martin

    Erica Martin  | 

    I saw his blog write when he posted it. Ridiculous this has to happen and air your dirty laundry on the internet for everyone one to see forever. Good luck to you!

  58. bernadette moore

    bernadette moore  | 

    so, I’ve been following you for years, even on bodyrock… as soon as you were gona I felt like something wasn’t right….and yes, they are wayyy to sexualized and embarrassing now. I never felt that way with you on. You are so genuine in the way you speak, you motivate me more than any other trainer I’ve found because of that. I don’t know how anyone could ever believe his stories for that reason also. A person can just tell how big your heart is from one session. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for not giving up! Thank God that you got out of that situation. I am so glad you are happy!

  59. jacqueline anzalone

    jacqueline anzalone  | 

    I have followed you forever…as well as Freddy. It is so disconcerting to see all this dirty laundry public…..I am beginning to side with you, even though it is hard to really know who is telling the truth. I can not see you beating Freddy up….and Lisa…with her fake everything…I know Freddy has got to be behind it. It’s too bad. All this stuff….I have my own crap to deal with…working out is my mental release. This whole ordeal has ruined my escape. I’m sorry for you….men who bully and control should have their manhood slowly removed with a dull butter knife.

    Good luck.

  60. Colin

    Colin  | 

    You are a well-respected figure in the fitness community. Stand tall and stand proud!! YOU ROCK :)

  61. Salsa

    Salsa  | 

    We got you back Zuzana! Dont let him take you down! Always stand up for yourself no matter what! Hope he sign those divorce papers soon and let you move on, f******** douch*****…

  62. Juan

    Juan  | 

    Stay strong , stay a warrior, never give up your dreams for someone like your ex. Look how far you have come to become what you are today: a very inspiring and strong woman that helps thousands of men and women to make healthy choices to stay in shape.

  63. Roberto de Anda

    Roberto de Anda  | 


    One can only see kindness and an amazing person through watching your videos,

    Love your workouts even more since you started zwow, tanks for been such an inspiration



  64. Emily

    Emily  | 

    Zuzka, I have been in an abusive relationship too. I’ve also gotten out. You are an *incredible* inspiration to me, and I love the way your workouts focus on strength and that you’re so confident with your body without being sold as a sexual object. I’ve always loved your workouts, but I was really uncomfortable doing BodyRock videos because it always seemed to me that Freddy was using you and forcing this sexual image on you. I’ve been in that kind of relationship–takes one to know one. You are one of the strongest women I have ever seen, and I almost feel like I know you personally. Don’t put up with the bullying, stay strong, and keep giving awesome workouts for awesome strong women everywhere.

  65. alana

    alana  | 

    you are an amazing, talented, beautiful person. keep your head up, stay strong, and feel all the love and support from your family, friends, and fans.

  66. Dimitri

    Dimitri  | 

    Well, just one thing to say : YOU were ! By the way, your private life is just… private ! Just continue to do your best, and forget the rest… Thanks for such a revolution in the fitness industry you’ve done. 😉

  67. Samantha

    Samantha  | 

    I remember the day I stumbled upon your videos on youtube, so many years ago. I instantly fell in love with your personality and have been a follower ever since. You inspire me so much!

  68. alana

    alana  | 

    you are an amazing, talented, beautiful person. keep your head up, stay strong, and feel all the love and support from your family, friends, and fans.

  69. Raf

    Raf  | 

    Dear Zuzka Im sorry about what you tell us, but you must turn the page and continue. Nobody remembers BodyRock.Tv , so Focus on your audience that follows you and loves you.

    You have everything to succeed and continue to achieve more successes so nothing to be depressed and give us the best in your videos that we all want to see.

    Salutes Raf

  70. Charles de Winnaar

    Charles de Winnaar  | 

    you have full my support on this. Freddy is the lowest of low scumbags i hate the new and i cant believe that scumbag would stoop to low as to run a smear campaign to keep insulting you and making himself look like the victim. i cant believe people are so gullible to believe this act of this. makes me sick. guess they don’t like thinking for themselves. he should’ve just walked away.. but i guess he has a LOT of growing up to do. he is no spine.. no conscience.. no sense of honor. i hope your zwow series stomps bodyrock into the floor. you deserve the success and happiness. and good luck!!!

  71. Deb

    Deb  | 

    I totally agree with you.

    I followed since little before you were gone and I always wondered about it.

    I always felt that the image tha BR presented of you was too sexual, like if he’d be taking complete advantage of your sexual image in a very bad way against your will.

    I felt very happy for you when I saw you started a new blog on your own and not manipulated by others.

    And feel very happy for you now either that you are confronting all this private issue publically and giving your version.

    You are a very strong woman and I admire you a lot, not only for your beauty and perfect body, but for your sweet and transparent personaly.

    Many blessings for you Zuzka!!!

  72. Erin

    Erin  | 

    Stay strong Zuzka. You have tons of people on your side! I am subscribing to your online gym right now to support you!!

  73. Paola Cuevas

    Paola Cuevas  | 

    ZUZKA: I sm sure you remember me from the controversial supergirl dolphin pic. I FOLLOWED THAT BR blogg for years until you were not there. BR WAS YOU and all your people we are just happy you were strong enough to stand up and gave us Zuzka page… you had a very positive impact in my life and I will always be thankfull for that… love

  74. Ana

    Ana  | 

    You are a really amazing woman I can see right thru you. Don’t you ever give up on your goals and don’t u ever never ever care about what your ex husband has to say about you. He is so bitter and unhappy that you left him and will never move on. and he has to live with that. I know by experience. You are gorgeous!!! You are such an inspiration to me, and I am sure you are an inspiration to many other women to. Smile and remember you are awesome!!!

  75. Paola Cuevas

    Paola Cuevas  | 

    ZUZKA: I m sure you remember me from the controversial supergirl dolphin pic. I FOLLOWED THAT BR blogg for years until you were not there. BR WAS YOU and all your people we are just happy you were strong enough to stand up and gave us Zuzka page… you had a very positive impact in my life and I will always be thankfull for that… love

  76. Chelsea

    Chelsea  | 

    I’ve stood by you since day one of bodyrock, and I’ll stand by you now. I don’t know nor care about Freddy’s side of the story. He made it OBVIOUS by kicking you to the curb in the business when Lisa came into the picture. Anybody could tell that! You’re a strong woman Zuzka. We stand by your side. From bodyrock to ZWOW’s we have your back!

  77. zula

    zula  | 

    Very proud of you for standing up for yourself. Your business will be even bigger and better than bodyrock.

  78. kelly

    kelly  | 

    Girl, go get a really good lawyer, there is many in l.a. and take back what is yours and fuck him.

  79. A

    A  | 

    This brought tears to my eyes. I’ve witness similar abuse that my mom received. There are a lot of emotional con artists out there. I’m so sorry you are going though this. The amazing thing is that it does not show on your face or in your personality. You are an AMAZING person and a huge inspiration to me. Thank you for allowing us to learn and grow with you and thank you for FINALLY standing up for yourself. Never let a man (or anyone else) make you feel inferior or unworthy. You are so worthy. I pray that you get what’s rightfully your and that your business continues to succeed. I left BodyRockTv as soon as I found you again. I do not regret my decision.

  80. CS

    CS  | 

    Your zwow image is happier and healthier. I think it better reflects your optimistic and encouraging character that attracted me to a few years ago. Thank you for your great workouts, and I wish you the very best of luck in putting the past behind you and continuing to make your life and your work stronger and better.

  81. Kylie

    Kylie  | 

    Thank you for your part of the story and a tremendous thank you for wanting to produce family friendly workouts that aren’t sexualised and all about fitness. Being a mum with small kids I don’t need the sexualisation of women being shown as I’m trying to get fit and teach my kids about being healthy and exercise. Stick to your guns on being family friendly and making honest kid friendly videos.

  82. D

    D  | 

    I started following you in 2010 on Bodyrock and the videos and your positive attitude made me continue exercising and getting in the best shape of my life. I LOVED Bodyrock. Also, because I didn’t need any fancy equipment, just my body basically.

    When you “disappeared” it made the website crap. I don’t like the sexual content on Bodyrock today. And I don’t like all the equipment you need for the workouts. I got tired of trying to modify every workout.

    Finally I saw you opened your own youtube and I was so happy. I am glad you are standing up for yourself, and that you are pulling through. Good things happen to good people.

    When my second baby is born in September, your workouts will get me back into shape again! I am on your side babe!Love from NYC and SWeden

  83. Rebecca

    Rebecca  | 

    I saw that post this morning and KNEW it was a load of crap. He’s always looked like that sort of person to me, a creep just focusing on the sexuality and not the real meaning of fitness- HEALTH! You f*g rock Zuzka and I’ll forever be YOUR fan, not a company that portrays women in a sexual way. Keep going girl!!! You are and always will be my biggest inspiration.

  84. Giselle

    Giselle  | 


    I left BodyRock after you left because it became fake and materialistic. Aside from providing awesome workouts and being encouraging you have an awesome vibe which is transparent and real and I love that you concentrate in health overall and not just looking good (although of course that is a super plus).

    Do not worry about what other people say, keep doing what you do and the right people will support you and make you rise.

    Your fan, Giselle

  85. charlene

    charlene  | 

    You are amazing. Always stand up for yourself. Don’t every let him tear you down. What they are doing is nothing but exercise porn.

    I truly believe in KARMA. They will get what they are due and you will suceed a million times over.

    XO charlene

  86. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth  | 

    No matter what your ex has to say about you I stand behind you 110%. It is obvious that you are an extremely honest & good person. I really love your work outs, videos, recipes, blogs, etc. You are such an inspiration to me & I’m sure to everyone else that has found out about you. On another note… Your ex has definitely “down-graded” by getting with Lisa Marie. Ugh!! Seriously I think she is the trashiest thing ever! Keep your chin up sweetie! You are way too good of a person to put up with all of his crap & way too beautiful to let him bring you down. He knows this and that is why he is still trying so hard to knock you down. Remember the saying, “Misery loves company.” He’s obviously a very selfish, money hungry man that is very upset that he couldn’t keep you. I’m sure his ego is bruised too since you dumped him. You know how that goes… Keep doing what you are doing by keeping the rest of the world motivated to getting fit & being healthy. We love you girl!! God bless u!

  87. Giselle

    Giselle  | 


    I left BodyRock after you left because it became fake and materialistic. Aside from providing awesome workouts and being encouraging you have an awesome vibe which is transparent and real and I love that you concentrate in health overall and not just looking good (although of course that is a super plus).

    Do not worry about what other people say, keep doing what you do and the right people will support you and make you rise.

    Your fan, Giselle

  88. Linda

    Linda  | 

    Just keep on keeping on Zuzka. You are peaceful and honest and inspire many. I removed Bodyrock from my life long ago…I noticed it becoming a hateful spiteful greedy site. More about sex and control than health and fitness. You are the only reason I ever watched it so to follow you to your new site and life was a no brainier for me. It was your inspiration and knowledge I put to active use in becoming a fire fighter at the age of 44 last year. It is you I will continue to learn from and be inspired by. Thank you.

  89. The Delicate Place (@misathemeb)

    The Delicate Place (@misathemeb)  | 

    i’ve been following you since 2009 and left BR when you did. it just wasn’t the same without you! i am so sorry to hear about the ugly words, heartache and messy legal aspects of the entire situation. i wish you nothing but the best! you are a seriously gracious person and clearly have taken the higher ground in the situation. love and light! -melissa

  90. Emily Steezy

    Emily Steezy  | 

    I’m so proud of you for everything you’ve done on your own and I support you no matter what. Thank you for being honest and genuine and for having integrity. You are a role model for me (and so many others) in so many ways. Just keep being Zuzka!

  91. Venus

    Venus  | 

    Zuzka I support you 100% be strong what goes around comes around and he will get his in the end! Keep doing what you love BodyRockTv is nothing without you

  92. Kathy Stahley

    Kathy Stahley  | 

    Wow, I had know idea you were going through this. We all have a story and have came from different circumstances, I admire your strength and integrity to be who you are regardless of others criticism or judgement. I love your videos and your personality. Your heart and charactor comes through strong in your videos.

    Best wished always

    Love Kat

  93. Joy

    Joy  | 

    Zuzka, I have been following you since BodyRock. I didn’t like the direction it was going when all the mess started, so I left BodyRock. Plus that new girl seemed distant and unfriendly. Then, luckily, I found you last year. I am so happy things are working out for you! I tell all my friends about you and your workouts! Love the workouts and you! Keep up the good work!

    A fan forever! <3

  94. Heidi

    Heidi  | 

    Dear zuzka,

    I have been around for a long time as far as B.R is concerned. I watched it all change. I have no doubt in my mind that you are telling the truth. The turn that B.R took left a really bad taste in my mouth and I quickly stopped going to the web sight when they brought on Lisa. I can only take so much cleavage and I didn’t feel comfortable about sending any of my friends to the sight. Your new page and blog are clean and well put together. I applaud you for being the bigger person and putting together a tasteful web-sight where anyone can find helpful information and phenomenal workouts. I have paid for your workouts and I will continue to do so. I am getting way better results than before. I am so glad you have not allowed him to take your integrity. Be brave and remember who you are. A good person.

    p.s I think they should re-name their web-sight BodyShape. Then we can call it B.S for short :)

  95. Justin

    Justin  | 

    Make sure you have hard copies of all the crap he wrote you and how he tried to slander you. I bet your attorney has already said the same thing. Divorce is a rocky road (I’ve been there) but you’re a bad ass. The video I like the most you ever did was you sitting talking about one day having children. If you and your new boyfriend decide to make that happen, that would open up a whole new workout industry. And if the soon to be ex ever makes a trip to Texas, we’ll welcome him our way. =)

  96. Bella

    Bella  | 

    Dear Zuzana,

    Do not give up your rights. Ever. What you help build – you have every right to the profits of. Without you, there would never be a Bodyrock tv. And no one has the right to limit you in any way and tell you that you can’t compete in the market in which you clearly shine and excel in beyond anyone else.

    You are strong, and tough and a warrior. Fight for what you are owed. Don’t bend.

  97. raine

    raine  | 

    That actually explains a lot. I remember watching you say that though you guys are separated, you are still a part of bodyrock. But then you vanished. No videos from you. I found that really weird.

    I applaud you for standing up for yourself and the image you want to portray as a fitness guru. Bodyrock workouts were great but i didnt like the highly sexualized way your vids were being done. Other gurus didnt need to do that and they still had a strong following. Im sure you will maintain yours too.

  98. Ricardo Nasta

    Ricardo Nasta  | 

    Way to go Zuzka, shame that it had to happen like that but you have fans and friends that support you (myself included) if you, you’re boyfriend or you’re staff every come to Mexico to visit don’t hesitate to send an email. You got somes fans here too 😉

    Wish you best of luck 😉 and never give up.

  99. Cam

    Cam  | 

    You are a star. Who cares what he says!

  100. Rodsyl

    Rodsyl  | 

    Zuzka, I have no idea if you will ever read this, but, out of the obvious physical strength you have, you are a woman full of power and mental strength. I really hope that all of this divorce crap ends soon. All of this frustrations and problems have only been bumps on the road that have build you up, and made you a stronger, more successful woman.

    I hope only the best for you.

    I have always been your fan, but after this letter I defiantly admire you.

  101. Mariel

    Mariel  | 

    Much love to you Z!! You are amazing and thanks for sharing your side of the story. I’ve followed you since body rock but only did the workouts when you started doing it on your own! I didn’t like the whole sexual side as much either I don’t blame you! You stood up for yourself and I am so sorry you went through all of that! Thanks for sticking with us and being an amazing trainer! Xo

  102. Maryum

    Maryum  | 

    You are amazing and you did the right thing! If you don’t value yourself, no one else will. I’m glad that you’re standing up for yourself.

  103. Olivia Patton

    Olivia Patton  | 

    Zuzka I’ve started following your video, the first year I started college. I felt more comfortable watching your videos than Lisa Marie. I also have noticed the changes in her body. I began to stop watching for a long time. I have to say you inspire me so much that I wish the best, and YOU ARE THE BEST. Stay strong, sexy and beautiful. :)

  104. Laura T.

    Laura T.  | 

    Love to you, Zuzka. Stay strong!!

  105. Margaret

    Margaret  | 

    I am not surprised by this letter at all. I had come across BodyRock 3 years ago and was very impressed with your instruction and workout. But I was also put off and mildly disturbed by the obvious over sexualization by the camera man. People watched and joined for you not for him. The truth is that your input into BodyRock was much more important than his. Few people can do and teach the work out in such a positive way and there are thousands of camera operators out there. He was using you, that creates insecurity!! And so it is the source of his controlling and then lying about you online.

    As soon as you were not the face of BodyRock I quit it to follow you. I am really happy that you are doing better and I hope that you stay strong and happy and full of the joy and light that all your fans love so much.

    Warm regards,


    ps: please also include lots of beginner workouts and information about how to progress to the next levels. That helps to give encouragement and make the goals feel attainable to the new people too.

  106. squeet

    squeet  | 

    you may have noticed that we follow you and not freddy :) we don’t care about sexualised videos.. it’s the fitness, advice and fun we care about.

    most of us have followed you from the beginning and i reckon the core group of followers you have (the ones that will most likely read this blog) are the ones that care about your wellbeing.

    looking back now, we can see the signs of a problem and you’re very brave to be standing up to the crap that you’re receiving from freddy now. all credit to you :)

    zwow and all your offshoots far excel bodyrock and especially now that it has become what it has.

    it seems others have ‘seen the light’ too.. namely, lish and haley who left not too long ago for much the same reasons i expect – the over sexualised nature and unnecessary camera angles etc etc.

    in short, we’re all glad you are doing better now but are saddened by the shit he’s putting you through. stay strong and keep smiling.. it will all work out in the end :)



  107. Sky

    Sky  | 

    I support you Zuzka! I do not go on anymore, and I think it is not cool how he portrays his models and sexual beings, even in the title! You are a strong woman and have and will continue to persevere.

  108. Melissa

    Melissa  | 

    you are an inspiration to many z, don’t let petty people get in the way of your progress. you’re amazing!

  109. manu

    manu  | 

    You are the best, keep being the same!

  110. kristina

    kristina  | 

    thank you so much for continuing to post videos regardless of what has been going on. you are so strong.

  111. cendrine

    cendrine  | 

    Zuzka, You know what? You, only you, have that ‘little thing’, that presence, that personality that make all of us addicted to you!He is probably very jalous of you, mean people are very often very bad with themselves, that’s why they need to hurt others, then it givbes them some ‘importance’. No one will ever be able to take that amazingly beautiful personality away from you as it is part of who you are. You are an inspiration to me and to thousands and thousands of people, keep faith in yourself and in the world, you will win on all levels!

  112. SI

    SI  | 

    Thanks for posting this. You are real and I admire that. He took a bucket of water and you are the water well. Email me as I have a great business idea.- Silvia

  113. Melissa

    Melissa  | 

    Wish you the very best, appreciate your openess, and honesty. Hope everything works out for you. You have helped me get in shape, and I admire your strength!

  114. LN

    LN  | 

    Im so happy you shared your very personal story cuz I always thought that something wasnt exactly right and I felt you were getting the worse end of it. So glad you got out of that. Now, get that divorce girlie!!

  115. Lisa

    Lisa  | 

    I am so proud of you for standing up for yourself and remaining true to who you are! I found you after you left BodyRock and never knew the whole story so I’m glad to finally hear the details. I support you completely and believe that the image BodyRock portrays is too sexual also. Good things will happen for you!!! I will continue to share your DVD’s and website!!!

  116. Maja

    Maja  | 

    I was shocked when I saw his post this morning – but something didn’t fit. I am so proud that you had your say, but honestly, just leave him and that weirdo girlfriend of his (who btw is trying to be you). You are so successful and did what was right. He just can’t handle that. He said it himself, he’s a fictional writer and you’re the heroine that he’ll never have.

    Hang in there girl



  117. Melissa

    Melissa  | 

    Wish you the very best, appreciate your openess, and honesty. Hope everything works out for you. You have helped me get in shape, and I admire your strength! Best wishes!!

  118. Jose Rodriguez

    Jose Rodriguez  | 

    Zuzka, you are a wonderful woman.

    I regret the situation you experienced, but you’re a strong young woman, come out victorious of this.

    Do not focus on the negative, rather, look at the positive in your life :)

    Your future will be wonderful :) Just make good decisions.

    A hug.

  119. Josh

    Josh  | 

    Hi Zuzka. Stay strong, you are doing the right thing. To be honest, your early videos (cleavage shots, etc) are what attracted me to your workouts. I thought, “wow, this girl knows what sells and is comfortable showing it. Not only that, but she is motivational and intelligent in talking about fitness.” But your dedication, knowledge, and creativity is what keeps me following you!

    I hope that you can work things out so that you get what you have worked so hard for.

    Take care, Josh.

  120. anna

    anna  | 

    Hi zuzka,

    Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. I started following you on bodyrock and loved your passion. I was pretty disappointed when you left and with the over-sexualized (and very distracting) facelift bodyrock took on.

    Stay strong and thank you again for being an inspiration! You will get through this.

  121. Lanith

    Lanith  | 

    I support you 100%! You have so many fans!

  122. lena

    lena  | 

    Hi zuzka,

    I was following you at the time all of this happened at I want you to know that I’ve been supporting you this whole time. I stopped following bodyrock when Freddie started posting these terrible things and deleting all comments related to you from the blog and fb. I was also really disgusted by how much more he began to sexualize the new hosts. I think we can agree that he was probably involved with someone’s breast surgery…. But even though he attempted to place all the blame on you, his actions started to reveal his character. The lack of professionalism of the site is what ultimately caused me to stop following.. and when I saw that you started posting videos again, I was incredibly happy. Whatever happens, keep posting videos and staying positive. So many support you and benefit from your workouts and encouragement. I’m really glad that I finally know your side of the story, but at the same time, I respect you so much for trying to keep drama off your blog for so long despite the harm that occurs from bullying. Thank you

  123. Ken

    Ken  | 

    Good for you for standing up. Bullying is a horrible thing and should not be tolerated.

    I very much like the changes you have made from to the ZWOWs. The workouts and your personality have always been great, but the ZWOWs are more family friendly. I teach classes and train friends and I send links to ZWOWs to friends without reservation. They are great workouts and your presentation and cues are excellent. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I wanted to send the links to friends because the shots tended to be over the top, like the emphasis was on sexually hot videos and not the quality of the workouts and instruction. It was a shame because the workouts, your technique, and your cueing are those of a very fine trainer. I would have felt creepy forwarding those links to women friends. On the contrary, I am excited to share ZWOWs.

    Anyway, way to stick up for yourself! Keep doing what you’re doing!!

  124. Paula Guinane

    Paula Guinane  | 

    I am sorry to hear this but you have my full support. I have followed you from your beginning with bodyrock. Its funny how you felt cheaply portrayed by the camera angles and rightly so. There seems to be a pattern because Lisa Marie is on the same road!! Good for you for making the break and pay no attention to Freddie. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work this one out=) I will be ditching bodyrocktv on facebook and instagram. Its ZURKA, ZURKA, ZURKA!! Woot! Woot!

  125. Charlene

    Charlene  | 

    I figured something had happened when you were doing fewer videos on Bodyrock. I had actually unsubscribed when I saw that you were no longer doing the workouts and that the nature of the videos were becoming more sexual. When I found you on your new channel I followed you right away. Obviously, I did not know that all of this was going on. I respect your stance and your courage to stand up for yourself and your business. You have changed the way I exercise. Thanks to your tips and videos I have lost and maintained a weight loss of 70+ pounds. Keep your head up and keep doing what you are doing! The fact that you are experiencing this much pressure is because he sees your true value and knows that you are a true force!!! Never give up!!!!xoxoxo

    • A

      A  | 

      70 pounds? That is AMAZING. I hope i have the same success.

  126. LC

    LC  | 

    Been a fan of yours before the messy breakup. You go girl! All the best.

  127. Roxy

    Roxy  | 

    now everything makes sense…i never liked Lisa Marie,it all changed so much!I also posted something once on facebook that was erased.Fight for bodyrock!Bodyrock was you ,not him,he was behind the camera and we don’t know what is behind the camera,no one cares.

    Don’t let them think they are better or stronger than you.Don’t worry!Life,time and Karma will take care of them when it’s time.Stay strong girl and working out!!

  128. Sarah

    Sarah  | 


    You are a beautiful person inside and out. Keep doing what you love. The truth always comes out. :)

  129. Val

    Val  | 

    So proud of you to stand your ground and take the high road. I have been a fan of yours for a long while and you made the right move to separate. Your videos on were getting progressively more explicit. When telling my friends about your site I would have to say “look past the T&A because her boyfriend films but she is a real sweetheart and will lead you through a great workout”.

    Congratulations for picking yourself up and moving on. You will soar way higher than you ever could with BodyRock!

  130. kelly

    kelly  | 

    get a good lawyer and sue his ass.

  131. Maureen medina

    Maureen medina  | 

    Thank you for Being An inspiration to me and a lot of ppl.. Lots of love.

  132. srichey

    srichey  | 

    You have a product that motivates and inspires people. That “product” is you and there is nothing he can do about it. Remember that and you will get through this.

  133. Tony

    Tony  | 

    Zuzka It’s sad to know all of this. I wish you the best, you where an inspirarion back then and all the hard work that you are doing turns you into a bigger inspiration. Keep the faith because good things will finally happend to good people.

    We are here, We are Z warriors.

    Lots of hugs from Guadalajara Mexico you will be allwaya welcome here.

  134. Kimberly

    Kimberly  | 

    Wow. While I really don’t understand why people talk about such personal business online, I do understand you wanting to stand up for yourself. I liked BodyRock, but all the crotch and boob shots really got to me sometimes. I put up with it though because there is just something about you that seems genuine and you’re really great at what you do. I’m relieved to find out that you weren’t that okay with being sexualized all the time either. Now that you’re doing your own thing, I’m following you and haven’t been back to BodyRock. Let him sexualize some other females. You’re worth so much more than that. Really I think even though he’s claiming you used him, you’re really the one who got exploited and he’s just jealous that you don’t need him and have enough talent all by yourself to move on and be successful. Much luck to you and keep believing you’ll make it through this rough patch intact and better than ever.

  135. Aleksandra

    Aleksandra  | 

    Thank you for being so honest and open with your story. I loved Bodyrock when you were one it, but now I can’t bring myself to watch it. It has turned exactly into what Freddy wanted. Thank you for staying classy and kicking our butts.

  136. wan too eyt

    wan too eyt  | 

    its good to hear your side of story, zuzka! keep it up!! ♡♡♡

    long over due totally worth it since he started posting about your past together. maybe he wanted to be talked about, if he has a respect for you he shouldnt talk about your past as a couple. he better talk about his future with his girl not dragging you again. maybe he hasn’t moved on yet.

  137. Riot

    Riot  | 

    Good for you, Zuzu! I stopped following BodyRock when you were no longer in the videos. You seems like a nice person and down to earth. I also appreciate that your new work isn’t uber sexualized. Keep doing what you’re doing, because a lot of people like it, including myself.

  138. Riot

    Riot  | 

    Good for you, Zuzu! I stopped following BodyRock when you were no longer in the videos. You seems like a nice person and down to earth. I also appreciate that your new work isn’t uber sexualized. Keep doing what you’re doing, because a lot of people like it, including myself.

  139. Tracy

    Tracy  | 

    It’s unfortunate that you had to go through this. You are very strong keep following your dream. Fight back but don’t stoop to his level. The things he says us libel/slander and are against the law! I love your workouts and make up my own mind about people. My opinion isn’t swayed by what others say!

    Onward and upward

  140. Bella Royal

    Bella Royal  | 

    I read his post about his abuse today. I immediately knew it was bull Crap. One of the main reasons I stopped following them over at Bodyrock (besides you leaving) was the constant drama that Freddy or Sean are ALWAYS causing either on their Facebook page or blog. All the time! He is just an attention hungry pig, who got his pride hurt that you didn’t want him anymore, and is trying to ruin you for it (which is extremely immature).

    He needs to man up and stop focusing on the past, the time and energy he puts into messing with you is surprising.

    Good for you for finally making a stand Zuzana, I’m proud of you and will always follow you. You inspire me. :)

  141. Farrah

    Farrah  | 

    Thank you for sharing your story. I love your videos much better than the early bodyrocktv videos. I did notice how the camera was always in your chest or crotch. I appreciate your Zwow series. They are amazing! I’ve watched since the beginning. All your positive energy and attitude shines bright. You’re former husband has issues that has nothing to do with you. You stay strong. Victory is yours.

  142. HW

    HW  | 

    Live your life with integrity. In time, this chapter of your life will close and a new one will begin. The divorce may not be fair, his actions may not be fair, but it will come to an end. Chin up buttercup.

  143. Kimberly

    Kimberly  | 

    You deserve so much better and I think you are well on your way. Your best revenge is to become wildly famous while he does the same old thing he has always done. You are growing and he isn’t and he wants to squish you. It’s great that you are moving on and continue to grow. 😀

  144. Brittany

    Brittany  | 

    Your amazing Zuzana! Your workouts have changed my life, im doing your dvds everyday and im getting in shape and enjoying working out for the first time. You are an intelligent and beautiful woman, don’t let this get you down, your ex husband can’t hurt your reputation, you have surpassed him in successs; keep it up. :)

  145. Laury

    Laury  | 

    This whole situation is so unfortunate. I have been following you since 2009. I admired you then for opening up about your past and changing your life the way you did and I admire you now even more.

    I was so upset when you dissappeared from BR and saw the stick girl with horrible form. but so happy when you came back. I am so glad you were able to stand on your feet again and do what you love to do. You’re my motivation. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication and kindness you show.

    Keep your head up!

    As for Freddy, Karma!


    • Debbie

      Debbie  | 

      Karma….she be the B!

  146. Amber M

    Amber M  | 

    Comparing the two blogs, and after having been through an abusive relationship myself, you’re the one I believe. All anyone needs to do is look at how you were filmed, and compare that to now, and we know who was controlling whom. Then compare how you were filmed with how Lisa-Marie is being filmed and portrayed (and getting surgically enhanced) and it’s even more obvious. Such a shame. I’m sorry you had to live through that after getting out of porn. You are worth something without having to show your cleavage and butt to get it.

    May I suggest you make this the last mention of him, no matter what else he says? Don’t sully your lovely world with this nasty business. Drama can be addictive, but being happy is so much healthier.

    Love you xx

    • Seven

      Seven  | 

      I agree …bury this now and provide the headstone.

  147. Bonnie

    Bonnie  | 

    I am so proud to see you stand up for yourself, not only do you have a strong body, but a strong mind as well. Good luck to you, I enjoy your videos and I think that you are a great role model for those who want to be fit and healthy. Keep up the good work! I wish you all love and happiness!

  148. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth  | 

    Freddy has ONLY shown himself to be a tasteless, duplicitous, amateur. What other kind of person would say and do the things he does on his site? The examples are countless…most recently the lululemon one and now this? Come on…no one could possibly believe the crap he has fabricated, particularly when you, on the other hand, have never said anything negative on your site. EVER. About anyone! It must be killing them to see you so successful and so utterly professional with your work. Good on you, Z.

    • wan too eyt

      wan too eyt  | 

      so true. you got that right.

  149. David M

    David M  | 

    Don’t give up!! You are very strong physically and mentally. Keep going!

  150. Aminta Liu

    Aminta Liu  | 

    Zuzka, I’ve followed you since your charliejames roots before Bodyrock tv began. I really admire your transparency in the situation. Freddy just seems cowardly to me, he seems to be afraid of fair competition. I also was turned off by the sexualized shots that they STILL do, even though I respect the people working in bodyrock and dailyhiit right now. It was difficult to follow with all the cleavage shots. I hope your divorce works out more smoothly in the future and keep being strong! My family is also going through a difficult divorce, and I know how physically and emotionally draining it can be. Just surround yourself with loved ones whenever you are fatigued, and just like when you’re working out, stand up and keep fighting.

  151. Ishnar Lopez

    Ishnar Lopez  | 

    I’ve been following you for years, I remember everything and thinking where is she? Just stay strong, keep up the good work, you’ve been an inspiration and the motivation for me to start working out, I still have a long way to go. Just keep this in mind, when someone keeps working hard, succeeding, committed to their craft that’s when negative-toxic people wants to see you fail. I hope everything works out for you and keep empowering people, lots of blessing and love!!!!!

  152. Yanina

    Yanina  | 

    Finally you said what you said. A lot of us were waiting for you to tell your side of the situation. I have watched you since 2010. As soon as the format changed and became even more raunchy i stopped watching BodyRock. After a few months I found you again on Facebook and was elated that you persevered.

    I have never met you but I always knew you were a good person and a true friend. You are very different from all the commercial fake businesses out there.

    Stay strong and do not give in, give up. Everything negative anyone is doing is just noise. You have your friends here who are supporting you from all corners of the world.

  153. Kristen

    Kristen  | 

    Zuzka, Keep strong! You are an amazing person! Being a survivor of emotional abuse isn’t fun. I was so thankful to see you again on ZWOW. Bodyrock became too over sexualized and had too much equipment that I found rather useless. I could also tell that Freddy had problems because suddenly his new girlfriend was getting plastic surgery left and right and my thoughts were that he was trying to create another you. Your gut feelings about the relationship being off were right and everything that Freddy has done to you since all fall under mental and emotional abuse tactics. Freddy got pissed because he couldn’t control you anymore and so did everything in his power to hurt your career and is still doing it. Your such a huge inspiration to other survivors and I’m glad you shared your story with us. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to do but I’m glad you did. Thank you for being so open with us. Keep fighting Warrior!

  154. Zoe

    Zoe  | 

    Zuzka, that is really awful what he is doing to you. I always admired the fact that you never said a word about it, but I had pieced together the breakdown of your relationship from various articles written online. There was enough evidence in those posts to suggest that this guy has it out for you and you were simply trying to be a good wife and live your dream. I am glad that you have chosen to write this post and clear the air. But the truth is – everyone knows how beautiful you are inside and out just from your videos, the way you speak, the way you carry yourself, even your written words. It is obvious how many people online love you and have never met you. Just remember that this too shall pass. You are lucky to have your boyfriend and people around you that love and support you. There is a light at the end of this tunnel. You’re an amazing woman.

    All the love and best wishes in the world,



  155. Charmy

    Charmy  | 

    Fully behind you.

  156. Shanna Starr

    Shanna Starr  | 

    I’ve noticed quite a few slams in your direction from him, and always found them in bad taste. I’m sorry that he forced you to expose this to everyone, but honestly your transparency only does you justice. Stand your ground, you deserve it. Your brand has grown immensely since that awful winter, and you did it all WITHOUT Freddie. Luckily a lot of people are intelligent enough to understand there are TWO sides of EVERY story. Either way you’re the one who changed my life a couple years ago, so my loyalty will always lie with you, no matter the past mistakes that may or may not have happened. You emulate so much strength, not even just on a physical level but on a emotional level and I really look up to you. Thank you for everything you do Zuzka.

    • Amy

      Amy  | 

      Hear, hear! I agree with everything in this comment.

      Zuzka you were the face of bodyrock tv, and it was your warmth, humour, and humanness that attracted me to bodyrock. There was a noticeable change when you left, and I was very happy to see you continuing on your own.

      There are a lot of people who gain strength just by watching you being you, and doing things that are true to your values and ethics. So keep it up, you’re doing a fantastic thing, and have been very respectful and principled throughout all the happenings going on behind the scenes. In the end it seems that you are the bigger person, taking the (often harder) high road on all counts.

      Keep doing what you’re doing! :)

  157. Marie-Pier

    Marie-Pier  | 

    … while it is non of business, I just want to encourage you. My mom went trough divorce with a power hungry men and it is very sad and hard. Your husband is very good with words, but actions speaks more than words, and he keeps going with the over sexualized videos, smeared makeup with «dailyHIT» and a girlfriend who won’t stop going under surgeries.

    I’m glad you stood up for yourself, relationships are hard and the 2 people have rights and wrong but he is dangerous with his words.

    I wish you the best Zuzka.

    We love you in Canada!!!! :)

  158. nymeria

    nymeria  | 

    I just want to comment, I believe you 100%. I am so sorry for what you have gone through.

    I have always been bothered by the way Freddy filmed you in the workout videos, because it felt so exploitative. Knowing your background prior to bodyrock, it seemed even creepier. I was happy to see that as time went on the filming seemed better, and you seemed more in control of the workouts.

    Then the two of you broke up, and I didn’t think a lot about it. Why would I? People break up, this happens.

    And then Lisa Marie came into the picture. The filming was back to that disgusting, exploitative, psuedo-pornographic style (I really hope she’s ok, btw. I think about her a lot, too). Then he posted all that crap about you, and I knew.

    As someone who’s been in a relationship that was manipulative and emotionally abusive–having seen several friends go through similar relationships–I knew. I’ve met this person before. The type of person who thinks they can own other people–that they are entitled to other people. I’d been following you guys for nearly two years, and it all fit together.

    At this point I stopped following Bodyrock, and I stopped recommending it to anyone. I couldn’t go to the site or see posts or pictures without getting the creepiest feeling.

    I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this now. I’m sorry that all the bad feelings I had about Freddy turned out to be true. I’m glad you’re speaking out now. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re a liar. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re exaggerating. And most importantly, don’t EVER let anyone tell you it’s your fault. That you did something to deserve this. NO ONE deserves to be treated this way. You are a wonderful, beautiful person and I hope you can find much peace and love moving forward.


  159. Fan

    Fan  | 

    Dear Zuzana

    Let me begin first by saying that you are one of my biggest inspirations and for lack of a better word, idol. I discovered you back in 2010 on a summer night when I was fed up with my unhealthy lifestyle. I won’t get into details, but I have admired fitness gurus and have been interested in fitness and nutrition for most of my life.

    I am a young American girl from the east coast. I have aspired to become something bigger than myself and I know that I have the capabilities to thrive in the entertainment industry. I come from a very broken and poor family that struggles. I have moved too many times to count. I have lived in my car and on random couches of availability. One fall season I got caught up in a bad thing. I am not even completely aware of what this was, but ultimately it lead me to make a video with another female. I hit rock bottom.

    I did however get in shape using your videos, one summer I lost about 15 pounds just by following your workout routines on! I have gone up and down in weight for about a year after that though, but I always reverted back to your website to learn new exercises. I became more interested in what you were about and I decided to look up your biography. I learned about your past and felt sympathetic with you. I have admired how you did not run away from what the industry has done to your image, but yet, you overpowered it and thrived! You inspired me to continue to work in the entertainment industry despite my experience. I found new business parters and I am working on becoming something pretty big.

    Thank you Zuzana for all of your inspiration and I look forward to all of your videos and blog posts to come.

    With Love,

    An Adoring Fan :)

  160. Debbie Kalio

    Debbie Kalio  | 

    I have followed both of you cause i started with Body rock, but i enjoy both websites, i always heard Freddy’s side and thought that you used him to get into the country, but i am sorry to judge you,, Finally we get your side,, and I am happy to hear it,, I hope your resolve everything and hope you stay happy and strong..

    much love


  161. Jenny

    Jenny  | 

    Wow I just read the other post! Whatever happened is of no consequence….business is business, you own 49% …he wants it back, that is worth something! It’s a financial transaction. Hold your ground Zuzana!

    I love that you have always taken the high road, keep going strong!

    Karma will take care of the rest.

    All the best xox

  162. Jenny

    Jenny  | 

    Wow I just read the other post! Whatever happened is of no consequence….business is business, you own 49% …he wants it back, that is worth something! It’s a financial transaction. Hold your ground Zuzana!

    I love that you have always taken the high road, keep going strong!

    Karma will take care of the rest.

    All the best xox

  163. Adriane

    Adriane  | 

    Zuzanna, I first discovered you on and I loved your workouts, but I too didn’t like how you were portrayed in an overly sexual manner! I am so happy that you are now being portrayed with the dignity and respect you deserve! You are one truly amazing woman!! Thank you so much for sharing your story! You are making a big difference for woman in the world and are an inspiration for myself in getting physically fit!!! Thank you so much, and please stay strong!!!

    All Best,

    <3 Adriane

  164. Jules

    Jules  | 

    Zuzka- You are amazing and keep positive! Your true joy with what you do exudes through every post! Keep strong we are all right behind you!

  165. mcpkw

    mcpkw  | 

    To be honest I removed myself from brtv the moment I saw his online posts. No man has that much pride. I have seen enough relationships breaking and marriages ending. I’ve seen people with a lot less money at stake making sure that they don’t embarass their partner. Anger and hatred may last a while but if it goes on for long then it is abuse. And abuse is very direct to the point and it is very clear that he is doing it for money and revenge.

    People like this don’t know how to love. They only know sex. No affection and they expect so much. They dont understand that the other person is a human being as well. With their own lifr and time. Marriage doesn’t change that. Marriage is more for companionship and being there for each other.

  166. Sean Boom

    Sean Boom  | 

    That’s too bad. I think you are doing the right thing now and it shows. The production and quality has gone way up Zuzana. Keep doing what you are doing and most importantly learn as much as you can so you can continue to help more people. Shoot me an email if you ever want someone to collab with. Money, power, and rejection make people act in ways that they usually regret. You will be fine if you keep looking forward.

  167. gabby

    gabby  | 

    sometimes i wish i didn’t know people the way i do… he is EVERYTHING i thought he was. the bullying, controlling, insecure freak.

    i am waiting for lisa marie to get the boot now that her boobs had to come out…

    good for you, zuzka, don’t ever let anybody how to run your life!

  168. Masha

    Masha  | 


    We are all on your side! You have right to be happy doing with your life whatever you want, and you are great motivation for so many people! Nobody should limit you, and since you are warrior and have such a huge army of supporters and fans, you should know that everything will be fine soon!

  169. Emily Kay

    Emily Kay  | 

    I so heartily understand your situation and commend you on standing up for yourself. You only live this life once and you have to make sure that you can stay yourself and not loose yourself completely – which is NOT always an easy task…. I was in that situation myself.

    Never give up – you do an amazing job and we’re all here as a testament to that. Huge hugs – once it’s resolved, you will feel so much better….

  170. Ashley

    Ashley  | 

    I am so sorry to hear about your manipulative, abusive, and controlling soon-to-be ex. In my (and, likely, many of your followers) opinion, you are an incredible woman whose down-to-earth personality and fitness advice has been indespensible. we all see that since leaving your videos have become less sexualized and more fitness based. Your warriorZ stand behind you 100%. Good luck to you in this. I understand where you are at (I’m in the same boat).

  171. Debbie

    Debbie  | 

    With you all the way Z! Head high, don’t look back…let him eat your dust! PS…just bought you’re Zcut dvds…loving them!

  172. Thai WonderPug

    Thai WonderPug  | 

    Hi Z,

    I never usually comment on blogs but felt the need to offer my support & 2 cents now. I’ve followed you for over 2 years so witnessed your life path changes as they unfolded online. You have acted with dignity and poise through out the unfolding drama and malicious mud slinging from your ex.

    The point I really wanted to make though is to anybody with an ounce of experience in life and dealing with different personality types, It is painfully obvious what type of a “man” you ex really is. With his previous postings on online, his video direction & editing & self image he so carefully portrays to the public it just screamed “control freak” to me.

    I know you are a strong, smart girl and a survivor that can deal with any situation thrown at her but I did use to feel empathy for you as I felt he thought of you as “HIS inferior, foreign, little money making project to exploit and profit from”

    Just to reiterate, I DO NOT believe this to be true of you but got the impression your EX was with you for this ulterior motive, not true love or companionship.

    His controlling ways became even more obvious to me when Lisa Marie came onto the scene, I could just see she was his “new little project to exploit” and sure enough the transformation slowly started, her image became more sexualised, with the work outs she did wearing only a sports bra and underwear, the close up crotch shots of her while wearing only underwear, Then the ridiculously over sized implants, hair extensions, lip injections, nose job and what ever else she has had done. She lost herself and became “Frankenstein” to his “Dr Jekyll” aka HIS creation or Zbot Version 2 FAIL – as I have heard her described as before.

    Please stay strong, know that you have a community of thousands that support you and understand what you are going through and don’t let the negative influences in your life get you down. Don’t waste good energy or become upset or angry over people who just aren’t worth it!

    I was so glad when you relaunched online and came back to us as you are a fantastic motivator, trainer and have that charisma and charm that just makes people happy & smile when they see you.

    Best of Luck from an avid fan in Thailand :)

    • Annie

      Annie  | 

      I totally agree. I was introduced to bodyrock just after you left, and then through one of your earlier warm up videos I found your new site. What I want to tell you is that even though you never commented on anything to do with you and Freddie, I figured it out by myself and a while back decided I didn’t want to support him anymore and unsubscribed from all his various sites, blogs and youtube channel. So what I’m trying to say Zuzana is everything you wrote above comes across in his site, workouts and blogs. You’re way better, your site is way better, your attitude is way better, and you will always have followers because you’re better! So as we say in England keep your chin up! You will come out on top because you’re sincere in what you’re doing. And even though you might feel your side of the story hasn’t been told until now, more people that you think can see through him. Keep up the good work and I hope you prosper greatly!

  173. Elen

    Elen  | 

    oh Dear.. you know, in Russia we say – break up with a man and you will see his truly personality!

    I am so sorry for you, you are such a sweet and nice person, you dont deserve all that!! And I really believe everything will be great! because you are the honest person, who does right things, truth is on your side! Just continue to do what you always do! Never stop it! And the most important as u said – they can take everything from you, but not you faith, love, and will power!! so, chin up, you are the best!! :-*

  174. Donna Woodstock

    Donna Woodstock  | 

    Hey zuzka!

    I never wanted to know what happened between you and Freddy because I figured it was personal. I did read the post by Freddy and was totally turned off! There are always two sides to a story and unfortunately Freddie’s side is all about dissing people and pushing his idea of of what looks good…or should I say what sells. Take Lisa Marie who has had he lips and breast done… and for what. I won’t bash Freddie but geez…it hard not too!

  175. Sam

    Sam  | 

    I said it when I read what he wrote and I’ll say it again:sue his sorry ass for libel.

  176. Barbora

    Barbora  | 

    Ahoj Zuzko, moc Ti fandím a klobouk dolů, že takový tlak zvládáš. Věřím, že taková bojovnice výjde ze všeho nakonec jako vítěz. Zažila jsem něco velmi podobného, jen né v takovém měřítku. Nejvíc bolí ta zrada od člověka, ke kterému jsi měla tak blízko a nikdy bys to od něj nečekala, viď. Taky mě zaskočilo, jak snadno lze lidem okolo namluvit, že to ty jsi ta mrcha…ale pak jsem si řekla, že ten kdo tomu chce věřit mi nestojí za to, abych s ní ztrácela čas. Můžná mu teď došlo, že bez Tebe už nikdy nebude to pravé a asi je i zhrzená jeho ješitnost. Držím pěsti, doufám, že se vše brzy vyřeší a věř, že drtivou většinu Tvých fanoušků kecy Tvého skoro ex nezajímají a pokud ano, tak si stejně musí pomyslet, že přišel o rozum, když si Tě nechal utéct jako ženskou :) Opatruj se!

    • HelenaUrie

      HelenaUrie  | 

      Ahoj Zuzi,ve všem souhlasím s Barborou. Také jsem si prošla peklem a cítím s tebou. V době mého rozvodu jsem tě našla na netu a přes fitness a tebe jako člověka jsem se z toho dostala. Za to ti děkuji. Budeš mít ve mě vždy přítele a fanouška. Držím ti palce.

      • HelenaUrie

        HelenaUrie  | 

        You are a great women. I am and I will always be your friend and fan.



    Wow…what a story. I think you are way too strong for anyone to destroy you plus you are too good at what you do, and you will only develop and succeed at what you do. There is always a sunshine after a big storm….plus I really believe in karma.

    Exactly…chin up.

    And yes…I strongly agree on that sexuality during filming ( however I have never noticed too much of it with you, but you are totally right with placing your focus elsewhere). I wish all the best to all, but unfortunately I think that Miss Lisa killed body with her bony unhealthy body exposures and ridiculous posts about looks and being sexy, etc….revealing only some sort of personal issues and complexes. Too bad.

    All the best on expanding your Z empire, I am a huge fan of yours!

  178. Canadian

    Canadian  | 

    You are Amazing zuzana! Freddy is clearly an unhappy person and wants to bring you down. Keep shining and being as inspirational as you are! Your kindness, honesty and energy are so pure of heart. Let Freddy try and control every aspect if his life, maybe if Lisa Marie is smart enough she’ll see that Freddy is controlling her also. Good luck with everything and keep that support network around you !

  179. Zoe Lu

    Zoe Lu  | 

    Dear Zuzak,

    I started to follow bodyrock since 2009 and saw all the changes in your life. What I felt was you were such a strong and brilliant woman with a big heart. When I saw the poster Freddy wrote, I realized there must be something very wrong behind that. Thank you so much for every amazing posts and for being a wonderful woman that always give me a lot of motivation.

    You are right, don’t let it put us down. Always support you and love you.



  180. Lacy

    Lacy  | 


    You are a wonderful spirit and such an inspiration.

    Always a fan and supporter!I have followed you since my husbands death in Aug. of 2009 almost 4 years now. I used exercise to help my grief. Your leadership @ Bodyrock helped me start over in my life. I wish you all the best!!!

  181. Aida

    Aida  | 

    Wow, my love to you and your new life. I’m glad you’re defending your reputation but he’ll get his one day. Karma is a b…but regardless of all this you have been a great inspiration for me. I’ve been following you for years and never like, Freddy. I Only saw the youtube videos bcuz of youlost 65lbs so far, thank you. God only gives you what you can handle, and at the end he’ll reward you with a win. keep up the good spirit and keep going. Much love for u, your puppies and your new bf.

  182. fabrice

    fabrice  | 

    hi zuzka

    been there done that…dont give up …. my ex wife is like your soon to b ex h…..

    dont give up.. we love you


  183. Jose

    Jose  | 

    Love you! Come tl caribbean for vacation!!

  184. Lindsey Hardin

    Lindsey Hardin  | 

    Zuzka, you have always been an inspiration to me. When you broke up with Freddy and started zwow, I was right along side you. I was newly single as well, and needed a kick in the butt to get my head back to reality. Your workouts and motivation has played an important part to me. Keep doing what you do best. Don’t let any jerks bring you down! I personally cant stand any of the faces on “dailyhiit”. I always recommend your site to my friends. Keep smiling girl, your gorgeous!!

  185. Melissa Landry

    Melissa Landry  | 

    Zuzana, I too followed you for a long long time as well. I have supported you from the beginning. I just went and read the post that your ex had written, and am appalled. I am happy to say that there is a lot of negative feedback. I have noticed that he has written mean things that have been towards you, that people that have been followers would catch. I do note, you have that comment about filming erotic like shots and I have noticed a lot of boob shots with Lisa Marie, and I will also note that: *****There was one video that was shot with Lisa Marie that I had to turn off. It was all pardon me for this, it was all tits and vag. Not tits and ass, but the other. You could not see her form or the workout.

    I’m glad that you have found this new company. I know its been a struggle for you, but Zuzana, you have done so well for yourself and have kept a professional attitude. It can only get better with time. Congrats to you.

    • Thai WonderPug

      Thai WonderPug  | 

      I just read what he wrote also, after writing my post above.

      What a despicable, manipulative creature he is!

      I’m disgusted he is taking advantage of Nigella Lawsons very recent physical assault (using images of her domestic violence incident caught on camera by the paparazzi!) to gain attention for himself & bad mouth Z.

      He just keeps digging a hole for himself.

      Great way to victimize 2 strong & successful women for your own perceived benefit Freddie !

      take advantage of Nigella’s vicious assault while it’s still making headlines and take further jabs at Z while your at it!

      Adjectives like: integrity, tactfulness, sensitivity & sympathy just don’t exist in his world do they?

  186. Lisa Rennie

    Lisa Rennie  | 

    I just want to say that I have been following you for some time. I watched many of those old videos and you looked miserable. You wore your pain on your face. I continued when Lisa Marie came on, but it didn’t last long, she has changed and tried to become something that she is not. Always be true to yourself , you are strong and beautiful! The true will win . We all live you and what you do. Keep on going! From one trainer to another, you are the best :-)

  187. Jeanette

    Jeanette  | 

    Let your inner light shine! What comes around goes around. You are beautiful from the inside all the way to the outside. This unfortunate experience will not bring you down, it will make you stronger.

    Carpe diem.

  188. Sarah Bathen

    Sarah Bathen  | 

    I have been following you for a few years, starting when you were on BR. I loved that site and what you stood for. I am in the best shape of my life because of you. I tried to follow BR after you left, but it wasn’t the same. I felt like the exploitation kept getting worse and they tried to make you feel like a prude if you objected. I finally had to quit following them. I’m so happy you were able to start your site and create your awesome workouts. Thank you for continuing to do what you believe in despite the pressure. You are truly talented :)

  189. Lee Bridges

    Lee Bridges  | 

    Let’s just say that your story adds up a lot better than his does. Keep the faith and a great attorney. I was very unhappy with the sexualization of Bodyrock even though the workouts were great – because you were designing and performing them. That’s why I followed you here. No divorce involving a business is easy, but it’s silly to assume trashing the other person online will work out in your favor. Good luck from another West Hollywood denizen; my husband says he saw you at Trader Joe’s! :)

    • Lee Bridges

      Lee Bridges  | 

      By “trashing online” I mean your ex, not you, of course.

  190. Eve

    Eve  | 

    Stay strong Zuz. I have been following u since Bodyrock time and moved to Zwow when I noticed u weren’t at bodyrock at all.

    I bless u with Love, Goodwill and peace. XOXO

  191. Susan Murphy

    Susan Murphy  | 

    You are in inspiration and I am so happy for you that you got your life back and that you continue to fight for what is yours. Thank you for sharing your story.

  192. Angelina

    Angelina  | 

    Everything he’s ever done has been in bad taste. What people loved about Body Rock was YOU. Your sweet nature outweighed the overly sexual workout videos. I couldn’t stand that site even one second after you left. When you walked away, you took the heart of that business with you. It’s an empty shell of what it used to be and he knows it. It’s too bad you had to go through such a hurtful situation but watching you SHINE through all of this is incredibly inspirational to all who follow you. There is always something wonderful happening even in the darkest moments. Keep doing what you do! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! <3

  193. Kirsten

    Kirsten  | 

    We Love you Zuzka!! Freddy and Bodyrock are nothing without you. You and your sparkling personality were what got me hooked on bodyrock, and now ZWOWs! I tried to follow both after the split, but Lisa Marie seems like an annoying attempt to duplicate you. How funny to see her change her image to look more like you. Ha! Seems to me that you are so far out of his league in so many ways now, you deserve so much better! I haven’t liked the direction bodyrock has taken for a long time, but always loved your work. Keep it up, you’ve got the drive, heart and talent to succeed in whatever life throws you, including this nasty divorce!

  194. gerar-ush

    gerar-ush  | 

    Zuzka te sigo desde tus primeros videos en la terraza y lo recuerdo todo. Es muy valiente para contar esta parte de tu historia. Me encanta lo que haces. Siempre me mantienen motivado tus videos, tu energia y has cambiado tantas vidas! No dejes que te depriman. Sigue adelante eres un alma hermosa y te mereces todo lo mejor!Un abrazo fuerte un fans que te sigue desde Ushuaia,Fin delMundo.

  195. Jamiekins

    Jamiekins  | 

    Glad you landed back on your feet and are thriving, I wish you nothing but health, wealth and happiness. I am so disappointed in your ex he makes all of us Canadians look bad. (We’re not all selfish, self-serving douche-bags) HuGgSs!

  196. D Will

    D Will  | 

    It takes a lot of courage to share a story like this. I can relate just going through a divorce myself. You have a lot of people that care about you, even if they are strangers and are rooting for you. Never stop standing up for yourself or fighting for what you believe in. It takes courage and strength and it sounds like you have both, nurture that and you can never fail. Take care and good luck.

  197. midimidi

    midimidi  | 

    I am so glad you got away from the man. He has shown the world how petty he is and continues to be every time he put the victim hat on and talk badly about you. he is incredibly manipulative and it is obvious by the way he treats the old br community, your business partnership and marriage. If there wasn’t you freddy would have just been a guy with a camera.

  198. Mimi

    Mimi  | 

    I just read his post, hard to understand why he wont let goof you and on top of that he would go out of his way to ruin your reputation.

    I know things happen in a marriage some things that we come to regret eventually, however is not an excuse to share to the world details of what it should only involve you two. I hope he signs the divorce soon and wish the very best for you :)

    Stay strong

  199. Aline

    Aline  | 

    OMGosh!!! That’s interesting because since the beginning I thought that guy was a jerk!!! Shame of him!!!! You are the star!!! Camera men, there are plenty out there, but talent… Wish you all the best! XO from Florida!

  200. Don

    Don  | 

    Zuz, it is time to put all of this behind you. Do not sign a non-compete. Rather get your own legal representative to draft an agreement in which your husband buys you out of I would also ask the lawyer to assess your level of ownership in the company. Good luck and keep your courage !

  201. Steph

    Steph  | 

    Hi Zuzka. I was an avid “Bodyrocker” since the very beginning of the site (actually I started following you on YouTube when you did those ‘sexy yoga moves’ workout videos), although I didn’t comment much. I remember everything you’re talking about as it changed things for me. When you started doing only nutrition posts, I knew you’d probably leave soon, but I never imagined this was how it was happening. When you left Bodyrock I was lost. I left the site as I didn’t connect with that Lisa-Marie girl at all (even though we’re both Brits) and had to rebuild my whole workout routine and try to find a trainer I connected with. You have no idea how happy I was to stumble upon a little thing called ZWOW on YouTube, and have been a warrior ever since!

    I didn’t think I could admire and look up to you any more than I already did. Until this post. You’ve just proven to me my decision to leave Bodyrock was the right one, as I’d never want to be associated with people who view us “clients” as nothing more than dollar signs, and would step on anyone to get more money.

    I wish you success and happiness for the future, and you can be sure that my friends and I will be supporting you always. Hope your ex will read this & maybe get it through his skull that true success comes from generosity & kindness, not greed.

  202. Steven Smith

    Steven Smith  | 

    The true measure of a person is how they handle the good with the bad. In relationships, it is said that the leaver is years ahead of the left. With that being said, it does not give the left the excuse to be disrespectful and spiteful. Obviously Freddy was/is insecure. Control is what insecure people do. Without Zuzka who is Freddy? Seriously, where would he be? More than likely he realized this and his fear became reality.

  203. Yor Lateehs

    Yor Lateehs  | 

    Hugs & Kisses Zuz.. you are a strong gal.. think of this as small bump on the road.. All the best .. XOXO

  204. Petra

    Petra  | 

    Zuzanko, mas muj neskonalej obdiv. Jsi skvela zena, vim o tve minulosti a je uzasne, co jsi dokazala a hlavne ze jsi se se vsim poprala a nenechas se zastrasovat. Tva stranka je opravdu moc hezka a konecne se nemusim stydet, kdyz nekdo nahodou jde kolem a vidi par shotu z tvych videii … uz je jasne, ze jde o fitness a ne o fotky poprsi a pozadi. Skvela prace, krasny usmev, pozitivni mysleni a laskava duse, to jsi ty :)

  205. Jessica

    Jessica  | 

    I have always enjoyed watching your workouts and you are very inspiring, friendly, and wholesome. My husband is similar to your ex and I am currently going through a divorce as well. I wish you all the best and always knew that you weren’t the person he portrayed you as. I just had a baby and I’m looking forward to start your workouts again to get into shape! I have also introduced my sister to your workouts and we will be doing them together. Can’t wait to how you my before and after pics! Stay just as you are! You are a beautiful, confident woman with so many who look up to you and enjoy the workouts you provide. Thank you for all you do!!

  206. Lee Bridges

    Lee Bridges  | 

    BTW your attorney can use online testimonials in your favor, from your clients saying they switched to Zwow from Bodyrock because they like your camera, image, and workout style better.

  207. Sofia

    Sofia  | 

    Before I read this, I decided to go and read Freddy’s post first..I honestly sensed that all he wanted in that post is more advertisement for himself, to get people’s attention to him. That is PATHETIC.

    My lovely Zuska, I’ve been following you for so long, and I am a woman too and know how you can feel. I have to say THANK YOU for standing up for yourself and most importantly for not giving up. While you were away from your home and family, and devastated, you still had the courage to continue and face him; and that is why you gained so much love from people.

  208. Alli

    Alli  | 


    You are such a huge inspiration to me. You are so optimistic, and you help me push through the plateaus. I really only discovered you because of bodyrock, which I discovered in the summer of 2012, which by then, your videos were dated. After several months of trying to find your videos only, because the new ones felt like pornos and not workout vids, my friend told me you had your own site. That was last October, and since then, you are the only one I need to follow.

    You are an inspiration. Especially because you are honest about the road you’ve taken. Others want to tell lies to try to spin things their direction. Don’t worry, we know :) You are awesome.

  209. Justin M.

    Justin M.  | 


    I saw the bullying since it first began. I was still a fan on facebook of their page and saw the put downs towards your own workouts. I hope that this negativity does not overwhelm you. Remain positive, since there is nothing good that can come from negativity.

    I’m still a strong supporter in you. Keep doing what you do best, making kick ass workouts!

    Love and Peace

  210. Melody

    Melody  | 

    I’m behind you 100% keep doing what you love doing and the rest doesn’t matter anymore. Enjoy your new life and focus more on what you enjoy doing. I enjoy doing all your workouts, keep up the good work. Continue being a strong woman, life can only get better from now on.

  211. Julie Lafrance-Balian

    Julie Lafrance-Balian  | 

    Dear Zuzka,

    I’m so sorry you have to go through this…but I admire your genuineness and authenticity.

    I tend to judge people by the way they treat animals…seeing you with your dogs, how you always go for “the underdogs” and give them nothing but love and care, there is no way in the world you can be a bad person.

    You are my motivation, my inspiration…and my husband even calls you “my girl crush” because I’m always so passionate when I talk about you and the work that you are doing!

    I will support you for as long as your fitness career lasts!

    Julie :-)

  212. Jerilynn Hilmar

    Jerilynn Hilmar  | 

    Oh honey I have sooooooo been there. I’ve been divorced for 5 1/2 yrs and since we have a daughter together, we are forced to maintain some level of contact. Every now and again some crazy a$$ story will come out about how I did this or that to him and his story is so backwards that it makes me soooo angry. I try my best to hold my tongue but every now and again, you need to clear your name. I have stopped following them because of their slandering you. It was done in poor taste and your silence was a testament to the fact that you are clearly the bigger person. I kept thinking, “Man – I can’t believe Zuzka isn’t saying anything. I’d be pissed off!!” Good for you for taking the high road. You definitely deserved a chance to share your side of the story. And you’ve most certainly proven that you don’t need to use another person to gain success. You’ve done quite well on your own. Many of us here don’t follow them and they are free! I pay to workout with you and would take that over their drama any day. Keep it up, girl. You’re doing wonderful things for so many people. I know all too well how you feel – except that my marriage woes are not on the web. I am so sorry for what you’re going through. Just remember: this phase is temporary. But he will always have to live with being a Douchy McDouchface. We love you! :-)

  213. Ashleigh

    Ashleigh  | 

    Girl, The moment that you disappeared from bodyrocktv was the very moment that it started to suck! lol You were the face of it all!! People think that they can hide true character even on camera but the truth is that you can sense their arrogance and egos right through the screen when you go to that page. It makes you not even want to listen to them explain the workouts in my opinion. You are the complete opposite!!! Before I even met you when we were doing your Zgym workout, I knew that you had to have been the sweetest person! Low and behold you for sure are 100% everything that you portray yourself to be. No One deserves to be mistreated in any way, and I am SO sorry to hear that you had to go through all of that, but you know what, you are coming out the bigger person and much stronger than ever! Even when you watch your old bodyrock posts you can see a huge difference (in a good way) in your countenance from then until now, and what does that say to all of the followers? Freddy should be and probably is intimidated by the army of people behind you who support you 100% and Love how genuine & caring you are. So glad that you are sticking up for yourself and that you have people surrounding you to cheer you on!! You deserve the Very very best my friend!!! :)

  214. Veronika

    Veronika  | 

    You know Zuz… Im very sorry that you had to go through all this but Im actually happy you left BR – your videos are much much better. Im not very surprise about Freddy, he always seemed more like a business man and you seemed as a total opposite:) Luv ya:)Keep your hard work!

  215. Catherine

    Catherine  | 

    I think anyone who has ever watched one of your videos would know what kind of person you are–kind, giving and very supportive. I am horrified at what Freddy wrote and how he treated you. I feel the way you have carried yourself and the content of your videos and your site speaks to your character. Contrast that to what Freddy has said on social media and the direction BodyRock went…no one should really be questioning your character or actions. Way to go for standing up for yourself and continuing to inspire me and thousands of others. <3

  216. Ewelina Nowakowska

    Ewelina Nowakowska  | 

    I myself divorced a very abusive man almost a year ago now and I empathize. It is so hard to tell your side of the story when the other person has made such strides in making sure everyone has heard theirs, especially making sure that you are portrayed as the source and reason for their suffering. We can only do our best in any given situation and you should be very proud of your strength to continually stand up for yourself. It’s sometimes not a destination but a process and sometimes a struggle until that other person finally comes to their senses and lets go, and Freddy obviously hasn’t let go. It’s very much about control, if they can’t have you, they’d rather see you destroyed than to see you happy elsewhere. I lost a lot of friends to this, but I’ve made amends with their decisions.

    My birthday is August 1st and the anniversary of my finalized divorce is on the 27th, the decree felt more like a birth certificate than anything, so I will celebrate two birthdays next month! I wish you all the best of luck with your divorce, and when you’re finally through it, you’ll feel like you can breathe again with the full capacity of your lungs. Until then continue being your awesome self! We, your fans, adore and support you!

  217. Glen

    Glen  | 

    I have followed you somewhat since the Bodyrock days. As so many have said so many times, you have always struck me as genuine and transparent, always honest, open and approachable. I am a for-real person and am drawn only to for-real people. Nobody can fake that.

    I haven’t read Freddy’s posts, but growing up as I did I do know abuse. I watched my family being bullied by my father and I myself was bullied and abused. One day I had an awakening and vowed to 1) make certain I did nothing to perpetuate that unforgivable behavior and 2) to live the most powerful, productive life I am capable of. I stumble every day and I learn every day, but I succeed every day.

    Watching your rebirth in ZWOD #1 and your assorted candid videos, your tremendous growth is plain to see. You are much stronger now than you ever were on Bodyrock. I am always proud when I see such exponential growth in people, especially in the ones I consider one of my extended fitness family.

    You’re awesome. Keep it up. And for what it’s worth, I’ll be in Brno from July 18-31. I’ll do a burpee for you. :)

  218. charity bray

    charity bray  | 

    Hi Zuzana,

    You are beauitful and strong. Your divorce reminds me of my own I endured a few yrs ago. Just remember: This too shall pass, nothing is permanent. You will be stronger and even better in the end.

    All my love,


  219. Nia

    Nia  | 

    I’m glad you posted this and told us your side. Although, I don’t follow bodyrock anymore, I read his story and was bothered by it. I guess I feel like I know you personally, haha. I think we all realised the sexualization of the old videos were his idea, once it stayed at bodyrock and your zwows were different. You did a great job of getting back on your feet and not leaving your fans. Keep your chin up and thanks for what you do! :)

  220. Stacey

    Stacey  | 

    I hope everything goes well with Zgym, I no longer follow BodyRock because there is something about your delivery which motivates me the most. I am loving Zgym and hope it lasts a long time!

  221. Tracey

    Tracey  | 

    You are so strong! I have followed you since BodyRock and stopped following BodyRock when you were no longer teaching the videos. I was so excited when you began ZWOWs and your positive and vibrant self shined through.

  222. Natalee

    Natalee  | 

    Much love and support to you for standing up and not letting someone dictate to you how you should do things. We all have to do things that we love and our partners in life should support that. I have stopped watching the Bodyrock vids, especially now because I refuse to support people who try to put others down. Its not right and I think all the negativity will only reflect back to them in that same light. Wish you the best in your business as well in love.

  223. Sunny

    Sunny  | 

    Thank you for sharing your side of the story and I’m sorry to hear that. All I thought back then, when you guys were together, was that you guys were living a happy life with an awesome money making website. It’s also sad to see how could somebody who used to share your life together could turn into one whose worse than a stranger. In the end, you got to look out for yourself and surround yourself with people who really care about you and respect you. I hope that now you’re happy with your new life and you could put all the ugly past behind.

  224. Sam

    Sam  | 

    The way you have handled all of the continuous and malicious attacks with such grace and kindness truly shows your character. Keep on being an inspiration! All karma will come back full-circle.

  225. Lucha

    Lucha  | 

    Keep your head up!!!! You are so inspiring as a fitness trainer and as a person and you will come out on top of this!!!!!

  226. Maria

    Maria  | 

    Thank you for being honest with your fans and clarifying your side of the story. You have always been an inspiration, ever since BodyRock Tv. After Lisa Marie came into the picture I stopped following BodyRock. I am glad you can proudly march on and stand on your own two feet. That’s what real power and determination looks like in a woman. Continue to inspire others as you have inspired me and always remain honest with yourself and your fans.

    Take care and all the best of luck with your future endeavours. :)


  227. Nicki

    Nicki  | 

    Zuzka! I have been following you for 3 years now. You are an inspiration. You have been manipulated and exploited by men before you met Freddy too. I’m glad you are taking a stand and sticking up for what is right. I did continue to follow BodyRock when you left/ were ousted…but it became more and more sexual and less and less about fitness and what I was looking for. Lisa Marie was morphing herself into a plastic doll – each to his own.. but not what I would consider a positive role model.

    Your fans are with you for a reason. Keep up the good work, know you are loved and the rest will follow. Peace!

  228. Heather Lindsay

    Heather Lindsay  | 

    Rock on Z! So glad you took the time to fill us in. You are loved.



  229. Rebecca Cat

    Rebecca Cat  | 

    Zuzka, I have admired you since the first day I saw you on Bodyrock. I always say I want to be like you although no where near, But one day :). When you left Bodyrock I often wondered what happen and I would google your name periodically to see if I could find you and finally I did ;). Needless to say after you left bodyrock i didn’t go on the site as much unless I was searching to see if you were there. Don’t worry about this guy God don’t like ugly and he’s not to fawd of pretty either. I hate to say this but I think his new girlfriend was trying to imitate you and now she’s even having some health issue’s because of it. NO BUENO! But that’s what happens when you want what other people have. People just need to stop trying to control other’s and let people be themselves!!!! Good Luck Momma! You are on the right path, Don’t let no one STOP YOU!

  230. Pamela

    Pamela  | 

    Never back down, no matter what. I can relate being with a control freak to the point he had me followed everywhere and had my cell phone bugged. I lost everything. Being a military daughter my father reminded you don’t need to show him how nice you are you need to show him how strong you are. After all the threats and lies. I have so much evidence against him, lol he doesn’t come near me. You are an amazing woman, I just bought your dvds and I love them. Thank you so much:D

  231. Kati

    Kati  | 

    screw him ! get a lawer too and go kick his ass … you deserved your 49% and don’t back down …I left body rock because of his way of filming , even commented on the video asking if he was going to do a proctology exam on that Lisa Marie who probably got her boobs done the way he wanted and if you look at her she is not happy either …so girl go for what is yours and don’t let this jerk decide what you deserve and work hard for … I knew something was fishy … good for you to stand up for yourself because no one else will …you are a Warrior and don’t forget it …

    This guy is a abusive son of a bitch and he is doing it again to the next girl and will never stop

  232. Chris Vancil

    Chris Vancil  | 

    Hi Zuzka, If I was there you would get the hug you wanted. I’ve heard some of both sides of the story from the both of you and from several bystanders. That you filled in the holes in the true story is nice. That Freddy feels he need to create drama and make things up is sad. I knew he would write pretty much what he did sooner or later. It was a logical conclusion to the fictions he was building. –Chris

  233. Jodi

    Jodi  | 

    I stopped following Bodyrock after you left because the portrayal of the models was too sexualized. It is very comforting and reassuring to hear from the woman that I had looked up to for all those years believes in the same thing. Thank you for coming out. I recently too left my husband who accused me of being abusive, when really wanted different things. The male ego, when challenged, is a very disturbing thing. I hope you the best, and want you to know if you ever wish to make workout videos again I will follow you religiously regardless of the shortness of your shorts or the amount of cleavage I can see. You inspired me to be better and to be healthy, and above all to be HAPPY with my body so that when my douchey bro told me he “would be more attracted to me if I was skinnier” I could confidently say I will lose 10 lbs if you gain 10 lbs of muscle and use some rogaine.

    I will PAY for any exercise advice you provide. As you are a real, lovely person that has inspired me to be a better person.

    Freddy better watch out because karma is a bitch

  234. Sarka

    Sarka  | 

    Zuzi,I’m wishing you only the BEST. Stay strong. Mej se pekne at se ti dari,Sarka :)

  235. Danni

    Danni  | 

    I feel bad for him – he is playing the victim constantly and that only makes him look pathetic. When I saw his post I knew there was another side to it all. I’m sorry you have to deal with this but it sounds like you’re doing all the right things and hopefully a year from now it will be all over! :) Keep positive and know that we love you!

  236. Angel

    Angel  | 

    I love you , and respect you very much , love all your videos , you are gorgeous

  237. Kjohnson

    Kjohnson  | 

    I only watched bodyrock because of you! He grossed me out. I’ve followed you here and love the zwow vids! Karma will get him. Don’t worry. <3

  238. Lisa

    Lisa  | 

    Dear Zuzanna,

    BodyRock was always about you. I totally agree that the T and A shots were in poor taste and I think the workouts you do now are so much better. I’m dropped my account shortly after you left and I was so happy to find you again!

    I’m so sorry that you have had to go through this. It may sound silly because I don’t really know you. But you will come out of this on top. You are a strong woman of integrity and it’s time you stop allowing this abuse and defamation of character to go on. If he wants you to “lawyer up” then do it and stick by your guns. You have so many people who admire and look up to you. Keep your chin up!



  239. Heather

    Heather  | 

    I read his blog post and I’ve read many things he has written and right up until that first negative thing I read about you I liked him and respected him and his business, after that I saw he’s a coward and a pathetic piece of sh*t. Any of his readers that buy his story are in much need of help as he is, it is more than obvious to me he is just playing a card and trying to portray you in an ugly way. He’s a joke of a man and I am so happy you have found happiness for yourself.

  240. Abba

    Abba  | 

    I read his post earlier today. It did not sound real convincing. Very fishy, I thought. I am so glad you posted this. This is exactly how I remember things going down. What you are saying makes way more sense to me. This story is waaay more believable to me. Stay strong! Hold your head high! You have a lot of people who love and admire you out here! And greatly appreciate what you are trying to do in life!

  241. Biodemon

    Biodemon  | 

    I knew something was always weird about freddy and the way you were treated when making those workout videos. Since in your “past life”, you were something you want to erase, he kept bringing that out in the form of being sexualized and I thought that was unpleasant. I could see in your eyes that you never really enjoyed it. And what stood out is that Lisa got implants…maybe he forced her into them or something because he’s a perverted son of a-excuse my french-bitch. I’m sooooo happy you’re away from this abusive, controlling jerk! You keep your head up Zuzana! I’ve followed you for almost two years now. When you left bodyrock, I didn’t like it after (and I didn’t like freddy’s face). I really hope all turns out well for you. You keep fighting back, you hear me? Don’t let the asshole win ’cause he deserves to be sent to the dogs!

    Have a good one, Z.

  242. Yvonne

    Yvonne  | 


    I always had a hunch. Especially when Lisa showed up. Soon after….her new breasts :(

    I love what you have here and I am so impressed by your dedication and you are way more authentic than bodyrock!

    Stay strong.

    I was bullied at school and I abhor bullying in ANY form.


  243. Gwendolyn Elliott

    Gwendolyn Elliott  | 

    I have seen soooooo many people go through divorce! One side(or both sides) will try to make the other look like a monster. Anyone with half a brain knows it is ust the breakup talking. Of course it makes it harder because you are in the public eye and your ex is making you look like a monster to millions. But of course, this is backfiring. It makes him look unprofessional. You have been level-headed and mature the whole time. You are the bigger person and it shows. He is throwing rocks but you are stronger than that. You have the internet full of followers behind you! You know we love you and we will be with you to the end because you are open and honest about fitness, health and your life. XOX

    PS Divorces are bullshit I know this must be a rough time for you and everyone in your life. Best wishes.

  244. AlexP

    AlexP  | 

    You are bodyrock not him.. were at Zuzkalight because we love what you did at bodyrock,and of course we love you!! there are things in the past that most people are not proud of, but you are here to show us that we can move forward, no matter what.. and that’s what you teach us day by day. Thats the most important aspect of what you do!! wish you more success in the future!!

  245. lisa m

    lisa m  | 

    Hello. You were the reason I joined BodyRock but I have quit now and I’m on your site instead.

    You are wonderful and don’t forget it!

    You radiate honesty and beauty!

  246. Goran

    Goran  | 

    A dirt-bag probably though I’d still thank him for saving you from the adult industry! I like many others followed you on BodyRock and was honestly worried when you ‘basically vanished’ though it makes alot of sense now!

    I too noticed a gradual increase of cleavage close-ups which other than being overly invasive became really frustrating because i wasn’t able to focus on or even see the exercise you were preforming.

    anyway thanks for returning, your positivity and gorgeous smile are greatly motivational!

  247. Amanda

    Amanda  | 

    You have my love and support!

  248. Sara

    Sara  | 

    Honestly, if he has to turn to that kind of methods to keep alive, he and his crew must know what a strong competitor you are, and what a waste of time and effort from his part that is, he should keep his mind occupied with his channel and live his life and let you live yours at peace.

    Good thing about everything is that your feet are still on the ground and you have people that support you. Your fans recognize the quality of your work and appreciate what you give to all of us, and THAT is what makes you more valuable.

    Thank you for sharing some part of your life with us, and most importantly, thank you for sharing your fitness way of life… keep strong and proud!

    we’re with you Zuzka! :)

    sincerely, a fan

  249. Indra Rohini

    Indra Rohini  | 

    For me you were Bodyrocktv and i always loved the simple and gentle way you were presenting the new daily training …

    That was just so cool to follow you and it really helped me to change my perception about fitness and i m truly thankful for what you’ve done ….

    Keep the spirit up and don’t let people criticizing you putting you down … like someone said in my country ; ” if you’re criticized , it means you’re doing good ” keep this in mind and see these obstacles as growing lessons …

    Lots of Love , Joy , Happiness and Peace to you .

    Be blessed


  250. anna tweedie

    anna tweedie  | 

    Love you zuzka♡♡♡♡

  251. Janyne Di Biase

    Janyne Di Biase  | 


    We all have nothing but love for you.

    I have been a faithful fan of YOU, since I saw you on YOU TUBE in 2009(?) You talking about handstand push ups and I was inspired.

    I am so sorry for your angst. Please keep your chin up. You inspire us/We need you.

    XOXOX and a million hugs too


    I cannot wait to restart ZCUT Strength with you. Let’s do this!!

  252. Andrea

    Andrea  | 

    Good for you Z, I’m so proud of you for finally writing all of this. What’s great is to see that your story is virtually exactly what I (and probably most of us) imagined it to be. Obviously everyone was very curious back then but believe me it wasn’t so hard to see the truth. Just look at BRs continuing videos, images and whatshernames new (and very quick!) surgery…. and it’s clear what Freddy demands of women. You were always adorable and sweet no matter how sexualized and that’s what men were attracted to and a quality we women envied and admired, but yes, you image now is classy and strong and better! And that’s all you. I too am being bullied at work, and when I speak up or stand up for myself I’m called negative and weak, a liar and troublemaker. My response? Talk louder and more often…. This post is GOOD, Z. And it’s admirable that it took you this long to tell the world who Freddy really is. Admirable but necessary. He’ll get what he deserves. You need to counterattack, because YOU were 95% of BR and he held you back. xoxo stay strong

  253. Kasia

    Kasia  | 

    Zwow is my life!!!!!!!!!! 😀 keep doing your thing, nobody can take away what you’re brilliantly good at!

  254. Kat

    Kat  | 

    I always liked you on BodyRock and with you gone I doubt Ill ever go back there. I’m really sorry he made you feel this way, no one should be treated like that. Just keep on trucking along, after all, the best revenge…is success. :)

    Be Blessed…

  255. Mwiche

    Mwiche  | 

    I hope you and Freddy can at least be friends , I’ve been watching Bodyrock since I was 10 and I hope he stops being mean because you haven’t said a single mean thing about him

  256. Karen Defazio

    Karen Defazio  | 

    Zuzka I give you a high five for perserving through all that. You have been such an inspiration to so many people. I love your workouts and recommend them to everyone. I am glad that you pushed on. You deserve only the best. May you be highly blessed.

  257. Bhagy

    Bhagy  | 

    I have been following you since a really long time. As I followed you for years I got emotionally attached to you. I un-followed and unsubscribed BodyRock.TV when I did not see you there anymore. It was YOU who made that and Freddy was nothing more than a cameraman.

    It was quite apparent that he was the one who was shooting the inappropriate ways. I am so happy that you made your own channel. This is much better than BodyRock.Tv. Do not let anyone bring you down and do not give up your right. Stay strong. We love you. xx

  258. R

    R  | 

    Good for you! For writing this post. Part of me wonders if Freddy grew up with a Dad?

  259. Jessica

    Jessica  | 

    Never believe the other sides lawyers. They are bullies and lie! I learned that in my divorce.

  260. Liz

    Liz  | 

    Hey, Zuz, your post was really interesting. I say that because I started following right around the time of your separation (though I wasn’t aware of the situation at the time). Over time, the site, to me, become overly sexualized and I felt “something” that had been there was missing. Something was missing alright-it was you. I happily found you later, and now you are a part of my life every day. I have purchased every DVD, am a zgym member, and often think about where “we” will be 20 years from now (I am 48 years old!). At the moment, I am training for my first marathon, and YOU are helping to make it happen. I don’t know if you will read my words, but you give me strength in untold ways. Continue to be strong, Zuzka. Stay true to your vision-I will be with you every burpee along the way!! <3

    • Liz

      Liz  | 

      PS-needless to say (I hope!) I no longer follow!

  261. Karen Wright

    Karen Wright  | 

    YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Zuzana, I had been following BodyRock since almost day 1. It is and always has been very obvious who Freddy is as a person. It is obvious to this day who he is as a person, as I cannot stand the new Bodyrock. The second LM got her DDD’s, I just couldn’t deal, it made me so sad. (I am not fundamentally against body mods, but I just get sad when the person takes it so far they don’t look like who they started as :-(

    I was overjoyed when you came back. I support you totally, and no longer need to give a caveat when recommending your workouts since there are no more butt and crotch shots :-) Just you radiant effortless beauty and amazing spirit.

    I am doing my ZCUT’s, I joined ZGYM even when I was injured just because I wanted to support YOU!

    Be well! xoxoxo!

  262. Tanya Amarante

    Tanya Amarante  | 

    #teamZuzka #warriorZ I love you Z! Stay strong sista!

  263. Maureen

    Maureen  | 

    Love you, Zuzka! You are really someone to look up to and you are so sweet! I can’t even imagine you being a monster!! :) Glad you are standing up for yourself. It really takes a strong person to do so.

  264. Rachel Alan

    Rachel Alan  | 

    That would explain what you said at the end of the first video

  265. Choocha14

    Choocha14  | 

    I love your workouts and respect you as a fitness trainer & person. I live that you try not to objectify yourself sexually through your workouts & that you are honest at all times. BodyRock is great workout site but I get too tiresome of how conceited & materialistic Freddy is & the BodyRock team. I hate how they sexualize LUSA & the other women trainers. Stay true to yourself always! That’s why you’re successful in what you do.

  266. Rachel

    Rachel  | 

    Good for you for speaking up. THere are always two sides to every story and I am glad that you chose to share yours. I loved your workouts then and I love them now. ZWOW is your signature now and already is finding success. I wish you continued success with it. xoxo

  267. sharon

    sharon  | 

    Can you feel the love from everyone!! Fight to the end for what you know is right. Everyone is behind you, continue to be yourself and be inspiring. His true colours ALWAYS shone through, even though he was never in front on the camera. You are my inspiration and hero…truly.

  268. Roya Amirzadeh

    Roya Amirzadeh  | 


    Since you have left BodyRock, I no longer see is as fitness blog. It is more like an adult site. The new host look horribly plastic and not healthy. Once I reading one of their negative comments about your videos, that was the last straw. I removed them from my FB page as well as my life.

    People are not blind, Freddie is only destroying his own career. So glad that you are standing up for yourself and so proud of you brave choices. You make many women around the world proud and your dedication brings courage to all of us.

    Keep up the EXCELLENT work you have done and I soooo love you the new Zuzana,

    Haters will be haters.

  269. Katy

    Katy  | 

    It’s terrible what you’ve had to go through. I will keep you in my prayers that the end of this will come and you can continue to move on with your life. I’ve followed YOU, not HIM all this time. I’ve been inspired by your strength, encouragement, and sweetness. I think the video’s made now are much better made now than they were when he was filming. Thank you for being open with us. God Bless

  270. Brenda

    Brenda  | 

    Zuzka, I admire your strength to be you. You new online image shows that. Wishing you all the best from Canada.

  271. Lindsay

    Lindsay  | 

    Freddy is the biggest creep ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not ever give in to him, YOU worked way too hard on to not get what you deserve. You WERE and it definitely sucks now without you – it’s like watching a horror movie/porno.

  272. Naomi Gonzales

    Naomi Gonzales  | 

    It sadness me when I hear people who are being bullied. It’s so sad that you and your husband built such a wonderful site for it robe taken over by another women. I started researching on YouTube at home workouts and one of your sites from body rock popped up and immediately I saw you on that site. So I started to follow, then saw Lisa Marie. After I watched a couple of her videos I could no longer follow. So I searched for your workouts and found yours ZWOW. You are so inspirational as a female who has taken back what you worked so hard, and also respected yourself and your body. Keep on pushing through, once you have fallen the only way now is to spread your wings and soar.

  273. Amit Singh

    Amit Singh  | 

    Hi Zuzana,

    After reading all this, Now I can understand what had happen back there when you were in BodyRock and why this Lisa comes in the game… I loved Bodyrock just because of you. You are a incredible personality and you can make your own way.

    I wish you’ll get what you want from your life. more importantly Respect and Dignity.

    I feel very bad after reading all this happened and spreading like a viral on internet, may be he is trying to demolish your Identity. But as a loyal fan, I wish no one will ever harm you, despite of his best effort. Because you are true to by your heart.

    Keep smiling and spread fitness love. I want you to be a biggest fitness celeb in world and I am sure, You will


    Best Regards

    Amit Singh

  274. Christy

    Christy  | 

    Good for you! I became a fan of YOURS when you did Body Rock. When you left I stopped. It was clear that you were a solid trainer, didn’t shy away from hard workouts, and also seemed like such a nice and genuine person. I was so excited to find your new site and have followed ever since. Hang tough! Karma is a bitch! :)

  275. George

    George  | 


    I started getting your workouts from BodyRock, then when you disappeared I stopped watching. I was really bummed. Then I found your new site, awesome! I didn’t hesitate paying for your ZGYM or your videos. You have inspired me more than anyone to keep working out and progress. Its sad that you have to go through such a messy divorce. Stay strong, you got people that care for you, and not to mention thousands of fans, that you inspire everyday. So just do what you say during your workouts “keep going”.

  276. Brian

    Brian  | 

    Hi, Zuzka. I’ve only discovered your site 10 days ago, and started doing your workouts at that time. Your genuineness is immediately obvious in your videos and in your writing, and because that I have great respect for you and for what you do. Thank you for standing strong, and may God continue to bless you. I will keep your situation in my prayers, as I look forward to my next workout and the ones that follow.

  277. Victor Wang

    Victor Wang  | 

    Hey Zuzana,

    I just wanted to say that I have been following you for a long time now. When you left BodyRock, I was very sad :( You were the only reason why I watched BodyRock. Because of you I lost 55lbs and have completely changed my life. Thank you :) I absolutely loved your coffee talks. I actually got into a daily routine of watching your coffee talks to get myself motivated for each day. When I found you again by chance one day with your ZWOW #1 I was ecstatic. I wish you the very best for the future. Forever your fan, Victor P.S. Regarding Freddie, all I can say is Karma will catch up to him, it always has and it always will. Cheers :)

  278. Ashley

    Ashley  | 

    Here’s the thing: I don’t know how his post was relevant to fitness or health or … anything :/

    I hate how everyone is either Team Zuzka or Team daily hiit. It takes two to tango. I’m sure both are at fault on some level. Did they go to counseling for their problems? Did they communicate? I don’t know. However, I have no right to speculate and act like I know when…frankly, I don’t, and I won’t. Only Freddy and Zuzka know what happened. In the meantime. I’ll stop acting like i know and will appreciate any and all inspiration I get. I hope that everything gets worked out. It’s a crap situation for sure. :(

    But, one thing I can say with confidence: way to be graceful about it all, Z. <3

    • Beeah

      Beeah  | 

      So eloquently written, instead of bashing people I prefer to stay positive and look forward

  279. Angelina

    Angelina  | 

    Zuzka, you are such a wonderful mentor and I’m sure a wonderful person! You have so many followers that love you! He will never destroy you! I can only hope to be as strong in heart as you are! I’m glad you left body rock! He was holding you back and I hated the over sexualized representation of you. And I think his new girlfriend is too skinny and has a hideous face, lol.

    You are one of my favorite people ever!

    Keep us updated on everything! Love ya!


  280. Kristhel Peralta

    Kristhel Peralta  | 

    I had been following BodyRock in the begining, but when i saw your old videos and then found the new ones (ZWOW`S and now the Zshreds), i could not follow the anymore, dont give him anything that is yours, what is yours is yours, and it is yours becouse you work to gain it, and if he is a real men he should work for his own stuffed and not try to steal for a woman, that give him so much already, that other girl, start so strong and now can not even reconize herself, A strong woman like you is the real role model to follow

  281. Melissa

    Melissa  | 

    This is why I followed you away from body rock! Thankyou for being brave enough to tell ur side of the story! I so appreciate your creative differences from Freddie too zuzka, I like sexy but I also like working out with my seven year old nephew!! You are the best in the biz, never let anyone bring you down! So many people love you. Warriors unite!!

  282. Sarah

    Sarah  | 

    Zuzana, I knew something was wrong when I didn’t see posts from you anymore on Bodyrock. I also was put off by Freddy’s new attitude toward you and all the petty comments he and his brother Sean would say on their facebook page. Then I noticed that you weren’t publicly reacting and I knew then that all the “poor me” stuff Freddy was spewing had to be complete crap. I found your new page and was very relieved. I missed your posts so much and I liked the fact that you didn’t sink down to a childish level to put down the bodyrock team like they were putting you down. I unliked Bodyrock a long time ago because the cleavage shots and sexualisation were to the point of being ridiculous and all of the fakeness of “love yourself as you are” when Lisa kept getting plastic surgery after plastic surgery was annoying me. I love what you do, I have been following you since 2010 and will continue to follow you as long as you make videos. You are the real deal and people need to know that. Thank you for posting this letter. Here is a blog post that also talks about how bodyrock has been in absolute decline since you were pushed out.

    I love you Z, keep your chin up :)

  283. Brian Delaney

    Brian Delaney  | 

    You should know by now that with the following that you currently have that we all love you and your fitness/health attitude! As for, it was never the same once you left. That may explain why you currently have the following that you do! You must also understand that once you hit YouTube, people googled you and we all know who you were before and who you are now. Which is an amazing person who has overcame a lot and has now succeeded in her endeavors. From now on just go thru the legal process in getting the divorce, have your attorneys workout the business ownership stuff and most of all stop worrying about what that ass has to blog about. Start enjoying yourself, you know we all love you sweetie…….So Please Have Fun and Smile!

  284. Jodi

    Jodi  | 

    You deserve a lot of respect for your strength.

    Bodyrock.Tv and your website are here to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle through diet and lifestyle. We all realize that going through divorce is never easy, but to have one person publically put out statements like Freddy has done is totally wrong and undermines the purpose of his website.

    It is great to see that you have the support of a lot of people and thanks for all the help that you have given all of us. :-)

  285. shannon

    shannon  | 

    Love u, z!! Sorry you felt the need to tell us your personal life but glad you are standing up for yourself. Dont listen to his threats and always do what is beat for you to feel safe and respected and happy. I always noticed that your bodyrock vids were very sexualized and that your new zwows are not. Good for you for wanting to make health videos appropriate for everyone.

  286. Loral

    Loral  | 

    Zuzanna, I just want to thank you. My heart melted when I read this as I feel like I know your heart (even though I only know you online!). For years now you have been my inspiration as I work as a personal trainer and it was such a relief when I read that you disagreed with the way bodyrock was going! It was so hard for me to refer people to your site when it looked so… overly seductive. I love that you are now confident and happy in your appearance without the site relying on the boobs and bum! Keep it up babe, good always prevails! He’s just bitter and twisted and you sound like you’ve got a much better guy now!

  287. nikki

    nikki  | 

    please please please sue this guy for slander/libel whatever the case may be. and please keep believing that good always prevails, and that we have your back. i can’t believe what he is doing–seems unreal that such terrible people actually exist in real life

  288. Michaela Reiterová

    Michaela Reiterová  | 

    Zuzko jsi úžasná jen tak dál!!

  289. Amanda

    Amanda  | 

    Very sorry to hear this , just remember you have so

    Many fans who support you , you are inspiring so many !! The past is gone new beginning ! Keep shining , life is beautiful so are you xoxo

  290. kitty

    kitty  | 

    Simple as that : You’re better than him. That’s all. :)

  291. Brittany Verner

    Brittany Verner  | 

    Zuzka I’m so glad to hear your side of the story, but I never believed anything Freddy wrote anyway. I love the changes that you have made on the new site. I agree that I can’t even open without hiding my computer because people might think its adult entertainment. I continue to look to you for fitness and diet help. I hope that you can get your divorce soon so that you can get away from his darkness.

  292. Maria Lanier

    Maria Lanier  | 

    Whew! I read Freddy’s negative post on FB early today then now is yours, Z in response to his. He is SO childish and unprofessional. I don’t understand why he always tried to sabotage you. Why he don’t want to sign your divorce paper? Why??? He is GREEDY!!! During BodyRock Days, me and my husband always talking about your video that we said it’s Freddy’s doing that and we doubted that it was you. You were too busy and gasping doing those intense workout. You cannot control the man who’s holding camera to film it. You were totally changed I mean the angle of the pictures/videos when you started doing those ZWOWs are very professional. Like I said, me as one of your many bodyrockers now turned to warriorZ, I am on your side, no matter what. Freddy is a loser, excuse me to say that but that’s how he looks like. Maybe you should be the one to have a lawyer against him that until now, he is harassing you. God bless you, Zuzana… I wish you all the best in life. Don’t mind your ex. Maybe his business is dying that’s why he is trying to sabotage you. You are a warrior, girl. Cheer up. We got your back. :)

  293. Cambri

    Cambri  | 


    I started out with bodyrock about a year and half ago. I always wondered what had happened to you since not much was said. Then, when I found zwow, I was doing both bodyrock and zwow throughout the week. Within the last 3 months I have completely dedicated my fitness to you. I couldn’t handle their sexuality and their inconsistency in posting new workouts. I was always thinking about how much money I had spent on their equipment and still I was doing all the work trying to find an old workout to make up for their slacking. I am so unbelievably thankful for you in every way. You have literally taught me so many things as far as fitness and clean eating goes. It is my true passion! You are my number on inspiration in so many ways! Thank you for being you and so down to earth. :)


  294. brandon

    brandon  | 

    Way to stand up for yourself and not letting him dictate how the situation was going to go!!! You have helped me become a better person so now it is my time to help you in return!!! This is exactly what happens when you make it and become successful!!! It happens to everyone almost!!! So dont feel bad and keep on doing you and being yourself!!! I know someone like that too, he is just misguided thats alll!!! Keep your distance and keep your head up! You are an awesome person no matter what anybody says!!!

  295. Gabby

    Gabby  | 

    I used to follow BodyRock in the beginning, too. That’s how I discovered you. But yes, suddenly you were nowhere to be found and I couldn’t understand why. Now I do. Luckily, you resurfaced a while later doing your own thing and here I am, healthier than I’ve been in the last ten years thanks to you. Z, we love you, your dedication to us and to our health. You will make it through this unfortunate chapter and guess what, we’ll be behind YOU all the way. Keep your head up and you fight that “man” all the way. And don’t worry, he’ll never get the best of you because you, and only you, own that. Keep your head up, girl!

  296. kara fellows

    kara fellows  | 

    Zuzka, I’ve always been a huge fan of YOU. Your voice, your warmth, your authenticity. I’ve been teaching group fitness for 22 years and you are the real deal. I stayed with you when you left, and I’m still here. Love and strength to you!

  297. Thalia Tejada

    Thalia Tejada  | 

    I had the honor of meeting you in 2011 @ CBLA. When i met you, you were a very sweet woman that held so much light as a person, but i also noticed you held your negativity in your life and im glad you decided to share that with the ZWOW community. I followed you on Bodyrock because when i met you, you inspired me like, “wow i want those abs,” and i still want them! XD w/o God & you guiding me through my fitness…I would not be successful. I continued to follow you (once you appeared again with zwow) and continued with bodyrock, however, i gave up on bodyrock because of so much equipment you needed. I began to feel like even though they gave their time to help the BR community they sort of left a lot of us out bc we could not afford these equipment, so i felt like money was involved on their part. BUT WITH ZWOW! is like i dont care that i pay 8$ a month bc i get so much out of them. your equipment are simple weights or body weight. You keep it real zum zum. you really care about the community you started and i hope you continue to support us and we will support you as well. As long as you are doing something good in this world do not worry about the harm others cause you bc your good acts are not between you and them, but you and God or at least the people your helping. You have had your sufferings in life (whatever they may be) and for that you are a strong woman now who inspire weak people like me to accomplish what may seem impossible. God bless you ! keep shinning.

  298. Maria Lanier

    Maria Lanier  | 

    Oh, BTW, I shared Freddy’s FB post to my husband and you know what my husband said? He said looks like Freddy’s portrayed ‘unnoticedly’ that you (Zuzana) can beat his a$$. Hahahaha LOL

  299. Emma

    Emma  | 

    Dear Zuzka,

    am so glad that you got away from this man and regained your freedom!You made Bodyrock what it was, you were the heart and soul of it. I stopped watching it and felt really sad and disappointed of not seeing you in it any more. Am so happy to have found you again in Zuzkalight.

    You have been through hell, but now you got control over your life and over your choices and you are creating your dream.Zuzkalight is the real you, the inspiring, loving and strong you!

    You will not believe this, but I am not even able to do your workouts, yet your sunny personality gives me the strength to try even small parts of it and give me hope! Am saying this to make you understand that it is not just the excellent work you do as a professional trainer, but it is YOUR personality that attracts people to watch your videos and this is something your ex will never be able to do obviously…

    It is not your boobs people are eager to see, but your encouraging smile, your low key attitude, your gentleness that inspires them and gives them hope that they will be able to become healthy, strong and beautiful. That is YOUR strength!

    Let those who have hurt you eat your dust girl!

    Keep up the good work, keep being you, and you will be fine!

  300. Krista

    Krista  | 

    Wow! Seriously so sorry to hear all of this. I never had the chance to follow you on bodyrock but found you later. You are more real of a host and I like that. Since I follow bodyrock and u, I would notice comments like A totally free workout, which I assumed to be a slam. I did not read their blogs. I’m disappointed in anyone who would take personal issues out in their public site like bodyrock has. I see why you finally had to explain your side. Do not sell yourself. I hope you are still getting your 49%! I agree with you, I want to work out without seeing close ups of breasts or more. I think the envelope is pushed a little much. We just want to work out, clean. And, why does he care if you are continuing your work outs? He is…so y can’t you?

    Wish you luck and keep your fans posted. Lets hope the cards fall in your favor.

  301. Katie

    Katie  | 

    Well I could have told you all of this as it happened. Anyone who has been a fan of yours for long could see exactly what was happening, including how you were uncomfortable with the sexuality and how he edged you out of your business. I knew the delay in divorce had something to do with him holding BR over your head. I have voiced my opinion on the matter more than once, only to be kicked off the BR forums (a site which was built and made money off of the free content contributed by its fans) and labeled as a “hater” repeatedly. I remember when you first separated you even made an iPhone video telling people not to get mad at him and that you wanted to remain friends. Then, a new girlfriend was brought in to host and you vanished. I started a Facebook page called “Where is Zuzana?” at the time because I was afraid we would lose track of you and I wanted you to see that even without BR you had a huge fan base of people who were looking for you. It has been thrilling to watch you thrive and succeed outside of that overly sexualized, controlling environment, and BR went right down the crapper after you left. Sure they still have fans, but the whole atmosphere has changed, people are rude, it’s all about breast augmentation and sex and name calling, the name and site have switched around and back again, it’s just flailing. He has used it to flaunt his new relationship from day one and used every opportunity on his site to bash you, and to ban anyone who stood up for you from the site. Is very one sided over there.

    In the meantime you have done so well for yourself, have been a total professional, and succeeded with your own new name brand! I’m sure he is just super jealous and that is why he is attacking you. It makes him look super tacky. Hold your head high lady! You’ve got real supporters here, who have been rooting for you the whole journey! Anyone can see what is going on here, and I for one wish you nothing but the best. Don’t let him get you down!! xoxo Katie

  302. Barefoot mama

    Barefoot mama  | 

    I left Bodyrock when you did. That obnoxious, plastic looking, fish lipped pixie drives me bonkers. I never even thought i could dislike someone i don’t know, but her energy is gross.

    Lawyer up and get what’s yours. I love your workouts. Your positivity. Your ability to motivate. I couldn’t pretend to know you or your circumstances, I just know you keep me buff. You’re inspiring. You seem to love what you do and you do it VERY WELL. You make people strong and want to be healthier, you GIVE.

    I have faith you will win.

  303. Nic

    Nic  | 

    Sorry Zuzana, it was very clear that you were the pure caring one. You radiate a nurturing spirit. You are right about bodyrock becoming tacky and oversexualized. I hope you get justice and then some. I bet you will have lovely kids and an amazing husband some day.

  304. Kara McElroy

    Kara McElroy  | 

    (First post ever since working out with Zuzana in 2010.) First, thank you for your perseverance–I can only imagine how difficult it has been for you, but I sincerely appreciate your dedication as does my body ;)! I look forward to your workouts and the sincerity you bring to them. Please don’t give-up!

    Second, anyone who has followed you from to now knows that you are taking the higher road and that you don’t need to explain yourself. That said, I still appreciate it; you have a very genuine approach and it’s inspiring.

    In fact, after you left bodyrock I would just continue to recycle your workouts. I was so happy when you started them up again and I support you every opportunity I get including a 6-month purchase to zgym and the latest zcut strength series.

    P.S. I’m sorry I never post my times or anything like that, but I rarely post anything online.

  305. Sarah Morris

    Sarah Morris  | 

    I’ve always thought he was a manipulator, and while it takes two to make a relationship work or fail, I can see that he has been slanderous against you. I hope you keep up all the hard work. I love your workouts, and do them all the time. You’ve helped change so many people’s lives, and nothing can take that away from you!

  306. aimee

    aimee  | 

    God bless u. U r amazing & that is a threat for weak people. I fought a battle with someone I left & he fought me even when I just wanted to live in peace. Mind & spirit strong with faith that karma will manifest its blessing & punishment respectively.

  307. Aimee

    Aimee  | 

    I am LOVING the thread of responses. Sooooo much love and support for someone we know but don’t really know in real life. I dropped BR quite a while ago because I am sooooooo not a fan of Lisa-Marie and the direction the site took. I came to work out, be motivated and feel really PROUD of myself. I did not come to see where Lisa is vacationing, what kind of surgeries she is planning, what kind of makeup and products she likes to use, the stories about Freddy being too self-conscious to take his shirt off, blah blah blah. And frankly I got really tired of seeing Lisa’s ass and boobs when she was working out. Really embarrassing and like you posted above, not something to share with family and friends, nor with my 12-year-old step-daughter, whom I love tremendously. Long background but to get to my point, I just went to BR facebook page (had to look them up because I unfriended them a long time ago) and I read what Freddy wrote. He is SMARMY AS F*&K. What he wrote was so manipulative-sounding and emotional. So I scrolled down and you know what???? Most of the comments are telling him “I don’t believe you.” The first comment I read told him he was “slimy.” Anyway, the reason I am rambling on is that your supporters are showering you with love, adoration, and GRATITUDE for sharing you motivation and love for fitness and SELF-CARE. Freddy’s responses are telling him to shut-up, get on with his life, and stop slandering you. One person even accused him of LIBEL (a BIG BIG “no-no”). I appreciate you sharing this story and have to say it is EXACTLY what I suspected all along. Freddy is an ex-pornographer, a one-trick pony and I am so glad you are doing I noticed right away how much the sexuality was toned down on your site. I appreciate you not saying anything about him and keeping it classy. Even this post is classy. Just enough info but not too much. I hope you get to be done with all of this soon because I can’t imagine how infuriating, frustrating, and HURTFUL it is to be bullied like that. YOU F’ING GO GIRL! Mmmmwaaaaaa!!!!! Much love!! And thank you sooooooo very much for the workouts, encouragement, talks and everything else.

  308. Michaela

    Michaela  | 

    I always felt like he was the one with the idea to look as sexy as possible in the videos. I never liked him, and always wondered what did you see in him, not necessarily looks wise, just personality really. He seems so arrogant and full of himself, and you are so open, friendly and your energy is so positive. He is a loser, and he’s got some big issues, one of them that he is a compulsive lier, and people can see right thru him. Someone who never likes to smile and show eye contact, is someone who you shouldn’t trust. Glad you got out of it, and found someone that treats you the way you deserve! Keep doing what you’re doing and enjoy your new life!xx

  309. Denise

    Denise  | 

    I am glad your voice is no longer stifled. I’ve always loved your words & you matter to women & in this world. I feel a kindred connection with you. Love.

  310. Jipsi

    Jipsi  | 

    I’m going through a horrible break up as we speak with a coward as well. Let’s work out. Be healthy. They have to live with themselves. Not us.

  311. Julia

    Julia  | 

    We know you are strong.We love you very much.I will be always by your side!YOU ARE THE BEST TRAINER AND GIRL.Only you can motivate me.Not BodyRock,only YOU

  312. Donna

    Donna  | 

    Zuzka, I’ve followed you from Bodyrock to You Tube ZWOWs to ZGym. You workouts are awesome and he obviously feels threatened by you. The truth is, his business is failing and yours is thriving. Your a strong beautiful women, don’t let any man take that from you. You give us so much encouragement in building a better body it is now our time to give it back to you. We love you girl!

  313. Rachel

    Rachel  | 

    Love you Zuzka, always have and always will.. YOU were bodyrock… not Freddy. Once you left things got bad… and I believe your side of the story 100% because I think it’s clear that we all noticed a difference and the type of videos you make vs what Freddy makes.

    Keep doing what you’re doing xoxo



    Z, continue to stand up for yourself against this controlling man who is emotionally abusing you even apart. I remember Sonny put Cher through the same things and it was why she felt the need to move on. You see how all that turned out. When you are in your truth and remain taking the high road, karma and the universe/God will see you through and deliver you with grace to overcome.

    I will keep you in my prayers. Continue your good work. Ignore this abusive man’s abusive blogs as it is just another way for him to remain connected and in contact with you & show his control over you. Let him know he no longer can touch you or get to you.


    Dinah Stair

  315. Joyce

    Joyce  | 

    Hang in there baby. Many people have realised that you were the BEST thing about What comes around goes around. Keep your dignity as you always have and your soon to be ex-husband will get back what has given you. Love and light to you xxxxxxxx

  316. Sonia

    Sonia  | 

    Bodyrock is nothing with you!!

    This other girl is not nice!

    And he wants that she looks like you!!

    You always have thousand of likes and comments

    If you see it’s page, there is not comparation!!

    Fight!!!! Don’t leave him to annoys you

    Sonia from Mexico

  317. Karina

    Karina  | 

    Hi Zuzka,

    I tried to like Bodyrock when you left but it wasnt the same. I really tried to keep following just thinking that i wont get involved with your personal problems but i just couldnt like the new hosts as much as i tried. It always felt like she was trying to copy you. So i left and followed you which i havent looked back on.

    Please keep your blog/site going. You have been a great fitness motivator and i always go to your site when i dont feel like working out and you make me want to be better!

  318. Suska Rosie

    Suska Rosie  | 

    We all love you zuzka for the amazing person you are,i’ve been following you in years since bodyrock and knew something went was crystal clear you were being controlled!you know you’re a strong woman zuzka,don’t let anyone put you down.maybe freddy forgot that what goes around comes back around!you’re more than just a fitness model to us,I’m glad that you finally stood up for deserve 100 burpees 😀

  319. Gloria

    Gloria  | 

    Zuzka I read this, and I must say that what he has done to you is not right. I am glad that you have told us the real story. I hope that you keep your head up and ignore the lies he wants to say against you. Keep the hard work and you’ll be rewarded :) I been following your exercises since you started BodyrockTv and all I can say is that you look more comfortable doing the videos.

  320. andrea

    andrea  | 

    Hi zuzka

    I just want to let u know thatt you are so strong and positive. You are a star and bring light to other peoples life. Things always happen for a reason even bad things make us better humans and you are a warrior. You hace overcome a lot and im sure you ll continue to do so. Keep on shinning girl :)

  321. Hazel J

    Hazel J  | 

    Z, keep your head high, take a screenshot of each of his slanderous posts, show it to your lawyers and ask them to see if it can help your case in any way. Dont give up coz all of us Warriorz are right beside you. You are loved! Never forget that!

  322. kim

    kim  | 

    You are a superstar. I have watched and loved your stuff from the beginning – u are amazing.

  323. Tiffy

    Tiffy  | 

    Good for you for standing up for yourself, dear.

    Before you started ZWows, and before I finally walked away from BodyRock, I was telling my friends how negative the environment there had become, and was wondering what in the world was happening to Lisa Marie.

    Thank you so much for not giving in to Freddy’s overbearing attitude and doing everything you could to be there for us. Your cheerful nature and ready smile are what has motivated me to take control of my body.

  324. Rasha

    Rasha  | 

    I am on board with everyone you have truly been a inspiration for me myself and I was so glad you left bodyrock tv!!!!! Everything seemed sexual i disnt too much care for the guy who I didn’t know was your husband. I thought he had other intentions it was like a mini porn/ fitness video. Your an inspiration and its good you stood up for yourself. Viewers can see what was happening and what is still occurring. Keep up the good work and thanks for staying true to yourself. Even with the recent decision to market DVD’s everything has been tasteful, reasonably prices and the same you that we have seen since the beginning. Please keep up the good work and I hope to see you getting more publicity that you deserve.

    P.S I have the yoga, cardio, and strength DVDs and they are great best fitness DVDs I have ever purchased!

  325. Pete

    Pete  | 

    Nobody gives a shit about freddy. It was always about you and your workouts, and we’ll continue to support you through whatever you’re going through.

  326. Chloe

    Chloe  | 

    I started getting a really bad feeling about Freddy and what he was posting pretty soon after it came out that you guys were no longer together. I can’t say I’m surprised, as it’s exactly what I feared… But, Freddy et al are no longer getting my clicks or support, and haven’t for months (I even de-liked them on facebook, there was way too many nasty backhanded posts about your relationship, while you continued to take the high road and not say anything).

    I’m sorry this happened, but I’m glad you got away from that situation.

    • Tiffy

      Tiffy  | 

      I unliked them, too. The whole community became so negative.

  327. Mrs. D

    Mrs. D  | 

    I have been so worried about what was going on with you and honestly, I really missed you. I stopped working out when you left for awhile and finally recorded the old videos so I could watch your workouts. I think I’ll head on over to facebook and “unlike” BodyRockTV. I’m so sorry you are going through this and please know your fans love and adore you and we are just glad to get you back. BTW, a lawyer that threatens anyone with deportation can be brought in front of the licensure board to lose his license to practice law. It’s illegal to do it and if you need help I know a free lawyer that would assist you. 😉

  328. Deirdre Jenkins

    Deirdre Jenkins  | 

    So sorry you are going through all this but you know what you are a better and stronger person b/c cause of it. Remain stong and know you are loved by your fans!

  329. Kate

    Kate  | 

    Hi Zuzka,

    I’m your follower since 2009 and I’ve seen many thinks on bodyrock which happened. You were and you still are giving us so much love and faith that even after breaking bodyrock I personally and I think many others have problem to come back to bodyrock, why should we? Many comments written on at the time when you broke up were saying about you. And I know exactly why, Fredy didn’t do the important part for us, you were the personality of bodyrock and in minds of many your follower still be. Your great person and the way of your attitude towards us is so precious we can’t wish better trainer :) I could write hundreds of pages about you and how you influnce people to do something with their life but now to shorten it up I just say Thank YOU for everything you’ve done for us.

    P.S. your the evidence that if your giving love to others you’ll receive it back 😉

  330. Peter Chartier

    Peter Chartier  | 

    Keep up the great work. You don’t need close up to sell your product. Your belief in what you are doing come across in how you say it. Your work outs are great. Believe in yourself and keep spreading the fitness lifestyle. You inspire too many people with your routines and passion. The passion in what you do comes through in how you say it, in your eyes, and what you do. You don’t need close ups for that.


  331. lucinda

    lucinda  | 

    hi, zuzka! i just want to thank you for changing my lifestyle. thanks to you, my weight drop from 60kg to 50kg within 6 months. Before that i tried others method to lose weight,but no matter how good i do it the weight never seems to go down. i am really thankful to you! And i am happy that you leave Freddy for your own right. Tell you the truth, i still remember the first time i saw bodyrock video on youtube, the picture was showing your boobs and so on. i never dare to click into it even though the video have so many views because i thought that was a sex video, Really! and i thought that the big numbers of views of the video are views from those guys out there that like to watch all this type of video. ( no offense guys out there~ ;D) however because of my super high curiosity, i decided to click into it, and that is when you start to inspired me doing all these awesome workout and you know what happen next :D. zuzka, if i ever have the money to invest, i will find you because you are the person that change me. i am so happy right now that you found your happiness. LOVE YOU ZUZKA!!!!

  332. Joi Straatenn

    Joi Straatenn  | 

    I was following both Body Rock & your blog at first. But, when Lisa Marie turned up with MAJOR plastic surgery & hair extensions – I was DONE.

    Your followers love your genuine personality. No one can take away your accomplishments & who you are.

    Stay strong.

    Love & light to you.

  333. Margarita

    Margarita  | 

    Zuzana!!! I’ve been a fan since day 1! You’re sting and amazing and the most inspiring woman! Fuck him! 😀

  334. Val Bosch

    Val Bosch  | 

    Dear Zuzka,

    Thanks for sharing! I have the utmost respect for you! You are a big part of my personal trainingandfor that I am thankful! You are a warrior who will survive and share your love to all of us who really do care. Your soon to be ex is an insecure man, you are the strong one who is true to yourself. You are beautifull and deserve the best.

  335. Jason Parker

    Jason Parker  | 

    I stopped watching Bodyrock because of the camera work. I couldn’t see the moves because he was zooming in on boobs and butt too much. I was so happy when you made Zwow. I a young dude I love women, but I found your videos because I wanted to be in better shape, not for THAT. I think you Zwows are awesome. We all had our suspicions about what went down. Sounds like you took the high road and came through. Awesome!

  336. Marks Nightwalker Fb

    Marks Nightwalker Fb  | 

    Wow sweetie :( i never thought it went that way when I saw the post video of ur separation and in fact bodyrock Tv never been the same intensity and variety without you!! ZWow reflect a new aspect of your training exercise and fit you more. And way tougher and challenging!!! It’s great !!!!

    Thanks a lot for sharing wih us what happen to you. I really hope ad pray that there will be a good issue to all of this. Keep going and remain strong dear Zuzka because your Faith your Love and your strong Will wont shake and cannot be taken away face to those who act so low.

    Love and support from France, Garges


    Ps: thanks to your personality and your trainer spirit , you help me reach my body fitness goals. Merci thousands time Zuzka.

  337. Kelsey

    Kelsey  | 

    For you, I unsubscribed/unliked anything related. I always wondered what happened to you when Lisa came into the picture. Screw Freddy. Don’t let his words get in your way. This is just the beginning. He’s trying to destroy you because he fears you.You have the potential to crush his “bodyrock.” He won’t be the only one that tries to tarnish your reputation.

    “Tough times never last, but tough people do.”

    Go Warriorz!!

  338. Gena

    Gena  | 

    Love you Zuzka! Please keep on making workout videos and being awesome.

  339. Clelia

    Clelia  | 

    I’m so glad you’ve finally come out about this. We all knew something was off with how suddenly you seemed to disappear as Lisa Marie came into the picture and any sign of you was removed and anyone who mentioned you was removed as well (I was blocked from the Facebook page). I thought it was just new girlfriend jealousies until it became apparent that he was morphing her into a new version of you via awful plastic surgery. You have been the clearly bigger person here, never the underhanded remarks or denial of your past. You remained true to your new website and I’m so happy for you. P.S. I love the yoga DVD. Wishing you the best from New York!


  340. Julie

    Julie  | 

    Hey Z, I wasn’t going to comment on this but like everyone else here I have to tell you that I am with you. I used to follow bodyrock but after you were basically phased out things got strange and I left. I was very happy to see you go out on your own and have purchased your dvds because I really love what you are doing. You have always been very encouraging and seem to really invest yourself into the ZWow community.

    I understand it is strange to have so many people commenting on your personal life, but I suppose when it stops being ‘personal’ and gets shoved into the spotlight by other parties it is impossible to sit back and ignore.

    I have noticed that over time Freddy continues to bring up the past, and he really makes it a point to play the victim. He also places blame on everyone but himself. I noticed that when you addressed this whole mess you accepted your role in the relationship and did something that Freddy never bothered to attempt by taking responsibility for your own actions.

    For anyone paying attention it isn’t hard to see who is trying to remain civil. I honestly believe that Freddy drums up the past to gain views/hits to the site because he knows he can profit off the drama.

    I hope that this mess can be cleared up for you and that you can continue building your success as an independent fitness brand. I think over the past year or so you have really taken great leaps and you seem very happy now.

    xo. ZWarriors!

  341. Christel Stock

    Christel Stock  | 

    Zu you will remain the best for us!

  342. patty rodriguez

    patty rodriguez  | 

    Sound like he wants control you…don’t worry about are a nice person don’t ever, ever let someone take you joy away from you…you go girl! ..have faith! …muchas gracias for be honest.

  343. aa

    aa  | 

    Stay strong, gorgeous. I’m so glad that I found your new videos. From doing just a few, it has a completely different feel. It’s naturally sexy while I think it’s clear that some of the bodyrock ones were meant to draw in a lot of males and not for the workout value. It was exploitative and even more so since your husband was filming.

    I am in love with ZWOW in every way. You’re brilliant. Don’t let the bastard get you down.

  344. star

    star  | 

    I find men talking $h!+ about their ex-wives in public cheap! Good that you stood up for what you think is right and did not allow to be manipulated more. Hope the other woman realizes that, too . Eventually, she will.. good job zuzka!

  345. Michaela

    Michaela  | 

    Ahoj Zuzko,

    just after reading your letter and I am so proud of you (not just because you are czech like me), that you left him and started your new bussines from nothing. You are very strong and beautiful lady, from inside out. Keep my fingers crossed for you. Love Michaela

  346. Pablo

    Pablo  | 

    You are a fighter… more than many people, I’ve followed you career from the very beginning of Bodyrock tv so far … you’re the one who makes it all … have the strength, charisma and something special that makes we love you … I hope the bad days pass soon… and I want to see you happy … we want to see you happy….



    Stay strong, Z. Both Cher and Tina Turner divorced their controlling, domineering, if not physically but mentally & emotionally abusing husbands and now are better for it. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep your head and spirits up. God will continue to see you through with grace, love and continued prosperity.

  348. Aadiela Sampson

    Aadiela Sampson  | 

    Zuzka stay strong as it must be hurtful when someone that use to be close to you spread such awful false rumours. You are a wonderful good hearted person and any person can see that or just listen to your voice as you radiate only goodness and sincerity. A healing process takes long and you have a supportive team now and may your future only be blessed with good things. You have become a part of millions of lives and my day just aint the same if I dont see ZUZKA or hear that voice. We all love and adore you. xx

  349. micha

    micha  | 

    Good for you for sharing your truth. YOU HAVE INTEGRITY. The new direction is nothing but LIGHT. ZL fitness brand and philosophy is not only more holistic, but more empowering. Power to all of us to honour our truth and move forward.

    • Barefoot mama

      Barefoot mama  | 

      Yes! Agreed. Well said

  350. marcie

    marcie  | 


  351. Cat V

    Cat V  | 

    i discovered bodyrock a couple years ago when i lived in germany. at the time lisa marie was new, and there was some vague indication of your existence. i of course had no background of any kind, and just got into the idea of the platform, and thought wow, great way to work out.

    long story short. i eventually dropped bodyrock because it started to feel like i was watching porn. i also generally became very uninterested in working out with someone who put so much emphasis on superficial beauty. there wasn’t enough substance.

    i did remember you. and i remembered your recipes and talks and general warmth. i liked your genuine willingness to help people get healthy, and i only new this from the little exposure i had of you my first days following bodyrock. i eventually found your new workout videos on youtube.

    i fully support your efforts and your sencirity. i also want to say that people, even completely strangers you’ve never met, figure it out. we decipher through the selfishness and greediness and the fakeness, and we find our way to what works best for us. you seem like such a wonderful human being, i could see it, despite my lack of history with bodyrock, and i’m sure others will too.

    i would only encourage you not to give too much of your energy to this guy. he, and the situation are not worth your spirit!

  352. Krist

    Krist  | 

    I’m so sorry you’re going through this horrible experience and that you are being bullied by him. :( Keep your chin up! We all still love you and know that you would never do anything to hurt a fly. Don’t let him get you down. Good for you for finally standing up for yourself! :)

  353. Arun

    Arun  | 

    I, along with countless others, left Bodyrock.TV when you did. You are a beautiful person as a whole that is what motivates me to work out with you. When I watch your videos and listen to you talk, I feel like you are really actually care about me getting healthier and fitter, without any judgement. I like you just want me to discover my best, and that you believe in me reaching it because you know that there is goodness in me and everyone else you speak to in your videos. It may sound cheesy, but it’s all there.

    It is so not hard to believe that Freddy tried to exploit you for numbers. I tried to hang on a couple times after you left (without knowing why), but I ended up just feeling bad for the new girl having the camera all up in her junk while she was trying to do a push up. And a little icky. And then when she got her lips and boobs done…ow wow yikes. I was so happy when you started making your own workout videos, and DAMN are they kickass workouts! And YES, like you said, I am proud to refer others to your site now. I would feel embarrassed to tell my mom to look up BR.TV.

    You kick butt, and I thank you for everything! Don’t let douche bags from your past get you down!

  354. Joanna

    Joanna  | 

    I hope things work in your favor, zuz. I was sad when i didnt see you on bodyrock anymore. I remember you posted your videos using a tripod and i enjoyed those too. You have a great personality and likability that none of the other hosts on the dailyhiit have. Stay strong and dont give up. Shit happens and you learn how strong you are when you have to get through it.

  355. Joyce from Holland

    Joyce from Holland  | 

    You are a realy strong woman! Keep your head up!! I follow you for a few years now. The day lisa came in i left bodyrock and as soon you started zwow i followed you again. I missed you. Because you are my example. You inspire me. I realy love youre new videos and dvd’s. I’m a realy big big fan of yours. Greetings from holland xxxx joyce

  356. centralk

    centralk  | 

    Dear Zuzena,

    For what its worth, I also think you were objectified and overly sexualized in You were more talented than that.

    Wish you best of luck

  357. Rodrigo

    Rodrigo  | 

    he’s just jealous of your success.

    keep doing what you love.

  358. Lukas

    Lukas  | 

    Hi Zuzka, I discovered you in 2010 on youtube and I knew immediately, you are Czech because I am Czech too.:-) I was doing workouts with you until you disappeared and was so so glad when you came witch zwows.

    To be honest, bodyrock after you and now dailyhiit seems to be some kind of weird community – sect, because when I read Freddy’s last post about your marriage, I could not believe my eyes. And people say in their comments how is he brave? I would characterize it like the manipulation of the sectleader (or something like that) with people. And…when someone has an another opinion, the other’s reaction is – “get out of the community. Your energy is so negative”. Fanatism at all and manipulation with people through feelings.

    You, Zuzka, have never commented anything about your marriage etc. and I think it is ok because blogs and social nets are fine but nobody can really see to the privacy of another one. Now you wrote a post about it because you had to and I am really glad about it.

    So, Zuzka, stay positive and I wish you all the best.

    (sorry for my worse english)

  359. Nadia

    Nadia  | 

    I was very moved with this article. I wish you nothing but success. You completely deserve it, F-guy (won’t even mention his name) will get it all back in horrible karma points. Don’t worry. I think your actions speak for yourself and it was very easy to realize (for the ones who don’t know you guys) who’s a nice a person and who isn’t from the very beginning.

    And true, I also stopped following i felt it became tacky and with a blow up doll mentality.

  360. Daniela

    Daniela  | 

    you made bodyrock what it was and have now built yourself up again from scratch. Do not let Freddy or anyone take that away from you. Fight for what is rightfully yours!

  361. elina anttila

    elina anttila  | 

    I read his post yesterday, and I felt so bad for you.. I think his is doing this only trying to destroy your career. He seems very narcissistic person. First; a couple of days ago he was saying online how HIS workouts will always be free. I think he was scared that you might be bigger star than his DailyHIIT. And now he had to do that post about the same time that you had this new site..

    I have been following Bodyrock since 2010, and it had really changed my fitnesslife. I was devistated when you left, but continued following the site because you hadn’t a site then..but when Lisa came in, it all changed. I thought Freddy was trying to make a new Zuzana with all the plastic was creepy. I couldn’t watch the workouts anymore. He must be very controllive person, how he can get a woman to do surgerys like that to herself.

    Now I am so proud of you, I follow your workouts again and I love them. I pay more than happily the small payment to see your videos. You deserve all the money from a har work!

    In my country we say: “put your tail up and keep going!!”

    Love you Z! :)

  362. Kateri

    Kateri  | 

    Zuzka, no matter if the accusations made against you are true or not, Freddy has proven himself to be manipulative. That, in itself, is abuse in it’s meanest form. Stay strong, stay positive, and continue to show your integrity. <3 And, keep kicking ass with your workouts!

  363. Caligirlchic

    Caligirlchic  | 

    Although there are two sides to every story, I never believed Freddy’s for one minute. Have always supported Zuzana and will always for the inspiration that she has given myself and all her followers. There would be no Bodyrock without Zuzana! Lisa and any new hosts on Bodyrock will still be doing moves that Z created and made popular for 5 years now! Now that Zuzana has told her side and it is clear that Freddy has left her with nothing, maybe people will stop complaining about the little money that Z has to charge for membership. Z had to pay people to film her and she wanted it done classy and in a way that could reach many more people than she did before. Freddy has all the sponsorship and resources from Bodyrock. So for the people badgering her about Zgym costs, remember that things are not always what they seem. Zuzana is a professional, providing some of the best fitness advice on the web and at a fair price. Will continue to support Z, ZGym, and Z workout videos! Thanks for standing up for yourself Zuzana!

  364. Erin Esbeck

    Erin Esbeck  | 

    I understand why you felt the need to defend yourself against those wretched claims. I applaud you for keeping your private life private. And, I really hope this is the last you will speak of this in your personal but public forum for health & strength & living a positive life. I don’t know who did what that led to your break-up, and I don’t care. It’s none of my business. Don’t let him provoke you to react, to sink to his level, to engage in his drama. You are better than that.

  365. Erika

    Erika  | would have never existed without you! He is a sick man who tried to even recreate u while playing Frankenstein on his girlfriend Lisa Marie. You are no matter how many losers in their underwear he brings on. You are a success story from day 1 and an inspiration to all of us. Thank you for all you do! Lots of love

  366. Caligirlchic

    Caligirlchic  | 

    You should sue this guy for slander! You can go back to the posts from this whole last year and a half and sue him. Calling someone an abuser when they aren’t is slander! Show this stuff to an attorney! Enough is enough!

  367. Jenaé (@YogaEatRun)

    Jenaé (@YogaEatRun)  | 

    Zuzana, thank you so much for sharing your story. I will always be your fan for life. You have been a fitness role model to me from day 1 because of your inner strength and the beauty of your soul. To me, YOU WERE BodyRockTV, and the moment you left I left too. I am so glad you’ve been blessed enough to stay in the USA and continue forward doing what you love. I hope this war ends soon and you can keep your 49% and have your divorce to move forward with your life. WARRIORZ FOR LIFE!! xoxoxo

  368. sunshine

    sunshine  | 

    F*CK FREDDY! He probably just wants to get female fans who actually buys into this bullshit so that he can get off because he DEF doesn’t get any from Lisa bc she’s too preoccupied with her fake boobies, nose, and lips. Not only does freddy sound like an asshole… he looks SKEEVY as HELLLLLLLL. Straight up serial killer NO JOKE. Good for you for standing up to him!! Maybe he should get his lazy ass in front of the camera and have someone all up in his small ass junk and post that on his website. 1. nobody would watch because he’s FOUL and ugly as hell 2. he’ll probably blame you somehow for his small weewee 3. he probably doesn’t even work out!!

    Anyway, i’m sick and tired of reading all this personal bullshit on their website when they should really focus on fitness and bettering yourself like your website does for so many people. THANK YOU!

  369. Sierra

    Sierra  | 

    I used to follow bodyrock when you were a part of it. I hated it once you left and was very glad to see you set up your own website in my opinion, the personality you bring to your videos is priceless.

  370. Jean

    Jean  | 

    I “left” BodyRock TV when u did, and Im not suprised at all of what u telling in your story. I also understand your perspective of it all. I dont need to tell you to be strong because -you really are superstrong and seem to have good friends/companions around you! You keep going for your dreams, Im happy for that! It is sad that your ex husbands actions force you to do this- But I´m happpy that you stand up for yourself and tell us all _your_ story (A story so similar to many women out there). Good luck!

  371. Ethereal

    Ethereal  | 

    All makes sense, I used to recommend to many female friends, who all thought that the skimpy shots where all made to attract male followers, who couldn’t care about the fitness component. I would say, ignore that (surely that is the marketing people pushing ‘sex’ to sell the content), just focus on her workouts, thats how she got that body in the first place.

    Just unlicked, will divert all traffic to ZWOWZ :)

    PS – come to Dubai one day !

  372. Viola Rodrigues

    Viola Rodrigues  | 

    You have gone through a lot! I’m glad you didn’t sign that agreement….i hope you gain control of bodyrock somehow…..

  373. Andres Mauricio Heredia

    Andres Mauricio Heredia  | 


    Don’t give more importance to that, you know who you are, you and everyone on the world knows what are the kind of beautiful person you are and the strong person who you are!!!

    Keep doing what makes you happy and show to the world who is Zuzka!!! the great Zuzka!!

    thanks for sharing all with us.

    With love from Colombia.


  374. Nic

    Nic  | 

    HI Zuzanna, I have been following you for years, since the beginning of BR. I have always loved you and found you inspirational. I did find that as time went on the workouts became more raunchy. One thing I always remember my hubby saying was how he couldn’t understand how Freddy could post such intimate pics of his wife. After you left BR the images of the other girls esp LM seemed to become more graphic. This, plus the fact that for me you were Bodyrock made me stop looking at their workouts. How you both conducted yourselves after your split said a lot about the type of people you were. You just got on with it and didn’t post nasty things. HIs “replacement” of you and posting every detail of her life, surgery posts etc was nothing short of weird, while for the most part he remains hidden behind the camera. I know that anyone that has been following you for years has seen the story unfold. Its obvious that you are all about the fitness and workouts. Zuzanna he would have nothing without you, you were the star of Bodyrock and the reason it got so big. Along with your beauty and fitness you have such a lovely cute personality and this is what draws people to watch you, not just your sexuality. Men and women love you. Keep the head up Z. I’m so glad you are truly happy now. Love you lots xxxxxx Nic

  375. Karolina

    Karolina  | 

    Zuzka, u wrote this letter with class and believe me that we are all by your side. Keep fighting!

  376. Natasha

    Natasha  | 

    Atta Girl!!!! Im proud that u took a stand but am also saddened that it came to this. I wish nothing but the very best and you have my overwhelming support. Keep doing what youve been doing bc your workouts, style and approach are top notch. Stay strong, us warriors got your back,always.<3

  377. Yanni from Singapore

    Yanni from Singapore  | 

    Zuz, I had completely stopped watching and following bodyrock and I find that Lisa is just way too sexual in an ugly way. You were the reason why I decided to have fitness again in my life.

    Karma will find its way. Bodyrock Freddy and Lisa and the whole gang are just bitter and mean (I don’t even want to complete this sentence with the word “humans”). Remember to keep your head held high up and this phase will soon disappear from your life and visualize good things and stop entertaining him and his horrendous behavior. You are more than good things!

    Let the small minded people continue doing what they are doing. They are only crave for attention which was why he want high numbers to the website in the past and he has satisfaction of bringing strong minded people down. Cos he is insecure bas-tard.

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and you will have utmost support from all of us in Singapore!!!

  378. Sandrina

    Sandrina  | 

    Zuzana!!!! Thank you for this letter, Iwas so angry when I have since what he wrote but I know it was not the true, he is afraid!!!!! he don t know how to do because his business and his monster don ‘ t get as well as he wishes I think….. Zuzana, stay strong, you are the best and no matter what haters say, you Are you! You are the best, You are a Warrior, do your own think, don ‘t care about this poooooor man, and I m sure that all your followers know who believe. I believe in you! Love you, love what you do, You re such an inpiration for me and million other people in many ways!!!! Stay strong and I fuck Freddy!!!! Sorry, but i had to tell this,

  379. Nisse

    Nisse  | 

    Free yourself from mental illness, Not but ourselves can free our minds…

    Soon you realize that most of the women that follows you has passed your same history from the one we once call our love, our friend, our parter!

    Healthy mind is what you offer us!

  380. darina

    darina  | 


  381. Gosia

    Gosia  | 

    it is difficult to understand how mean people can be. you spend with somebody a lot of time sharing your life with and at the end the only thing you can get is threatening you badly. he is jelous because you finally got through it and began praktically from scratch your professional life, with a big success . that is why, he causes you constant problems. I hope you will finaly get divorce and be completely free to get your life as good as you wish. your an amazing person, very energetic, nice and thougtful. your workouts are great. I wish you all the best.

  382. Alexander

    Alexander  | 

    Hey Zuzena,

    you are a strong person and you will go through this glitch in your way. You are awesome.

  383. Ingrid

    Ingrid  | 


    Sorry you felt you had to even dignify his assertions with this post. I think it was pretty obvious – even without the details- who was up to what in that horrible situation. That you had not attacked him in the face of his villifications said it all.

    When you first resurfaced, it was obvious you were going through a lot of struggles, but you got stronger and stronger and returned to yourself. The focus was back! And it was great to see. You have been through a lot of experiences most of us can’t fully imagine and still stayed positive and held on to your dignity. Respect!

  384. Katerina

    Katerina  | 

    You are the best! Your ex envies you and that’s all! He’ll never be as successful as you are! You’re strong, beautiful and a very good person, life will put everything on the right place! It’s wonderful you have people to support you! We love you! Don’t pay attention on barking dogs!

  385. Pinja

    Pinja  | 

    I agree with all the people above, you have been nothing but tactful about your relationship with Freddy and then he does this? Can’t believe it. We will support you always, you are such an inspiration!!

  386. Lyuda

    Lyuda  | 

    I must have spent too much time on because I knew instantly something was way off. I immediately stopped following when Lisa came on, mainly because it was hard to look at her. After some google searches I found your ZWOW videos and haven’t looked back. GOOD FOR YOU ZUZKA! Stay strong and never look back, he’s not worth it.

  387. Angela Chan Chui

    Angela Chan Chui  | 

    Hi Zuzka, i had been following BR while you were on it and when you and Freddy announced you separation, I was devastated and thought you both would be together to share the journey with all BR’s. but towards yours and Freddy’s demise, I felt there was something not right, Freddy seemed more distant, he never smiles, you were taking days off from the training, you can only use a root canal excuse so many times…lol. When you disappeared entirely from BR, after announcing you would be posting nutrition advice etc, there definitely was something out of the ordinary. There was no mention of you and Lisa Marie just took over, hence to say she irritated me and I started going off BR and just going on the site to see if you would show up again. Also when Lisa Marie started having plastic surgery, growing her hair long, seemed, to me, Freddy was trying to have another Zuzka on the site… His videos have not changed, still a lot more showing from his camera angles than needed.

    Anything he posted about you, I thought was inappropriate and malicious on his part.

    You are one of a kind, Zuzka, professional, great fitness ambassador, sexy and the camera shots with ZWOW are so appropriate, I’m glad you made a decision to leave him just a shame Freddy ended your friendship and your involvement in BR. ZWOW and your site now are perfect and I am so glad to say that I have not gone back to BR since finding you again. Good on you for telling us your side as it was all one sided, on his part. You were missed by a lot of BR followers and I am a big fan of yours, thank you for your motivation, your nutrition advice, coffee talks and being YOU!!

  388. Moona

    Moona  | 

    I have been following you since the very first videos in the fields. I saw your progress. I saw videos getting more sexier. The names of the videos were completely sexual and stupid. When Lisa came into the picture you just completely disappeared. Then I noticed that something was wrong. Br became a full-joke when you left. I could no longer follow the Br because you wasn’t in the videos anymore.

    The first time I saw Freddy in videos, he seemed douchbag, and I immediately noticed whose ideas sexual videos and names were.

    I’m so sorry for you and I hope Freddy gets what’s coming to. Karma is a bitch.

  389. Iwona

    Iwona  | 

    Dear Zuzka !

    Im writening from Poland (so there is possible to lots of mistake in my statement :)

    I dont wanna to write a poem here 😉 but

    Body Rock Tv. has been never the same since You left and they know about it, its only a matter of time I thinf and less people will wath it.

    I ts You, who created it, You made workouts and You inspired those all people, not Freddy, not his big mouth gilrfriend, its was all because of You !!!

    I wish You all the best, good luck and dont worry but I think I think the good things back to good people and bad things goes to bad..

    Just do Your thing !!

  390. Dommy

    Dommy  | 

    I think the best way, that we, WARRIORZ’s can show you our support is to keep doing your workouts :-) I am doing wo #8 from your cardio DVD today and dedicating it to you, plus I will do 5 extra burpees :-))) all the best from sunny Prague!

  391. Erlinda Carino

    Erlinda Carino  | 

    I am so sorry that your going through this Zuzka. He definitely sounds controlling. He needs to just let go and move on with his life. You were the reason why I got so so interested in your high intensity workouts. You are such a natural in front of the camera. Your beautiful inside and out. I didn’t know he was bullying you and it’s not fair. Without you, bodyrocktv wouldn’t have been successful. I have always been on your side. You have heart and you have an aura about you that light ups a room. You inspire me. Be strong sweetie. He can’t break you, God is always on your side. Light and love Zuzka.

  392. Vera Hadzhiyska

    Vera Hadzhiyska  | 

    Hi, Zuzka!

    Furst I want to send you an enormous hug and lots of l positive energy!

    I’ve been following you since 2010 when I found BodyRock.Tv . I really enjoyed your workouts, the coffee talks, the nutrition tips and everything you did. You were, and still are my fitness idol.

    In 2011 when you disappeared from BodyRock.Tv I knew something was wrong. I didn’t like the new host. She just didn’t feel right to me. I eventually stopped watching BodyRock.Tv. It was’t the same without you. I missed your workouts but most of all I missed your presence. You have an amazing aura. You are yourself and nobody can replace you. You are a constant inspiration to me (and not many people are). So I followed your facebook page and waited patiently for your return. I was so happy for you when you started the ZWOWs. I must say you are doing marvelous job. I will always support and cheer on you. You are an amazing person, but you know that, there’s no need for me to say it. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and the things you do.

    I also want to congratulate you (and your team) on all of your DVD series, the ZGym, and everything you have achieved. To be honest, I was sad when I learned the ZWOWs are no longer free, because I can’t afford to pay for them, but I think it is fair and you deserve every cent. Moreover you already gave us 70 free ZWOWs and I’m extremely grateful for them.

    Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do!

    Be strong and know that you have all the love and support of your worriorZ.



  393. iDorotka

    iDorotka  | 

    I think everyone here was suspect that things went wrong these time. I felt watching this lasts videos with You on that it was sooo hard to you, Zuzka. Now, I know that you’re SO strong and I’m full of admiration for You. You’re just the best. I also feel Freddy may doing this stupid things caused of some kind of desperation now. I don’t want to stick my nose into someones affairs but I haven’t got his moves. Horrible and idiotic.

    I’m sending you lot of love!

  394. Tanja

    Tanja  | 

    Dear Zuzana,

    I thank you so much for that post.

    I was following from the very beginning and felt so much connenction to the things you were doing there. You made me think, that I can change my life style and become whatever I want to. When I was reading the post, that Freddy and you break up, I was so sad and also afraid, that everything will change now…

    Even if you wrote in that post, that you won’t leave, I was sure that something will happen.

    When Lisa Marie was introduced to the website, that was the proof, that something was really wrong… you were completly disappeared. That was the moment when I canceled following Freddy and this dislikable girl! She is horrible!

    I was so sure the whole time, that something like that what you were writing here happened. I was never reading about Bodyrock.ty again, but now I KNOW, that my feeling was right and that you were bullied for the whole time.

    I just want you to know, that my thoughts were with you the whole time, and they will be in the future. You are a wonderful person and I’m so happy that you’re making your way! Keep on fighting! They won’t put you down!

    I was never writing you one of your posts, but now I had to… Thanks for this emotional post. And

    Wish you the best!

  395. Christina

    Christina  | 

    I know who is Zuzka and I love her! She is a Kind and she gets finally what she deserves, the best!

    what about that guy.. not interested, at all

    • Ozgun Bayramoglu

      Ozgun Bayramoglu  | 

      Best answer!:)

  396. Greg Funtusov

    Greg Funtusov  | 

    Always keep in mind, that you have the support of thousands of people, and it is you who made bodyrock. You’re a unique trainer and person.

  397. Sijdine

    Sijdine  | 

    Good for you Z, for finally standing up for yourself. But I just know that you didn’t post this before, because you didn’t want to talk bad about him, eventhough he did.

    I don’t think a lot of people will buy his bullying crap. Especially the background of you and him, seeing the persons you both are and were.

    There is all the more proof on the internet that he is not being genuine.

    Look at the shoots with Lisa-Marie now, all you can see is tits, nipples and ass.

    I’m eving feeling sorry for her, because I think she is very insecure, but not a bad person.

    He is probably taking advantage of her as well, wanting her to look like a pornstar.

    We all love you Z, and I can never accept to think you would beat the crap out of him (except for now 😉 )

    Keep being genuine and real, cause we love that about you, and we all know who’s loting here.

    Stay strong, just like you are. And Freddy should man the f*ck up about his broken ego.

  398. Ana Claudia Reis

    Ana Claudia Reis  | 

    Argh!!When tried to post, didn’t notice the internet was down… there goes my message xD

    Hands down – YOU are the most sincere, open-hearted and honest person I’ve come along!!! Honestly, Zuzka, I LOVE you, and I love your work, YOU are the one changing my body, and my perspective over eating and working out, and I’m so grateful to YOU!! Please, never change… keep doing what you do! If someone is really going to succeed here… it’s you 😉


  399. Zsófia Gazdag

    Zsófia Gazdag  | 

    Zuzka i thought bodyrock sucked right after you disappeared. It became more porny lacked your sweet personality. I was so relieved when you came happy it worked out for you!

  400. Dimitris

    Dimitris  | 

    Generally,the eyes are the mirror of the soul.Your eyes are crystal, also your smile saws that you are one happy and very good person.

    I’m really sorry about all of those that happened to you but what can you say… life is full of bad moments and disappointments… this taste of life is pretty valuable though because gives experiences for future use and most important creates strong personalities. As you can see from yourself now you are stronger, wiser and your inner beauty comes out and makes you more beautiful than ever. Keep calm and head up!

  401. Kristin

    Kristin  | 

    You go girl! BodyRock.Tv now looks like a pornsite, that I hope no young girls get to see, it’s really not what a good workout should be about. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for not giving up. You inspire loads of people every day, never forget that!

  402. jess

    jess  | 

    Just unfriended Lisa-Marie on facebook. I tried to give her a chance because I try to give everybody a chance, but I just won’t do it. I love you, Zuzana. YOU’RE the one who inspires me, it’s never been Lisa-Marie, and it’s NEVER been Freddy. YOU are the light, the heart, and the love behind my fitness motivation. Thank you for being REAL with us. We love you.

  403. carmen

    carmen  | 

    Hello Friend,

    I am sorry you are living this difficult situation, he is an abusive man, who had control your life, and he will always look for a way to keep you under his control, right now is the business you built together, hopefully you will end having your divorce and the part of the business is yours will remain yours. After that he will keep trying to damage your image as an abuse man he is, because he can not stand he had lost the power he had over you, keep smiling, life will bring nice things to you.

  404. África

    África  | 

    Hi Zuzana, I am so sorry to hear all this. I don’t know any of what happened but it can be seen in your face that you are a good person, determined and strong. It must be very hard to hear all that and to receive those messages, but also think that everything you have YOU have built it yourself. You are fantastic and we all love you! Never give up, ignore the bad people and their influence, and continue living your life! You will always have our support :-) you have helped so many people. Many kisses and a big hug from a Spanish fan.

  405. P. W

    P. W  | 

    Support you ONLY! Honestly from the moment I couldn’t see you on Bodyrock.TV, I gave up following the workout.

    Great welcome to see you back online having your own page and sssoooooooooooo much better videos^^

    Sending you LOVE

  406. vale-n-tina

    vale-n-tina  | 

    Im so sorry that all this shit happens to u. After reading your post its all a lot clearer. I allways watched your videos and admire u, not only because of your looks,its because u have some great vibe and u can see u are beautifull person. Keep on good work and dont give up, u know what u are capable off and u dont need no one to keep u down,now is your opportuniti to live your life as u allways wanted. Your fans are with u now more than ever! Body rock doesnt exist witouth u!

  407. Viive

    Viive  | 


    thank you for sharing. I have followed you for many years and I always wondered what happened… I can´t believe that he would write things like that about you.

    I hope you have your head up high and be strong. Wish you the best!

  408. kristina watts

    kristina watts  | 

    Hi Z. I too have read both sides of this sad situation. I understand how someone can make you so furious and feeling out of control that you want to lash out or walk away . I feel for both of you. I hope eventually Fred can move on ,respect what you have helped build and give you the freedom and break from his control you crave. I certainly believe everything you say . I am removing bodyrock from my world. Keep strongx

  409. Chinara

    Chinara  | 

    You go girl!Your ex is a really pathetic man(wait,not even a man,but an assh*ole)who has absolutely no dignity. You did a right thing to leave him. No matter what difficulties are still on the way, know that there is an army of your fans(=friends) who are on your side and will always support you!Stay strong!

  410. Kristina

    Kristina  | 

    Zuzka, je az neskutocne ako sa ludia menia a ako dokazu ublyzovat jeden druhemu, robit si napriek a znicit stastie toho druheho. Ponizovat sa k takym veciam, o ktorych si pisala, si vyzaduje byt bez chrbtovej kosti. No treba verit v spravodlivost a v to, ze kazdemu sa vrati to, co v zivote pacha. Ostan sama sebou, nech tvoje skusenosti ta len posilnia no nestrat doveru v inych.

    Drzim Ti palce, nech sa ti plni co si zelas a nenechaj sa znicit niekym, kto sa vie branit len utokom.

  411. Bird

    Bird  | 

    Personally, Zuzka, I would not say anything further and use this against him.

    Defamation of character is useable in a court situation, you could sue him.

    I think that you are a wonderful person and you can see that you are not what he writes about in his blogs/posts/etc.

    Lisa Marie should not be brought into this, and I am glad you focused on Freddy for it, as she may also be stuck in this “fame focused” relationship. I pray that she is able to see her beauty as you have and get out of a crummy situation that has caused her to change things that I’m sure she never thought about before (other than maybe a nose job as often people do that first if they have serious concerns).

    Anyways, stay strong and carry on!

  412. míša

    míša  | 

    Milá Zuzko,

    moc mě mrzí, co se stalo. Lidé jsou někdy strašně moc zlí. Myslím, že jsi mu sáhla na jeho ego (mužské ego je nevyzpytatelné) a závidí Ti, že si se ze všeho oklepala…a jdeš si vlastní cestou dál, výš…žiješ lépe….a máš spoustu fanoušku, kteří Tě mají/ máme rádi…cvičíme s Tebou, vaříme s Tebou, smějeme se s Tebou. Taky mu určitě došlo o jak skvělou ženskou a osobnost vůbec přišel. Zatímco, Ty jsi plná energie, lásky, optimismu, radosti…on se užírá vzteky :-) Ukázal se jako sketa a totální idiot, když si své bolístky hojí na veřejnosti…a práší od pusy takové hnusy.

    Jsme tu s Tebou, moc na Tebe myslíme a držímě pěsti…ať už Ti dá konečně pokoj. Máme Tě tady v ČR moc rádi. Drž se :-)

  413. Dom

    Dom  | 

    WOW, just wow…I must say I am truly in shock…After reading Freddy’s posts on the matter I was under the impression that You betrayed him, probably cheated on him or sth. You were the scape goat, so I’m really glad that You decided to stand up for yourself!! THIS post completely changed how I feel about the matter and, of course, about You…I somehow believed that You are a fame-addicted person that wants to grab the attention by constantly exposing her fake boobs and ass…Glad I was wrong! Glad you opened up! Happy to hear that you strive to be more than you were potrayed…After your break up I was still following, but I was very reluctant to follow your steps…Until now :) Never allow other people to control you, undermine you or objectify you…Every woman deserve better so I’m glad You decided to stop it! Stay strong my fellow woman! Lots of love.

  414. Vladimir

    Vladimir  | 

    Zuzana, you are a wonderful person! Your workouts have helped me as a climber, well-coached overall endurance. Do famous people will always problems with the understanding it is necessary to simply survive. Hold on! :) And your ex-husband just


  415. Tracy Greenhough

    Tracy Greenhough  | 

    Wow, I am so sorry you have been treated so badly. You are a Victor and not a Victim. You are a truly beautiful lady and absolutely don’t need to try to be sexy to gain success. I wish you every happiness for the future. God bless you sweetheart and thank you for helping me to achieve the body I have always wanted even after having three babies! Huge hugs xxxxxxxx

  416. Melanie

    Melanie  | 

    Your amazing and a strong lady soon his spitefulness will be forgotten and you will have your your family, friends and warriors still with you. He is just showing his self for what he is and must be really jealous of you.

    Keep your chin up, remember everything passes xxx

  417. Daria

    Daria  | 

    Zuzanna , I decide 1st time to write You , 1st to say a Huge ThankZ to all Your great WORK , 2nd just want to support You ! You are amazing and this is true ! I follow You few years and leaved BodyRock when You stop post new info … I found You again with new workouts (“ZWOW’s”) and continue follow You =)

    p.s. I can say – fight for yourself always and never give up !

  418. Manon

    Manon  | 

    Hey Zuzka,

    You are the strongest, most beautiful and most confident woman I have ever seen. Don’t ever let him get to you, look at everyone’s sweet comments to your post! You are not alone, we are all here to support you.

    Keep your head held high! I hope you will get that signature soon, so you can move on.


  419. Jelena

    Jelena  | 

    Dear Zuzka,

    I know so good such feeling – when man acts like an ass, but woman is steel hoping, waiting, being afraid to hurt him, remembering a good beginning of a relationship.

    It takes so much energy – to respond him in a manner he really deserves. But I hope you will go through it and he will disappear from your life and this situation will not hurt you any more in no way. Stay strong! Don’t waist too much energy on him.

    You are great person, great teacher with lots of loyal fans. You are absolutely great! I left when new girl appeared here and I was really happy to see that you have started your own trainings. It is great that you stand up for your identity.

    I wish you to enjoy your life and make us, your fans, happy with your trainings!

    I also think it would be good idea to make a yearly meeting for you and your fans – I think it might be a huge support and motivation event!

    Best wishes for you!

  420. Olga

    Olga  | 

    Hi Zuzka!

    Thanks for opening this private part to people. When you have been replaced by other girl on workouts videos, My twin and I who love your workouts and your personality,were shocked and very very very disappointed.. And when you appeared again with the zwow it was so great! You are the inspiration to all of those who watching you ! Thank you for being there ! May life treats you right and may health and happiness be always at your side!


  421. Peter Fox

    Peter Fox  | 

    I’m glad you’re gaining control of what you want to do with this fitness blog. You’ve a strong brand image and a successful format, and I think the person most acutely aware of that is your ex. Without you as the figurehead for he has a weakened business because you were now you’re zuzkalight, which is awesome. Keep control of your life Z, don’t pay this guy any more attention that he deserves (which isn’t much) and do the things that your happy with. The community that you’ve built will be there to support you, I’m certain.

  422. Magdalena

    Magdalena  | 

    Hi Zu!

    I can’t help but feel sad after reading your post. I have been following BodyRock.Tv since 2009 and had been heartbroken after you both parted ways. It was hard as I have always pictured you as my friends or even my family and couldn’t understand what happened. I think it was the same for all of your long time followers. We all needed some explanation however what we got was unclear and very confusing. After that I stopped following brtv and was only doing your old exercises which slowly one by one started to disappear from the website. It wasn’t the same. Also those weird/bulling posts arisen and any replies trying to stand by you we’re delayed or not even posted. It all felt like being in between divorcing parents to be honest. Finally I am so glad you wrote this post not only to give us your site of the story but also to help us understand what happened. And because you never did that before he saw it as an opportunity to try and bring you down and any business you were trying to build without him. It’s clear he’s still not over you but that only says one thing-you are a good and beautiful person inside out and I’m so happy for you and I’m wishing you lots of happiness in both your personal as well as professional life! And to him well I hope he move forward and realise that life is just too short for holding a grudge.

    Lots of love


  423. Light

    Light  | 

    Move forward, girl! We all believe in you and we are ALL with you! Stay strong and fight for your future.

    When you disappeared from bodyrock, i think lot of people was unsubscribed from this channel.

    It’s terrible that people are losing the human face when they want a lot of money…

  424. Klaudija

    Klaudija  | 

    Ok, now listen! I’m really not the type of a girl that writes comments, I’m more of a quiet follower, but this is just too much.

    Zuz, I love your workouts, from the first time I saw one from Malta ant thought – I just can’t do this, she’s a robot. 😀

    You doing this website – best move ever!

    And as far as your divorce goes – it was very normal, and loving,dignified and a kind thing that you’ve never, ever said anything bad about it. Or your ex husband.

    He, on the other hand, feels the need to talk crap about you and just like that , every normal person can understand and see who is the week one, immature one, and hungry fore attention and money.

    Z, really , it’s a great thing that you are standing up for yourself, you should, enough is enough.

    Just don’t ever think for a moment this community will love you or respect you any less because of your divorce, your ex husband, or his posts.

    We (I at least) follow your blog for all the great things you have to offer, and your sweet personality, so just keep up the good work, do not let anyone hold you down!

    There. Now I’m going back to just posting my scores. 😉

  425. Natalia

    Natalia  | 


    I just wanted you to know that you mean so much to me. I am a huge fan, and always have been.

    Freddy has no talent and is probably jealous of you. Nobody joined bodyrock because of him. They all joined because of you. His new attempt with the site is lame. People work out in their underwear…it’s completely classless.

    I look up to you. Thank you for being so inspirational. <3

  426. Alison Navarro

    Alison Navarro  | 

    You ARE bodyrock to all pf us Zuzka, No one can ever take that away from you. A wise friend once told me, whenever you have problems professionally, just believe in your work, the work is what its all about in the end, and if its good everybody will see, and we all have. Everyone has said enough comments for ypu to know we all support you! i am just really shocked u lived in MALTA!! I am maltese but i follow you from Madrid. Big hugz Suzanna, I love my Zjourney already!! X

  427. LeAnn Braun

    LeAnn Braun  | 

    Thanks for sharing your story. I have followed you since your beginning days of BodyRock and remember being shocked when you two split up. Your success now is sweet revenge that just has to be making him jealous. His anger is probably because of that jealousy and hurt that you left him. You’re an amazing woman. I’m sure he’s upset that you left him because he will probably never find anyone as great as you again. You have so many followers that know your true personality. It shines through on the hundreds of videos that you have. We all know you’re definitely not a monster. If anyone does believe that, then they haven’t seen enough of your videos. Keep moving forward! You have so many people that think the world of you and that are on your side.

  428. Sxean Lee-David

    Sxean Lee-David  | 

    I was wondering what happened with, and why all of a sudden all your posts and video’s were deleted. I’m glad I found you again. You’re truly an Inspiration. Sorry, about your divorce, atleast you offered to remain friends and business partners. Keep up the good work, stay focused on what matters most. Good move on your part to keep the website family friendly. :)

  429. Judith

    Judith  | 

    Don’t worry, quality always wins- been through this twice and believe me I know!!! Keep on inspiring people. Your blogs helped me through some sad times :)

  430. Jozy

    Jozy  | 

    Zuzka, you are saving my life right now. every day all I’m holding on to is your workouts, because thats the one damn thing giving me self confidence and make me go on. I HOPE YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE. just kick everybodys ass who states anything else =)

  431. U Li

    U Li  | 

    I have never read somewhat of him. > good decision.

    But all the time I watched BODYROCK.TV I saw an strong womann and ….. a camera man.

    Wasn’t there not a other sick Freddy …? Oh yes – Nightmare on elm street !

    Be strong and focus your real friends. But remember, nobody has more as one hand of it.

    Hugs from Germany

  432. Renata

    Renata  | 

    We all love you Zuzka and we will support you with everything. you are a good person and everyone can see it and read from your face. Your great character and big heart doesn’t have to be prove every time – we know it. Keep going. don’t let him take everything he wants. Be strong. xx

  433. Lexi

    Lexi  | 

    Always a true warriorz!! Thanks for clearing it up, Z~!!

  434. Xerxes

    Xerxes  | 

    You Rock!!

  435. Robert Sweetman

    Robert Sweetman  | 

    The wheels of Karmic justice grind very slow but they grind exceedingly fine… It is worth standing up for yourself but remember that everyone gets exactly what they deserve in the end.

    A true man is gracious with his time, seeks to set people free, is secure in his being and provides a shelter for others. This is a man who understands that true love is only possible when the other person is completely free to leave but always chooses to stay.

    In words far more eloquent than mine: –

    Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.

    As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

    If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitter; for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

    Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially, do not feign affection. Neither be cynical about love, for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is perennial as the grass.

    Take kindly to the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth. Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

    Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here. And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

    Therefore be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.

    With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

    Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

    Max Ehrmann c.1920

    • Pavlina P

      Pavlina P  | 

      Thank you SO MUCH for posting this, Robert!

      • Robert Sweetman

        Robert Sweetman  | 

        You’re welcome – it may be the best advice I’ve ever read 😉

  436. Mike

    Mike  | 

    I knew that he was a had idea as soon as I read he was from Kingston! Chin-up and keep up the great work!

  437. Anne

    Anne  | 


    don’t let him push you down!!!

    you don’t deserve something like that. you are that much stronger – You are the original!

    you are the one that’s giving so much charme, love and spirit to her zwows…

    Hope you hold your head up high!!

    Lovely, Anne from Germany!!!

  438. Lori

    Lori  | 

    I have always liked your personality Zuzka. You are genuine and sincere. I am glad you are telling your side of a story, because as we know there are always 2 sides. I have not even read Freddy side but I believe this is the second time he has done this. Very poor business skills. I wish you much success!

  439. Natalia

    Natalia  | 

    Hey Zuzana,

    I’m from Ukraine and i wish i could be your friend in real to support you. You must be strong, your ex-husband jealous you and that makes him angry that you still do workouts online. Writing bad about you online shows him as a silly man. What goes around comes around. You must be more stronger and not to show him that you feel bad that will make him more satisfied. Without you BodyRock. Tv is nothing anymore and i’m sure it is not successful :)I’m sure everything is gonna be fine in your life :)

    Best Wishes! :)

  440. Joe

    Joe  | 

    Hi Zuzka

    A admirer and follower of your workout in Singapore. Ur simple and basic circuit training is tough but love it. Anyways, my respect and admiration of u has gone up a notch for standing up against bullying.

    You are a strong woman and I believe you will bounce back from this

  441. Marcel

    Marcel  | 

    Hi Zuzana,

    Lots of love from us…. i hope you remember us, we are the couple who did the video spoof of Bodyrock a few years ago. Although you speak about your breakup now for the first time… i always figured something like this has happened. If you look at Bodyrock now, it is so different from what your original message was. You were a nice person to make a parody of, no way we would ever do something like that with Lisa Marie or current Bodyrock.

    Keep the faith, love from Amsterdam,

    Marcel & Sandra aka Zuzandra

  442. Tanya

    Tanya  | 


    Never mind what the other says.You cant stop people talk. So dont pay attention to the gossips and be happy with the way you are and with the things you love to do.

  443. Cat

    Cat  | 

    I’m so sorry that you have been forced to speak about this private matter. I also cannot believe that you only got 49%, you were the face of and you were absolutely right to want a cleaner approach. I used to tell friends about bodyrock only to have them later give out to me for making them look at something pornographic. However it was your talent and your strength that I wanted to show them, now with this wonderful positive place it’s possible.

    The only thing I would say is try to retain some pity in place of anger. Hatred can eat at you but Freddy and Lisa-Marie are just pathetic, everything they produce reeks of commercialism and greed. Whereas when you open your heart in your words and your stories the authenticity is clear to see. Your followers knew the truth without you ever having to verbalize it and now that we know some of the details (the comments confirm) it strengthens that conviction.

    I wish you strength in dealing with this divorce and remember that this too will pass =)

  444. Leeza

    Leeza  | 

    Zuzka, I hope everything will work itself out soon and that you’ll be able to move on with your life. It’s a shame that your ex husband is having such a hard time letting go and moving on with his life.

    I love your workouts! I hope you don’t stop doing them.

  445. Neringa

    Neringa  | 

    Zuzka, we all love you. <3

  446. Gabriela

    Gabriela  | 

    We are on your side. We will support you 100%.

  447. Aleksandra

    Aleksandra  | 

    Zuzka, you are a really big motivation and a great person! You deserve all the succes you have. All the bad things he says about you, say more about what kind if person he is. It says nothing about you! Keep doing what do do best. Motivate people! And everything will be oke in the end.

    Ps. Hire a lowyer and take everything drom gim that belongs to you.. And more 😉

    Love you!!!! ❤

  448. Anna

    Anna  | 

    Zuzanna, your letter really hit home. My husband and I have discovered yours and Freddy’s creation while you guys were still together and you were our model couple. When we discovered that you two broke it off, we were devastated because we thought you two were such a perfect couple. But not even a month later, my husband told me that he did not want to be married to me anymore either. I was devastated but he said he wanted to remain friends and I was determined to at least make our friendship work. But he did exactly what Freddy did to you (I was also in US on a green card through marriage – I left immediately after our break up). I only left with 1/4 of my belongings with promises from him that he would ship me the rest as well as some money since all the furniture and the car were staying with him (I paid for pretty much all of it). This was one week before Christmas and in January this chick moved in with him and everything changed. Before that we were still friends, talked often and openly and then BAM! all contact severed and needless to say I never got any of my things… He talked trash about me to others but luckily everyone knew how devoted I was to him. So although I am sorry to hear that such horrible things have happened and still continue to happen to you. It was a little bit of a relief to know that bad things do happen to good people and that I’m not the only one who feels like they were betrayed by someone who was supposed to love them.

    Good Luck to you!

    And Lisa Marie has a body-dismorphia so trust me, Freddy is getting exactly what he deserves – a person with real mental problems!

  449. Krisss

    Krisss  | 

    Té sexualizace BodyRock Tv si všiml asi každý. Opravdu to bylo nedůstojné, jakým způsobem tě natáčel, a vůbec se Ti nedivím, že to byl jeden z mnoha důvodů Tvých nešťastných pocitů o Vašem svazku. Je dobře, že sis to všechno nenenechala dál líbit a posunula se dál. Bohužel muži už takoví bývají, a pokud jsou zhrzeni nebo se jim zkrátka třeba i méně daří, mstí se takovým jednáním, jaké popisuješ. Držím palce a jsem pyšná, že máme ve světě tak úspěšnou a šikovnou rodačku :)

  450. Ozgun Bayramoglu

    Ozgun Bayramoglu  | 

    Zuzanna, you HAVE TO read Robin Norwood’s “Women Who Love Too Much”. I think, the most important part in your letter was the part where you say, that you always thought that he was acting like that just because it (i.e. YOU) hurted him so much.

    It was not your fault. You have to say that each day loud, more often then the reps in your workouts probably;) It wasn’t your fault, you could not have healed anything just by giving more love or understanding or anything else.

    You need way more emotional distance between assholes like him and yourself.

    It seems to me like you were kind of used to suffer because of someone else like this. Anyone else would have kicked his ass much earlier. Also most women would not have let him leave in the same appartement after the relationship has been over. But I know this kind of men who turns into a mean enemy after they have understood that you will not let them mistreat yourself ever again. That makes them crazy.

  451. Ruth Daniels

    Ruth Daniels  | 


    He is only showing up himself x

    So sorry you have one through this. However for one moment step out of yourself and evaluate this from an outside view !

    All he is doing is shooting himself in the foot!

    You my dear have done the right thing by writing this and not once have you put this man down. The only person who has let him down is himself x

  452. Brenda

    Brenda  | 

    You are the reason we all fell in love with body rock tv not freddy. We fell in love with your energy and dynamic personality. I did not watch another day without you on it and it wasn’t because your physical attributes were no longer there! Hold your head high girl, he’s got nothing on you and no matter where you go you will always shine!

  453. ana

    ana  | 

    Be string!! You’re A W S O M E .

  454. ana

    ana  | 

    Be strong ! *

  455. Marija

    Marija  | 

    I love you Zuzana and only thing I would done now is give you a huge hug! :)))

    With love and support, Marija

  456. Ozgun Bayramoglu

    Ozgun Bayramoglu  | 

    Actually, the bottomlin is: I do not think, that the ex-husband, BR or anything but you and your great work is interesting. Just do not give a fuck, do not care. Do not let the brainless posts get to you.

    To be honest, it should be difficult to understand why you still let him or his ridiculous posts get to you. After all, you are lightyears better than him in any way. And I want to think that you know much better than to worry about such neurotic relationships. You know much better than to even let him run through your brain.

    You know much better than that!

    You are good, you do not have anything to worry.

    We are all there where you are. And will go with you all the way.

    Know thyself ;D

  457. marsha

    marsha  | 

    Keep your head up! Stay strong! Don’t let Freddy and his nonsense get you down. You know what they say about karma! I followed you since Bodyrock started. I bounced between Bodyrock (aka daily hiit) for a while but then it became too much …porn-like cleavage and up the butt shots. I am loving your new website. Good luck on all you future endeavors.

  458. Zoe

    Zoe  | 

    No matter what I’ve been watching – bodyrock or zwows – I’ve been watching you.


    The person who gives me motivation, who makes me do my workouts, who shows that it’s all worth it. And she does that all because of what she’s like, with all her heart and good will to help others. There are many youtube channels with workouts I could go but none of them has got you and you do build true relationship based on pure joy and care.

    Workouts with you have always been something more.

    You do care about your warriors and I guess this is what keeps us togheter. You make us feel like a part of your life, and with pleasure you become the part of ours.

    All you do – you do it your way!

    Thank you for being who you are, despite of people who wants to destroy it.

    Never give in!

    Best wishes – Anet

  459. diana

    diana  | 

    keep up the good work I have followed you since 2009 and will continue faith and love always

  460. Dana Fogarty

    Dana Fogarty  | 

    Freddy always gave me the creeps! Good for you leaving him Z. Bodyrock was not the same without you. Freddy is jealous of your strength and resilience.

  461. Selena

    Selena  | 

    You deserve happiness! Sorry you have to deal with that. People, especially ex’s, can be very nasty when going through things like this. They try to play the only card they think they have, the power card. Good for you for fighting back and standing up! Stay strong!

  462. VF

    VF  | 

    Hi Z,

    I think everybody noticed the way he uses women body to attract attention to his business. The fact that YOU are NOT doing that with ZWOW, says everything. Also, considering the way you 2 met, I could imagine who was pushing for it. I wished he loved you more to respect you, to be glad for being married to you and protect you from exposing in a way you never liked but were forced to! You deserve better!

    I’m glad you are standing as an example in this difficult times where so many European women are wandering around and depending on visas and work permits. As a European tempted to leave to Canada, I totally understand why you would want to stay in Prague. Not that I dislike Canada or Canadians, but Europe is home to me and I would love to stay even if with a smaller salary or less prestigious job… and I don’t want to owe my success, my work, my visa to a sponsor, after going through all the humiliating application process.

    If you ever consider collaborating or having your own NGO, it would be great to have you helping (specially Eastern) European women to have been trapped in schemes since 2004, when the borders opened and they were dragged around the Schengen space into shady businesses.

    All the best!

  463. Anastasia

    Anastasia  | 

    Dear Zuzka,

    I knew this story a long before you have written this post. Because I could see it in every detail watching Bodyrock.Tv. One day I decided to never visit Bodyrock site again, thinking of what a bitter story might be hidden behind those video posts and comments. Then I was so excited to track you with your ZWOWs in the net. You mustn’t explain. You see: our hearts and sympathy with you. Thank you for your work, for your patience, for being hard-working, for being kind, generous, transparent, loving animals. Thank you, dear Zuzka. Just know, all these words you read here come from the very hearts of ours. We love you.

  464. Brittany

    Brittany  | 

    Zuzka you’re such a light… and you definitely deserve the best things in your life because you have worked so hard to be where you are today. You’re such a success and have truly impacted peoples’ lives for the better including mine!

    Lot’s of love xoxo

  465. Dan Fergar

    Dan Fergar  | 

    I am not surprised at the outpouring of love here. He crossed the line and you did the right thing to give your side of the story. May your star always shine bright in the firmament Z. We all adore you.

  466. Nicole

    Nicole  | 

    *hugs* You’re much stronger now Zukka! I never guessed that you were going through all this anguish behind that smile and cheerful personality that you are. You are an amazing and strong woman. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are anything less than that.

    You’ve always inspired your fans to fight flab and to never stop trying. Knowing that you continue to be such a great motivator and source of inspiration in spite of heartache behind the scenes makes you even more of a star in my eyes.

    You’re amazing :)



  467. Rudi

    Rudi  | 

    Hello Zuzka!

    I was also a silent follower of your workouts, which are btw incredible, but now I have to write something. I’ve followed you since Bodyrock. I was sad when you “quit”, but very happy when you started your ZWOWs. I always liked your kindness and personality, so after reading F’s post about you, I just had to laugh. How can a person make up so much crap? He described you as if you would have another personality, which obviously he has (a crazy one). So to make it short, I will always be your (silent) supporter and you are my role model (as for many others too), not only in the aspect of fitness, but also in terms of life. Always be yourself and continue with your great work. :)

  468. Vlada

    Vlada  | 

    Ahoj Zuzko,

    fandim Ti uz nejakou dobu a kazdopadne doufam, ze vse zvladnes. Je super, ze si sikanovanim od toho zmetka nenechas nicit sny a dal bojujes. Nenech ho vyhrat a drz se! :) btw, v en nepisu v nadeji, ze to nezapadne :)

  469. Nina_CZ

    Nina_CZ  | 

    Dear Zu!


    When you and F broke up, I was devastated, it was like my parent’s divorce all over again, loosing the image and illusion of WONDERFUL COUPLE breaking apart again. I was on your side, wrote a blogpost about that on my blog and immediately stopped following on Youtube, but still was visiting the website for old videos. For more than a year after you left I was not able to leave your old workouts, I was used to that, to you, to your voice, your attitude, your personality and I was still hoping you will get back together (wrong type of wish, I know) and the will keep going as at the old times. I am so glad it didn’t happen. True is that I was not able to connect with you after you came back with ZWOWs, for some reason the old “bodyrock” format of videos (HIITs, using the old equipment I bought because of you), so I only did a few of your ZWOWs. At the same time I was seeing awful changes on, starting with DISGUSTING boob and ass shots, LM working out in her underwear and later her physical changes, to me it seemed like F wants to create a new “you,” turn LM to a copy of YOU and that was SO CREEPY TO ME!!!

    I have to say that I never followed OR liked your nutritional advices, but I think that is okay, because everyone’s body is different and not everything you say is good for everyone (and I believe you agree with that and not seeing it as “hating”). But your workouts always worked for me and I will always have a soft spot for you because YOU (not you and F, not, YOOOOOOOOOU were the one who got me moving, who got me motivated, who trained me online for more than 3 years and who I was looking forward to watch every single day, I hanged your picture on the wall (yeah, creepy, I know) and I was so motivated, not to LOOK LIKE YOU (my bodytype is slightly different and I know I will never have a body like you), but to WORK MY ASS OFF under your influence, which I think was HUGE for many people. You inspired, you motivated, you always pushed us to KEEP GOING and also you kept going even though your life was not always just rainbows and butterflies.

    At one point I started following you too, because I started a different type of training and honestly I didn’t feel as connected to you as I used to be.

    F was always playing a victim, like he was the one who is hurt and devastated and like YOU were the b*tch who abandoned him for money, for fame…

    I am sorry that I have ever doubted you in HOW THE STORY REALLY WENT. When two people are going apart (I am divorced too, so I know exactly what you are talking about), nothing is really clear until you hear both sides of the story. You never attacked him for anything, and he was constantly saying bad stuff about you (I remeber some post about how he is glad you two didnt have kids, it was something about “demon child” or something like that, really gross stuff). I believe that what you say in this post is 100% true and it gave me confidence to stand by you once again. It also opened my eyes a bit and explained me WHY you did things you did (like working with people you do now, charging for workouts and stuff…), and I can see the whole thing in a completely different light.

    A lot of hugs and kisses from Czech Republic :-*


    • Desheria Johnson

      Desheria Johnson  | 

      Nina, im so glad to hear from you. You were one of my fave bodyrockers at the time. I hope everything is doing well for you.

      I agree with everyhting you said. I too had doubts about Zuzka, but i am so glad that finally Zuzka spoke up for us and told the REAL truth about this drama.

      God bless you Zuzka and keep doing what you do best.

      P.S. I will never forget your line every intro of BR…

      “Hi guys…..” :)

  470. matteo

    matteo  | 

    una persona così avresti dovuto lasciarla tu molto prima,ma ora forza coraggio e tanti allenamenti 😉

  471. Isabel

    Isabel  | 

    Hey Zuzka, I am very thankful for you to have posted the entire story from your perspective. I’ve been following Bodyrock since summer 2011 and even before you split up, I noticed the distance between you two. After you seperated, things went so fast with Lisa-Marie leading the workouts and I … just didn’t feel home on the website any more. Everyone realized something was up when you first said you wouldn’t be the host any more, then said you would post diet tips and then vanished completely without further notice. I tried to adapt to the new hosts for 1 or 2 months because I love HIITs, but I disliked the way the website turned out more and more. In the back of my mind, I always wanted to know what happened to you, Zuzka.

    Soon, I deleted Bodyrock on all platforms (Youtube, Facebook, book mark). I have worked out with your old workouts and the day I discovered your new channel on Youtube, I literally jumped through my room in joy. While I really would have liked some explanation for the whole situation from your side, it still is none of my business and if you didn’t want to talk about it, this was of course fine by me. Last month, I have somehow ended up at the latest Bodyrock video and at first I thought what kind of weird girl this was and then she introduced herself as Lisa-Marie. I didn’t even recognize her any more with all her plastic surgery! After 1 minute, I had enough of boob and butt watching and shut the window.

    All I want to say with this post is that you are always inspiring me to be my very best, Zuzka. This applies for both my physical and my psychological level. I don’t know how the clicks are right now, but the way you have set up your new company definitely secures you the more human followers who love you for your work and your personality, and not your boob size.

  472. Yana Krmic

    Yana Krmic  | 

    Z! Of course he wants 49% of the company…he has to support all those lip injections and multiple boob job re-dos! 😉

    Stay strong, girlie! Love your workouts and will always support you!

    Much love,


  473. Hayley Cepeda

    Hayley Cepeda  | 

    You are so brave for putting the truth out there, because realistically it is no one else’s business but your own. I admire you for having remained private and respectful but I completely understand why you said what you said and appreciate the honesty. I try to always remain non-judgmental and give people the benefit of the doubt, but clearly you have been mis-treated and I’m so glad you’ve remained true to yourself and stayed positive and strong. You deserve happiness and good will and I know that’s what you will receive. You have all of our support and love behind you as I’m sure you can already tell from the previous posts.

    Please know that you’re not only helping people achieve fitness and weight-loss. You’ve also helped me overcome and exercise addiction and aided in my eating disorder recovery. You’ve proved that you don’t need to exercise for hours at a time to get fit, your workouts are fun, challenging and full of variety, and the recipes you post are easy to make, healthy and delicious. You’re authentic, sweet, humble and funny. You keep things real and entertaining and it’s obvious you truly care about your followers. I’m not sure the same can be said for “certain others.”

    We love you, Z. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

  474. Diane Engoron

    Diane Engoron  | 

    He is a bully, plain and simple, Z. Do NOT let this man and his lies drag you down. Stay positive and truthful and the “crap”, as they say, will sink to the bottom. I never cared for Body Rock because it is so overly sexualized. In my opinion, this is because he doesn’t respect women, very jealous of your success and is extremely immature.

    Rock On, Zuzka!!!!

  475. Mai

    Mai  | 

    You are amazing!!! You keep doing what you do and we are all with you Z! Love you girl :)

  476. annita

    annita  | 

    zuzka. i so f… understand you and im with you :) if people follow you since bodyrock they all know what is going on. im not here to judge but i must say this .. thru the camera i could see some properties of freddy. especially when lisa marie came. suddenly she got big boobs, lips, smaller nose,..and why all of this a sudden?! i wont say anything else, im sure that you know what i want to say. and if my boyfriend would every month tell stories about his ex on his blog i would kick his ass definetely. so, i think both of you, you Zuzka and lisa marie, are very incredible women who endure this man and his stupid reckless acts. plus you are amazing in lots of ways :) never give up and we wont have to kill you! lol ;DDDDD besos, anita

  477. Franzi

    Franzi  | 

    Z!!! You are so brave and honest. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and thank you for doing so. I have lost interest in BodyRock after you left. It is not the same!!!

    It is so GOOD to see you back on social media being happy and being the kind, lovely, amazing person you are. I am with you 100% also regarding the videos.

    You know that you are loved and will always have my support. I can not wait to ZWOW with you tomorrow :).

  478. Celeste

    Celeste  | 


    I’m sorry Freddy is acting like that. I wouldn’t know b/c when you left BodyRock I left BodyRock.

    I didn’t sweat through all those BodyRock workouts b/c I liked the camera work. I did it b/c there was this upbeat, genuine, powerful woman who made me want to “push really, really hard.” And that’s why I was ecstatic when I discovered Zuzka Light.

    You are an inspiration to a whole lot of Warriorz who love you for what you give us – inspiration, hope, strength, killer workouts, recipes … you name it. Hopefully we can inspire you to stay strong and positive through these rougher times.

    “The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” – Dalai Lama

  479. Josephine So

    Josephine So  | 

    Simplicity and the TRUTH should be your weapons of choice.Lead by example. You must plan now and on to use different and new methods to deliver. Be brave, Zuzka.

  480. oksana bagasheva

    oksana bagasheva  | 

    Zuzka ! You must fight, no matter what. You inspire many people, thank you for everything!I and many people love your workout!

  481. Chris

    Chris  | 

    Good for you, Zusanna! You are the star of Body Rock and we all know it and follow you. That is what your ex cannot handle and is trying to take from you. He will never succeed. Your workouts have made an incredible, positive impact on my life and I, like so many others, are happy you are out there to inspire us!

  482. Sally

    Sally  | 

    You were always the reason I followed BRTV, and it wasn’t the “sexy lady” but the sincere, funny, warm entertaining trainer who gives me inspiration. I switched immediately after BRTV went wacky with the other girl.

    I will continue to support you, and give YOU “more coffee.” Love you, Zuzka. I also love your videos which keeps me inspired and fit.

    Karma bites and he will find that to be true. Keep being yourself! We love you!


  483. Claudia Tavarez

    Claudia Tavarez  | 

    I came from an abusive marriage and I know how they function. People like him are always the ones to talk crap. My ex blamed me for the divorce, every excuse he can think of, but he never thought that his abuse was the reason. He abused me mentally and physically and it was bad.

    And When I left him, it burned him even more. He started talking about me to anyone who would listen.

    Anything to make it look like my fault.


    Hold your head up high Z, you are beautiful, strong and inspiring.

    I met Freddy, Lisa, Sean and Sean Girlfriend at different times this year. Something didnt gel with me, I couldnt put my finger on it. Lisa is actually a sweet girl, she has very low self esteem, like really low, you can tell. Lisa has done every surgery imaginable known to man to change her appearance, breast implants, face, botox, nose ect. She was more beautiful before, now she looks like a freak and that new haircut not sure what she was thinking.

    Even though I have to be honest with you he cut her hair during an argument they had. Dont ask me how I know, I just know.

    I wish you all the best Z, and Freddy is an Ass. He wants to destroy you and blames you for their daily hitt website going under. Watch out please, and hire a lawyer.

  484. Nina

    Nina  | 

    Very Brave!

    Glad that you wrote this post, I am really sorry you had to do it! I totally understand you. Poor coward he is!

    I really hope this drama could be over soon.

    And yes, you are right, one of the reasons I stopped watching Bodyrock was because of the camera angles, I hated them.

    But I am Loving your videos…and sharing them with everyone!

    YOu are the best!

    Big Hugs for you!

  485. Tyan

    Tyan  | 

    I’m so sorry you had to go through so much, Zuzana. It sounds absolutely horrible. For him to write about you in such a way to the public is even worse. I’m so glad you’ve made it through and you’re doing better, you really didn’t deserve all that. You’ve been a huge inspiration for me and I’ve always loved your workout videos – like others have said before me, I left the moment I realized you’d left, and was delighted when I found you again. I wouldn’t have enjoyed your videos if I didn’t also like your personality and how you are so good at encouraging a good lifestyle and a good attitude. I’ve struggled with eating disorders and excessive training and your videos have really done a lot to go back to healthy eating and exercise without overdoing it. You’ve done a brave thing writing this and I’m glad you haven’t gone down without a fight.

    Lots of love, Tyan

  486. april moody

    april moody  | 

    You are truly an inspiration to ALL us women. You are beautiful inside and out. You are so strong and I can’t thank you enough for everything and being true and standing up to him, honestly when I started researching on trying to find someone to connect to through a fitness program I could follow, bodyrock did look like something I could be a part of not even knowing you had a a huge part of making it what it was. But I saw one of your zwows which caught my attention even more so I never looked back to bodyrock and started following you everyday!! You are an amazing women and I am so sorry you are having to go through this but your not alone you have your awesome boyfriend and all your fans. WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU…….love you bunches

  487. Es

    Es  | 

    Drahá Zuzko, vždycky jsem tě obdivovala, a potom co jsem si přečetla tohle, tě obdivuji ještě víc! Jsi úžasná žena, a to co jsi dokázala je neuvěřitelné! Tolika lidem jsi změnila život, včetně mě a to nejen díky cvičení, ale tvému přístupu,nadšení a samozřejmě nesmím zapomenout na tvoje úžasné recepty!

    Je hrozné, že se ti něco takového stalo, čím sis musela projít. Doufám, že jsi teď šťastná a tohle vypusť z hlavy! Dokázala jsi vybudovat BR a teď si dokázala, jak silná jsi, když ses opět, po takovém šoku, postavila na vlastní nohy a děláš, co tě baví. Žádný blbeček z Kanady tě nepoloží na lopatky! :) Věř si a zvládneš všechno, stojíme za tebou!

    Pozdrav z rodné hroudy :)



    Dear Zuzka,

    i have been watching you and working out with you last 5years. i have been watching all of you and Freddy.

    i knew from my heart all your story without reading this post. i am with you and supporting you.

    i believe that many people feel same as me.

    please do what you love, don’t worry about what other side do.



  489. melissa

    melissa  | 

    you’re a strong women! Way to keep your head up and keep doing what you love :)

  490. Lychelle Lill

    Lychelle Lill  | 

    Z, I’m so glad that you finally spoke your/the truth. We needed to hear it and we needed to hear it from you! It all makes sense now. All of us “old BodyRockers” were going out of our minds during that time. Nothing made sense and we were looking for answers. You kept quiet and never said a word about the situation, perhaps because of the divorce, yet we could not believe a word from Freddy.

    We didn’t like the direction that BodyRock was taking when Lisa Marie came on the scene. If anyone had something to say that they didn’t like, be it mentioning your name or asking after you or criticizing the sexual content, we would just get booted from their pages. It was bizarre. We weren’t being mean or ‘haters’ as they love to call us, just giving constructive criticism.

    Slowly but surely we left, the true original BodyRockers and started our own little support groups. You can image our elated joy when we found you again.

    Thanks for coming back and not allowing this (I could choose a lot of choice words here) BLEEP to control, manipulate and destroy you. You are a strong woman and you will get trough this trying time.

    There are hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who are standing behind you, who love, adore and support you. Focus on that and keep doing what you love and stay true to yourself.

    Much love

    Lychelle from South Africa

  491. TezaStone

    TezaStone  | 

    Zuzana, you’re going through an awakening: where you start listening to your soul again.

    Would you believe me if I told you that since the first time I saw Freddy- and especially after your breakup- I knew he was a psychopath.

    A psychopath is a person who is so full of hate and anger that they must control other people and routinely remove their freedom and control them, take from them CONSTANTLY, so as to maintain their miserable sense of self.

    You know now that you don’t need that.

    He is what he is. You standing up for yourself is honorable, but you don’t need to suffer anymore.

    He is on his path you’re on yours- and yours is one of great light.

    We support and UNDERSTAND you all the way and you have our blessing.

    God bless.


  492. Dory

    Dory  | 

    Hi Z.

    Glad you spoke up for yourself.

    Frankly, I pretty much stopped watching BodyRock.TV after you left. To me, the other person just was not promoting a positive self image for audience…at some point, this was obvious in some of their FB posts which actually got a lot of people turned off.

    It’s quite obvious that you’ve already moved on and your videos are now at the next level. Just keep doing your thing, Z. Your personality and attitude is a big factor that your videos are popular :)

  493. Enrico

    Enrico  | 

    Dont worry, you are so beautiful and so strong

    Respect :)

  494. Meagan

    Meagan  | 

    I’m so glad you wrote this! I believe in what you are doing! I love that your workouts are awesome, wholesome, and use body weight! Go Zuska!

  495. N.

    N.  | 

    I had a nasty breakup last year with someone i’ve been with for almost 8 years and wanted to have family. I didn’t actually realise in what damaging relationship I lived until I met someone else, who could show me that a partner can be kind, comforting, understanding, not pushing and willing to compromise. I left my ex after he told me to move the fuck out because I didn’t want to sleep with him – same issue as you, Zuzi. I haven’t looked back since. Sometimes you just don’t see who you loved until you don’t love them anymore, and then you are surprised what monster you didn’t want to see.

    I’m sending you strength and good vibec. You are a good person and you deserve the best, and you will get it.


  496. Anthony

    Anthony  | 

    You have so much support! We all love ya Zuska!

  497. Lilian

    Lilian  | 

    Very sorry you have to go through all this. You are an amazing person and you deserve so much better. I stopped following bodyrock when you left and so happy you are back with ZWOWs.

    Never give up and keep it up!All the best x

  498. Susan

    Susan  | 

    My daughter got me started working out with you when you were body rock. I instantly loved your personality and your ability to motivate literally anyone to do there best. I noticed the change on bodyrock and then you were suddenly gone. It was very obvious that you were cut out when other girls started showing up and I can say that I like’d Lisa Marie for a short time although she was different she too was motivating; I continued to look for you and then just did your old workout’s as after a few times I didn’t like the way the workouts on bodyrock were heading and it was changing LIsa Marie. When someone start’s belittling other’s there insecurities shine thru and that for me is a turnoff. I can’t stand drama and that’s all he’s creating. I give you credit for having the ball’s to move forward and becoming successful on your own without stepping down to his level and having a who said, who did what contest. I knew your stuff wouldn’t be free forever and I will continue to enjoy working out with you as I love your workout’s and your spirit. I’m sure this will lift a weight off your shoulder’s and you will continue to thrive. Best of luck from your Iowa fan!!!

  499. Erika DiPietro

    Erika DiPietro  | 

    Stay strong Zuzka! I have the utmost respect for you and sorry that money has ruined a friendship and business.

  500. C.A.

    C.A.  | 

    Abuse is a terribly misconceived reality to too many woman and some men, and awareness is the first step we can take to overcome it! Some abusers will call you everything they are or do themselves. This book helped me understand why they behave like this, and offers other resources and advice to stay out of potentially abusive relationships.

    Namaste Zuzana!

  501. Anastacia

    Anastacia  | 

    It finally took this last account for me to simply drop all support for the Bodyrock (DailyHiit) group. I always try to remain neutral and understanding, but this is too much. Zuzka, I wish you all the best. I am glad that you have someone who treats you with respect and does not try to dominate or control you. I have been there and it is not OK! Be well!

  502. roberto Rodríguez

    roberto Rodríguez  | 

    Eres una persona muy fuerte y tienes el apoyo de todos tus segidores no te rindas este. Cambio es bueno parati dios te bendiga

  503. LenaFalena

    LenaFalena  | 

    Sei una grande, vai avanti per la tua strada!!! Ti ammiro!!!

    You’re great, keep going on!!!I trust you!! :)

  504. roberto Rodríguez

    roberto Rodríguez  | 

    Eres una persona muy fuerte y tienes el apoyo de todos tus segidores no te rindas este. Cambio es bueno parati dios te bendiga…

  505. Adika

    Adika  | 

    Zuzka I´m so sorry that you have this problems with your ex. My fitness journey started with you in bodyrock but without you it wasn´t good so I stopped. You can´t imagine how happy I was when I found your Zwows. You are doing great job! Love u :)

  506. Angie

    Angie  | 

    You are so strong! If that was happening to me I don’t think I would be as strong as you. I started following BR because of you! You got me in to online workouts! I was a little uncomfortable with some of the angles and Freddy did give me that creepy vibe. What kind of man would sexualize his WIFE just to get more views, knowing she is uncomfortable with it? He has issues! I was so happy when you started your own thing! He needs to get over himself and sign the damn papers so this can all be over with and you can move on with your lives. He shouldn’t have to keep your 49%, you were the face of BR, you did all the workouts, you created them! I am so sorry that you are dealing with this child!

  507. Maria Angela

    Maria Angela  | 

    what an asshole i’d say! don’t ever let anyone bring you down zuzka! yeah i noticed when you left bodyrock and lisa replaced you and a moment later she got her boob job. her photographs were also sexual. freddie is just jealous with you. it’s obvious that he doesnt want you to beat him with your successful career! Go zuzka! we always support you! thank god i found zuzkalight. i was desperate when you just disappeared from bodyrock..

  508. Leanne

    Leanne  | 

    Zuzka, thank you for taking the time to explain all of this and to share your story. I can only imagine how hard it must have been for you to share so much of your personal life, but I hope that doing so has been healing for you. It’s just terrible how you’ve been treated, and I admire how you’ve not only broken away on your own, but been so successful doing so! Big hugs! I hope you know how many people admire you and the person you are!

  509. Lauren Pilgrim

    Lauren Pilgrim  | 

    Wow, I just read his post, what an utter douchebag.

    I never liked Freddy just for the record, I always felt that he was manipulating you on bodyrock, you could sense that with him even behind the camera.

    You were always the draw, obviously, and I was was really sad to see bodyrock go in the direction it did. I really hated the new site, didn’t like Lisa at all, though again was amused/horrified to see her change her body and hair, totally ridiculous and copying you and just made me thikg they were both really screwed up. Him especially.

    I’m sorry you have to go through this and that people can’t just be good people.

    I trust you and believe your story, you can’t be THAT good of an actor to be making this up :)

    You are adorable and I love coming to this site. You inspire us. This will pass.

    Thanks Zuzka.

  510. Sabina

    Sabina  | 

    Zuzka, I know this feeling very well when you dont belive that the person whom you loved and trusted, shared everything, wanted only good things happaen to him/her is showing his/her real face. And worth is that even if you manage to leave him/her they dont leave your mind. you are still thinking and even being good to them even if they turn back to you long time ago. I am going through this myself. In my situation it is my sis and big family. Thanks God I got my husby who is supporting me. I wish you happiness and good luck in your carrier and private life. Be like you are and you are doing well… just continue

  511. Stephen

    Stephen  | 

    Good for you. It’s obvious he’s bitter and wants to take the business away from you. Don’t let him and have your attorney’s handle it so you can get what’s yours.

  512. Erick

    Erick  | 

    Zuz! everything you said is right since and your youtube videos i could see the photos and takes and was too sexual and distract people from what you really show, like you said he wanted numbers no matter what, and probably he would drag you to a porno denigrating activity.

    one thing is true, you can´t blame the man (husband or boyfriend) of be so sexual with you i can´t avoid to touch my wife every time i can (men have to behave).

    i encourage you to stay strong, keep doing what you do, get a lawyer and sue him for sexual harassment, your body is yours and no body can stop you not even a piece of paper… non-compete! that make´s no sence.

    you own bodyrock the stadistics between you and the other host prove that…!!!

    just look the most popular videos in youtube, 44 videos in the top of the list, the number one has 23 million of hits and who is in those 44 videos? you darling!!! YOU OWN IT!

    god bless you and keep going

  513. Jana

    Jana  | 

    Zuzko, to jsem vubec netusila, ze je to takhle. Prekvapilo me, ze se misto tebe objevila jina (nesympaticka) slecna. Myslela jsem, ze mas proste jen jiny projekt. Kazdopadne ti fandim uz od zacatku a jsi stejne nejlepsi! Pokracuj kdekoli!

  514. Stephen

    Stephen  | 

    One more thing. He’s obviously jealous of you and that’s why he didn’t want anyone contacting you directly. It’s a ridiculous insecure personality trait. A lot of guys have that issue in life. It’s good you got rid of him. No one needs that nonsense in their life pulling them down.

    You should get payment from him for that 49% before he collapses that business and your 49% won’t be worth as much.

  515. Lauren Pilgrim

    Lauren Pilgrim  | 

    and just a PS: I just went to the bodyrock site (which I haven’t looked at in like a year)…what a MESS. Totally confusing, terrible design, pop-up ads, it’s a disaster. I know this has nothing to do with this issue you’re dealing with but just again wanted to say how happy I am that you started this site and it’s YOURS and I think the zgym and having to join it is a much better idea than having horrible ads popping up all over the place. I’m happy to pay $100 a year for a clean easy to follow site that is all Zuzka! xo

    • Alexandria Nardoni

      Alexandria Nardoni  | 

      DITTO!!! I am 100% happy with what i am paying for, my Boyfriend is happy too wink wink

  516. Melody 808

    Melody 808  | 

    Thank you so much for this blog. I was a BodyRock follower for a long time and couldn’t understand why it fell apart. I felt completely lost in my workouts after that. I had no idea of those bad posts because I no longer followed BR. I do however do your ZWOW’s and DVD’s. I absolutely love your workouts!!

    Him still making negative comments just shows who is the better person and who isn’t. You are truly a beautiful woman and true Zu fans are very happy to see how far you’ve gotten. Honestly have to say BR is a thing of the past. Although you owned only 49% of it, none of it makes any sense without YOU in it. You can substitute any woman as their workout host but it’s never the same… PERIOD!

    Thank you again for pouring your heart out. Gonna head out and do a ZCUT for ya now. Let’s push it!



  517. Ella

    Ella  | 

    Hi Zuzka,

    All that I would like to say to you is actually already written over by everyone else here, but I just wanted to give you my support too. You are one of the most brave, sincere and good-hearted person i’ve come along and a true inspiration for me. That will power and determination that you have is truly amazing and everyone who has followed you can see that there is just something really special about you. You are incredibly strong, and that is really the only way to go in this life: to deside, that I deserve to be happy, no matter what, and fight every day for that if needed.

    I want to send you hugs and my support all the way from Finland, I do your workouts six times a week and nowadays I am so much more stronger person (from the inside too) that I ever thought I could become. Thank you for everything, I will continue to follow your blog on daily basis, you are such an inspiration. I’m sure everything will turn out great for you. I think there is at least one person in every country that loves you and for me that is comforting thought, to think that you have family and caring people no matter where you go.

    Love Ella

  518. Kathy

    Kathy  | 

    Stay strong!. It’s sad people have to be so mean. Definitely keep your chin up & continue to be the better person.

  519. Nanette

    Nanette  | 

    Zuzka, you are amazing. My work out buddy and I were so confused when you were no longer doing videos and we missed you. We also followed you right over to the ZWOW. has taken a weird turn since you left. I appreciate your commitment to clean fitness help. Thank you for not making everything about sex or about image. I have enough demons about that without the workouts I’m doing being bombarded with sex and body modification.

    You are such a strong and smart woman. You have helped me lose 60lbs. (100 more to go!) Thank you. You make such a difference. Don’t let him squeeze you out of the profits you deserve.

  520. Lim Bun Tjin

    Lim Bun Tjin  | 

    you’re a strong women Zuz.I believe you can build a strong and successful future from your past.

    stay strong and healthy.

  521. Rozinka

    Rozinka  | 

    Tvůj dopis jsem přečetla úplně šokovaná :/ Je mi moc líto, žes tímhle musela projít, aby ses dostala tam, kde jsi teď…Moc mě hřeje u srdce, žes nepodepsala tu dohodu, tvoje workouty ve mě přivodily lásku k fitness :) Freddy může jen závidět a snít o tom, aby byl tak úspěšný jako ty, a ta vyžilá mumie Lisa Marie zrovna tak. Přeju ti hodně síly, energie a hlavně konečně rychlý konec rozvodu! :)

  522. Lauren

    Lauren  | 

    After Freddie’s post where he described the marriage as a crazy-house (or something like that) I immediately stopped visiting the website and unsubbed the youtube channel. That post was way more revealing of his true nature than yours, and am so happy you’ve found success and love in LA.

  523. Mila

    Mila  | 

    I am so sorry that you have to go through this… Not fair and I’m sure so so frustrating!! But you have fans and we won’t leave you!!!!

  524. Julie Elliott

    Julie Elliott  | 

    I am a huge believer in being accountable for our own actions. It was two of you in the marriage. Noone is 100% to blame. However, when I read what you just wrote I cldn’t help but feel that it wasn’t completely honest. Many people are aware of your past in the Porn Industry (you shared that with us all). It was very sexualized, so when you wrote : “I was feeling more and more embarrassed about my sexualized image. Don’t get me wrong, I like sexy, and confident, but I don’t enjoy having camera close up my cleavage and elsewhere.” It surprised me alot. You were very comfortable in front of the camera as SusanaSpears, in way less clothing that on a video. And shooting waaay more intimate shots that he did. The way you dress in your daily life shows you are proud of your body and not afraid of ppl looking at it. Even in this picture. So playing the victim here is not attractive at all. We all should take responsibility for our actions. Clearly you did not have a physical attraction to Freddy, but to write that on here was tasteless in my opinion. Regardless of what Freddy wrote, he never attacked you physicality. That is just mean. I am not judging you or him. I just wish ppl would be accountable for their own actions and stop blaming others for exploiting them. You were not held captive, chained and forced to wear what you did. Even in your new video’s on here the camera zooms in on your chest alot. So, all I’m saying is don’t attack Lisa Marie and be mature about your own actions.

    • Lynnemma

      Lynnemma  | 

      How is she not being mature in her actions and where did she attack Lisa Marie? I’ve re-read this piece several times and the only time she mentions Lisa Marie is to say that when LM came along she thought that now that Freddie had a new GF who would make him happy that things would be better.. how is that attacking LM? No one knows the truth but the two of them, and what does her past have to do with what she is doing now.. is it your opinion that someone cannot move beyond their past, something they did at 18 and that they have been candid about and have tried and tried and worked successfully to put behind them? I have watched and did the ZWOWS and they are in NO WAY as sexualized, teasing and provocative as the BR videos. I can actually workout to those videos in my LR with my teenager present, something I couldn’t do with the BR videos and could never do with the current BR vidoes that many of the current hosts are in. Zuzana had endured months of digs and slams against her personally by BR and the one time she responds you accuse of not being ‘mature’ How is she playing the victim? what is not attractive is anyone.. man or woman who will use a serious issue such as domestic violence to gain sympathy, ratings, followers, advertisers, etc. It’s because of false claims of DV that makes it harder and harder for women and men to be believed when true DV occurs. While I do not believe that either one should be airing their private business on the internet, I fully support Zuzana’s right to finally defend herself against these constant attacks. IMHO

    • hukynaa

      hukynaa  | 

      But you know what? Zuzka would not write anythink if Frederick did not write some posts about their privacy. She is just defending herself. It is obvious Zuzka is the last one who wanted to talk about her personal problems on internet. You cannot judge what she wrote because you do not know anything about it. But Frederic has a need to blemish her name again and again.

    • Alexandria Nardoni

      Alexandria Nardoni  | 

      UM has it ever occurred to you that she does not want to be who she used to be when she was in the porn industry? SHe isnt Susana Spears anymore, dont be so fucking ignorant. Furthermore you creepy fuck, its obviously apparent you creep on her porn past. Get real- you dont know what its like to be in a relationship with men like Freddy. Sometimes you go allow with what the other wants for so long that you compromise your own morals. Love makes you do stupid stuff until you reach a breaking point, it doesnt matter what happened before or what you think she felt comfortable with, take your closed minded, midwest, unintelligent hillbilly perceptions to the Daily Hiit.

      • LA

        LA  | 

        Im 100% with you on this one!

      • Natalia

        Natalia  | 

        I actually just died laughing at your last line Alexandria…totally my new facebook status :)

    • Desheria Johnson

      Desheria Johnson  | 

      I am amaze that you really think that bringing up her past is gonna make you look any better and make her sound like shes blaming everyone. First of all she knows that what she did in the past was horrible. She even said it in her old BR and her other two interviews. I guess you havent join and watch and read her interviews because you seem to be too focus on her “soft porn” career.

      Lemme say that you cannot compare her videos and urls pics to BR’s pics, thats for sure. Its not like shes showing her boobs and ass crotch in almost every video like BR is still doing til this day. Do you have any idea what you are talking about. Either you think that she still is a pornstar or you dont have enough knowledge about who she is.

      I dont see her playing the victim at all in this post. The one who is playing the victim is the one that is constantly posting bad things about a person whom that person was married too and whats all the attention to be on that person.

      LM wasnt even being attacked, she was making her statement about what happen. She did say that “she thought that LM was gonna make it all easy” right? So i dunno where did you get this crap from but please read it again before you make this statement about LM.

      Zuzka is not that one that is saying negitive things about BR, its Freddy who started this drama and crap and making a big deal by spewing his former marriage issues in public.

  525. Sue-Ann Jobity

    Sue-Ann Jobity  | 

    Zuzana I am sorry that it had to come to this.. you having to defend yourself. From the moment i read his post this morning, i immediately knew that it was crap and that he was trying to paint you as a mean person when in your videos you exude warmth and friendliness. I immediately unliked his page as well as bodyrock’s page. I could not support a person who was taking such a serious topic and utilizing it in such a deceitful manner. But don’t worry, God doesn’t sleep. He sees all! And he will guide you through this situation. I am happy that you are not letting this bully push you around! Always maintain the class that you have and don’t let this jealous fool walk all over you. Keep on keeping on!

  526. Heather Tharp

    Heather Tharp  | 

    Every thing happens for a reason, and for me as a consumer I am so much happier with your product. You will be way more successful than Freddy could ever dream of being. You have a genuinely good heart, and it shows through your workouts! love you Z!

  527. Marina

    Marina  | 

    Dear Zuzanna, even though I usually don’t like to read so much privacy online, I could feel you hold it for long and it was really needed. I know divorces are never easy and then we finally realize the monster nature in our partner. I’m glad you wrote about everything-even though I enjoyed your videos from bodyrock, I hated those images of boobs, and so did my friends. The “new” you is so so much more natural (and more sexy too, natural IS sexy!).

    Please, don’t worry about people thinking bad about you after Freddie’s comments, those who see couple of your videos, definitely like your friendly opened and pure nature and don’t believe all the dirt thrown at you. So much different from bodyrock, which has nowadays mostly sarcastic and arrogant comments (despite many views!). I hope you can finally get rid of these problems and your present and future will soon not be shadowed from the past.

  528. Beeah

    Beeah  | 

    I’ve been with and following you before Mediterranean – Malta, I’ve watch you through all your ups and down and now ups again. Although I don’t know you in real life I kind of feel like I do, I did read what your soon to be x wrote and was so shocked and sadden by what I read. Abuse is nothing to use to get back at someone…it’s real to many women and men out there. I’ve always viewed you as a down to earth, sweet, and real person so to read this broken my heart. I did all your ZWOW’s I’ve bought all your DVDS, and now your ZGYM, I couldn’t believe that I was supporting an abuser :( Thank you Z so much for tell us the “other” side of the story and finally standing up for yourself. You are a true winner and survivor xoxo

  529. Bamtam

    Bamtam  | 

    I knew something fishy was going on.

    I didn t mind the camera in your cleavage and elsewhere but if you did mind it indeed had to go away; know though that your ‘presence’ on camera, your charisma isn t limited to how sexy you are.

    It is a gift and regardless of what you do you are always a treat to watch(even if you just open mail, or do some gardening ^^).

    THIS, this presence this connection you make with the cam, he can t get that from you.

    FIGHT for what you are due, be a warrior.

    I m glad you decided at long last to share with us.

    He might have been frustrated because he realised long ago that YOU are the one drawing in people not just your body.

    I really think the show zwow has much more quality content than what offered. I know it was a painful time for you and others. but i am glad you left. oh so glad.

    I wish you happiness.