And They’re back! New Power Balls Recipe

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And They’re back! New Power Balls Recipe


I hope you enjoy my new power balls recipe! They are so delicious, I had to come back with a more healthier version! Enjoy!

The ingredients are almost the same, however what changed is the amounts and also I got rid off the coconut oil, and brought in a tiny bit of the Maple Syrup. I will explain as we go, so lets move on.

In my first recipe I worked with only 1 cup of baby carrots. This time make it two cups. Trust me it’s going to be so much better.

First thing you want to do is to put the carrots into a steamer. Once they’re soft, you want to preheat the oven for 375F

You will need 1 and 1/2 cups of rolled oats, which you have to put into a blender to make a flour out of them. I have an amazing blender from Vitamix (that thing is awesome) so it was super easy. Keep the oat flour in the blender and go measure your Almond Meal

You will need 3 cups of Almond meal and add it to the Oat Flour into the blender. You want to mix those ingredients together but switch the blender off just before it starts to make Almond butter. You don’t want that. I left it just long enough to get a little bit of moisture out of the Almond Meal. The next step is to transfer it into a bowl and add cooled down mashed carrots.

Add 3 teaspoons of baking powder and mix it all in.

It’s time to sweeten it up a little. Grab your honey.

Add 4 tablespoons into the mixture and mix it up very well.

Pour a little bit of the Maple syrup on a plate and start rolling your balls in it. This picture does not look as appetizing, however it will make your balls nice and sweet and it will be easy to roll them in the crushed pecans.

Don’t worry about adding a little bit of the Maple Syrup. I took this picture just to show you that I started with brand new bottle and I didn’t really used that much and I rolled in all of my 25 balls.

As soon as you cover them in the Maple Syrup and they are all sticky you want to roll them some more in the crushed Pecans. I wasn’t paying attention how much pecans I used for this part, so just make sure to have enough. At least 2 cups. You don’t want to put your balls naked into the oven.

Cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and stack your balls on top of the paper. I baked them for about 11 minutes on 375 F by mistake, because I thought that I had it on 325 F so I turned the oven down and had them baking for additional 5 minutes. They turned out just perfect. Cracked on the top and really nice and moist on the inside.

As you can see this recipe is made out of healthy ingredients, however you got to be careful, because they are very filling and super tasty, so it is very easy to have more then you should. I have calculated the amount of calories and it turns out that if you make 25 balls out of the mixture like I did, then 1 ball is going to be about 140 calories.

One more thing, let them cool down before you take a bite out of them.

Enjoy your balls!





51 comments on “And They’re back! New Power Balls Recipe”

  1. Anonymous | 

    Wow! That looks so delicious! Thank you for great recepie! I will try it on the weekend :)

  2. Anonymous | 

    You’re so funny! I can’t wait to try them… I love me some balls… *wink wink ;)

  3. Anonymous | 

    I’m definitely going to make these tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Anonymous | 

    Sounds good, but honey is loosing all its benefits as soon as it’s warmed up… Cooking is “killing” living enzymes in the honey…

  5. Anonymous | 

    Baby carrots are soaked in bleach before packaging. Best to use organic whole carrots.

  6. Anonymous | 

    Thank you Z! Keep the recipes coming! <3 <3 <3
    “enjoy your balls!” ha!!!

  7. Anonymous | 

    Great recipe,Zuzka,I will try it but I’ll use honey and wallnuts instead of the maple syrup and pecans,because I don’t have them,thank you :)

  8. Anonymous | 

    Will give them a shot ;)

  9. Anonymous | 

    Thank you for the recipe, and for showing the pictures also. I like to see how they are suppose to look lol. I am definitely going to try them, and I will let you know how they turn out.

  10. Anonymous | 

    Yummo!!! I’m thinking mashed sweet potato or pumpkin could work as well!!

  11. Anonymous | 

    I wonder why you cook the carrots instead of processing them? Seem the baking would bring out the flavor and save a cooking step.

  12. Anonymous | 

  13. Anonymous | 

    Amazing! I love carrots but never thought you could make a cookies from them! Super cool recipe! Thank you once again! :)

  14. Anonymous | 

    Okay, just compared the two recipes. A slightly indelicate question: are your balls bigger this time? You use more carrots, oats and almond meal and make 3 less balls! These must be big balls! :-)

  15. Anonymous | 

    Looks gorgeous thanks I’m gonna try these

  16. Anonymous | 

  17. Anonymous | 

  18. Anonymous | 

    Gonna try these some day, looks tasty!I actually did some yummy pretty clean cookie dough yesterday: I used oats and made it to be flour (like Zuzka above), plain protein powder, cinnamon, vanilla extract, a little bit honey, peanut butter, a banana, a little bit of dark chocolate and dates. It´s sticky, but somehow I tried to make them like balls, =D Then I freezed them. They turned to be absolutely delicious, straight from the freexer! Like real cookie dough! =D

  19. Anonymous | 

    Oh, and coconut flakes, just a bit! Almost forgot. =D

  20. Anonymous | 

    This looks delicious!

  21. Anonymous | 

    Vitamix’s do kick ass! Love mine : )

  22. Anonymous | 

    You don’t want to put your balls naked in the oven!!! LOL! !!! Looks great though, will try them soon! Thanks Z……. <3

  23. Anonymous | 

    I wanted to put this in a word document and print it out but it only copies the pictures and not the text. Any help Zuzka!?

  24. Anonymous | 

    Hi Jenny, Im not sure why it doesn’t let you print the text. I will try to find out.

  25. Anonymous | 

    looking forward to trying these, thanks :)

  26. Anonymous | 

    hey I love all your recipes, it really makes being warriorz more about healthy living than only a workout. I was curious if you had any nut free and gluten free recipes. My sister is gluten intolerant and I am allergic to nuts, so it makes family cooking interesting. Do you have any healthy holiday recipes we can both enjoy?

  27. Anonymous | 

    Hello Zuzana, I made those balls yesterday and absolutely love them. Thank you for the recipe. They are the best snack and easy to take to work. Instead of honey I put brown sugar because honey looses its nutrition after being heated up :)))
    Love your workouts and recipes! Keep it up!

  28. Anonymous | 

    These seem like they’d be incredible! I’d love to add pumpkin to them! :)

  29. Anonymous | 

    Hi Zuzanna, I made it today, it was second time i did them..and now they are FANTASTIC!!) I use the same amount of ingredients and made 35 balls, maybe mine were smaller :) Thanks for new recipe! Even my little sister loved this balls(she doesn’t eat veggies). Will be waiting for new great healthy recipes from you)

  30. Anonymous | 

  31. Anonymous | 

    HI, I cannot believe how good these power balls taste!!! thank you!!! by the way there is something wrong with the text box, as I cant see what i am writing as it automatically scrolls down

  32. Anonymous | 

    Hi Julijana,

    we are still fixing little things like the comments text box. This site is a work in progress :)

  33. Anonymous | 

    I tried your recipe yesterday and they are so good and super filling. I used raw agave nectar instead of the honey or the syrup. I look forward to more recipes :)

  34. Anonymous | 

    Im so glad that you guys like this recipe. Can’t wait to share more :)

  35. Anonymous | 

    I made them myself super delish and filling. :)

  36. Anonymous | 

    Ok people, I don’t know how big your balls are, but I made 1/2 of the recipe because I didn’t have enough of the almond meal but I got 18 balls. I used the smallest cookie scoop I have maybe 1 tbls.

  37. Anonymous | 

    thank you, thank you, thank you :) Such a great recipe. I made monster balls, i got total of 20 and one ball i with coffee is my breakfast. Satisfying and filling!!! The only thing i did differently is that i rolled my balls in unsweetened coconut shavings for even more crispy top. Awesome!!!!!

  38. Anonymous | 

    Just curious what the recipe was WITH the coconut oil? Can someone let me know as I love using coconut oil in my healthy treats :)

  39. Anonymous | 

    I love these power balls, and now i can’t wait to try this new version, thanks zuz

  40. Anonymous | 

    “You don’t want to put your balls naked into the oven” LOL! No argument from me!

  41. Anonymous | 

    miam ! they are VERY good ! my husband liked it too ! thanks

  42. Anonymous | 

    Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to try for me and my children.
    Just a thought, if you could list all ingredients and there measurements first. Just easier to go through recipe. Thank you for all teh wonderful work that you do.

  43. Anonymous | 

    Попробую завтра)))

  44. Anonymous | 

    Tell me one thing. why does the package of your oats say “gluten free”. is it artificially removed from them? because usually oat contains gluten. it is said that the amount of gluten in oat is smaller than in wheat for instance. is there a particular reason, why you use them? thanks for reply :)

  45. Anonymous | 

    Hi Zuzana Would you eat these power balls before workout? Would whole meal flour work with this recipe and I like using coconut oil which recipe had it?
    Thanks :)

  46. Anonymous | 

    Hi Zuzana I loved your original recipe and just wondered why you took the coconut oil out? Was it just for the calories or another reason?

  47. Anonymous | 

    Such an amazing recipe! Can’t wait to try it! Thank you Z! :)

  48. Anonymous | 

    There is a comment about baby carrots being soaked in bleach. If you but organic Baby carrots they are not soaked in chlorine they are soaked in Citrox which is made from all natural extracts

  49. Anonymous | 

    I just made the power balls, they are still in the oven, my daughter said that I made the kitchen so messy…and I can’t wait to taste them…yummy!

  50. Sara | 

    Just made these tonight and will be taking these as a snack with us tomorrow to seaworld. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  51. Rayca | 

    I made these over the weekend. Original recipe. A little dry. This doubled recipe looks like even more flour/meal. That’s gonna dry them out. It needs a little liquid or less flours. I’m going to try a little almond milk. It won’t hurt the texture. Just make them moister. I also used maple syrup instead of honey. All I had. I also added a little molasses. They definitely have promise. I also want to add some nutmeg or allspice. It needs some additional flavor. This could turn out to be a nice snack but it needs to be tweeked. I also suggest adding a little protein powder, in place of some of the flour/meal for a true “power” snack. Definitely a winner.

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