Why Fruits Are Still An Important Part of Our Diet

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The current trend toward low-carb diets has given fruits a bad reputation.  Fruits are naturally high in the sugar known as fructose.  As a result, some argue that a diet high in fruits can have negative impact on our diet and our wellbeing.  In fact, many hardcore low-to-no carb dieters actively avoid fruits.  Ideally, these individuals prefer to get their vitamins and nutrients from vegetables instead.  While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be a bit shortsighted and, ultimately, too strict.  When we discuss fitness and wellbeing, we should always think about it in terms of longevity, consistency and practicality. 


Fructose Alone Is Bad, Not Fruit


This may sound a bit confusing at first, but bear with me.  A cookie may contain the same type of sugar (fructose) as a bowl of strawberries, but they are worlds apart in terms of their nutritional value and, more importantly, in how our bodies digest and process the fructose.  For one thing, a bowl of strawberries is packed full of vital nutrients and vitamins.  They are high in vitamin C, potassium and antioxidants.  An average cookie contains a ridiculously high amount of artificially processed sugar and has no real nutritional value.  The processed sugar in a cookie crashes into our livers causing a spike in insulin and creating what is commonly referred to as a ‘sugar high.’  Over time, this can lead to diabetes and other complications.  On the other hand, fruits such as strawberries contain fiber.  The bulk and fiber in fruit allows the liver to process the fructose at a much slower, healthier rate that doesn’t tax our liver the way that sweets and sodas do. 


Also, the amount of fructose in fruits is significantly lower than in the sodas and sweets that currently make up the average modern diet.  For example, a serving of strawberries contains a total of seven grams of sugar.  A sixteen ounce bottle of soda contains 52 grams of sugar!  You would have to eat more than eight cups of strawberries to get the equivalent amount of sugar contained in one bottle of soda.   


The Benefits of Fruits


Most of us are familiar with the common saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.”  Well, it’s true.  A diet high in whole fruits and, of course, vegetables have been proven to positively impact our health and wellbeing.  In fact, studies show eight or more servings of fruit leads to a 30% decrease in heart attack and stroke.  Fruits are also full of all sorts of essential vitamins and nutrients that are vital to our health as well.  The high fiber content in fruits is also linked to a dramatic decrease in the rates of many types of cancer and type 2 diabetes.


Fruits, alongside vegetables, are an essential and tasty part of diet.  If you are trying to watch your carb intake, be moderate in your consumption of fruit, but don’t avoid them either.  The benefits of eating fruit greatly outweigh the small increase in carbs they may contribute to your diet. 

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17 comments on “Why Fruits Are Still An Important Part of Our Diet”

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    Hi! Z i always want to comment but never end up doing so, so today i thought what the heck. im 17 have been doing your workouts for abot a year and a half i absolutely love them. Was doing them 6 days a week. Now doing 5 since i realized i also need my rest too lol, im the eldest of 7 children…b4 anyone wonders yes all of us are from the same 2 parents. U would not believe how many people ask lol. Anyways…. i was not extremely overweight at all and was never really overweight my whole life just got into a rut and definitely not comfortable in my own skin. I was self taught for my nutrition mostly. At first not such great results and was doing the insanity thing. In my opinion its RIDICULOUS! and there is no reason to workout that long. You are wasting time, money, and life. Anyways i love being active.. plus i love eating the way i do. I hate calling it a diet 1st because EVERYONE asks what kinda diet are u on? (I dont like it).. the way i think is what did people eat long ago. Plant based and some meat. Most women were gatherers. Gathering nuts, seeds, plants.. etc. And we got some of the meat the men hunted. This type of thinking is what kept me going and not turning to processed foods and refined sugar ect. Plus you helped me TREMENDOUSLY! with serving sizes, witch is very important and also not going over board with calories but having a general idea! !! Its amazing. I love eating a plant rich “diet” lol. Its amazing! I only just went full on plant rich when i saw your YouTube 30 diet. And was thinking on not doing it i admit, but tried it anyways. And am living prof that plants are awesome! Lol and u can live a beautiful healthy light and delicious lifestyle! Thanks Z !thanks for all the help and awesome motivation/ inspiration!

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    Yay! This post makes me happy. Eat all the fruit! Yum yum! I’m Feeling better about your Keto diet! Still going to stick with my vegan high carb low fat diet though!

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