Sunscreen Giveaway and Recently Asked Questions

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You guys have been asking me what type of sunscreen I use so I took that opportunity to do another fun Giveaway, and introduce you to one of my favorite products. You may have heard that sunscreen is the only real anti-aging cream, which is probably true, however not all sunscreens have been created equal. It’s not only about the SPF number. Just because you buy SPF 30 doesn’t mean your skin will be safe. It’s also important to consider the ingredients and chemicals that the sunscreen contains, because some of those could react when exposed to sun light and become carcinogenic. I use a sunscreen mineral moisturizer from DeVita Skincare, rated as one of the safest sun protections on the market, and you have the chance to win this product if you enter the contest!

Watch the video if you want to get the chance to win, listen carefully to the question and enter the right answer into the Rafflecopter widget bellow. ZGYM members will have advantage of course because you guys are familiar with my workout programs. Non members can still find the answer with a little bit of poking around the website. Don’t forget to include your email and your shipping address. All of your info will be safe and not visible to the public eye. Good luck!

I have also answered one of the most common questions I get – what keeps me motivated to stay in shape and keep improving my fitness level. It’s not because I like extreme adventures, or because I want to win a bikini competition. I don’t even have the desire to be the next American Ninja Warrior  or to win the Spartan race (even though I’m a fan of the shows and I like to watch them). My reasons are way more simple than that…as I have already explained in the video. Thank you again for being a huge part of my motivation!

P.S. I will announce the winner this Friday on my Facebook and Instagram so make sure to stay tuned.



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26 comments on “Sunscreen Giveaway and Recently Asked Questions”

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    Private  | 

    Hi Zuzka 🙂 I love the gym and workout when I can. Sometimes my disease stops me but I always claw my way back. We are the same age and I think about having a family but sometimes when my disease flattens me I think I won’t be able to manage. Working full time and training in my sport is tough enough – who knows 🙂

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    Private  |  NSW, Australia

    Hi Zuzka
    could you do video/vlog that shows your everyday life – since you wake up, your daily routine etc.
    Love you and your ass kicking workouts! 🙂


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    Private  | 

    Hi Zuzka can you do a video on your hair routine please? I absolutely adore your hair!

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    Private  | 

    When is your clothing line coming out?! Can’t wait!

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    Private  | 

    Ziska, I want to thank you for all those videos, I have been following you since your work out was called Rockbady work out. It’s amazing all the exercise That you come up with. Some of them I still trying to do it.
    But I’m a guerrera I don’t gave up. Thanks again. And please if you will have your own fitness clothing, could you send me a link in order for me to check it out. Until then keep it up.

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