We Love You Santino

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Santino had the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a dog. He was the most loving, playful, protective and stubborn friend you can imagine. He passed away yesterday morning in the hospital but in Jesse’s arms peacefully. We all fought to the last minute. He was almost 13 years old which is a high age for Cane Corso and he was active until his last day. What makes me happy is the fact that he had a great life and the last 10 days of his life was his vacation in Tahoe. It was a doggie vacation. It was all about them. Walks and hikes on the beach and in the forest every single day. They even went out with us to eat in the local coffee and burger places and we would order burgers for each one of them. He couldn’t pick a better time to leave. He’s been my family for 5 years. Every single day. He’s been Jesse’s family and a best friend years before they met me. I met 3 musketeers – Jesse, Santino and Coco. That’s how I always looked at them. Inseparable. All for one and one for all. A connection like this doesn’t end with death, it only changes it’s form. He will be always with us in our thoughts and hearts. We love you so much Santino! Now you can be there for Smalls until we all see each other again. Forever yours Jesse, Coco, Zuzka, Charlie, Gypsy & Como the cat. 

I would like to thank to our family and friends who were so supportive during this time. We love you and appreciate you.

I’m trying to focus on work again which helps a lot and Jesse and Coco who need a support the most right now. Just letting you know I’m back and motivated more than ever to work hard and to make the best out of every day for us, our family and friends.


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84 comments on “We Love You Santino”

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    I’m keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I can’t imagine the heartache your family is dealing with. I have two cats and they are my babies. I cannot even think about the day their time will come. Words aren’t enough to express the pain you are dealing with, nor are they good enough to comfort and fill the hole in your heart. However, you have an amazing family and community that will support you through this hardship. Santino was greatly loved and he felt it through his last days with you. To have lived and be a part of his life is an experience to cherish. You never really lose a loved one that has passed away – they hold too much weight to be completely out of your life. Your love will always be there as his spirit transcends to a place of eternal peace. Santino and Smalls now have each other and will patiently wait to be with the rest of their family again. <3

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    We are very sorry for your loss. I remember seeing Santino in some of your videos. Love and prayers go to all of you.

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    My dear Zuzka and Jesse!

    Sorry for replying to your blog so late but , you know, i was trying to find the right words, a few years ago i lost one of my dogs , there´s no words to express that feeling , that empity in your hearths but i am positive about Santino was a teacher of the art of love , i read that they teach us how to give and receive love unconditionally. I know because the way you express and the things you share with us that you love him and he knows that.Keep with the relationship that you have with him guys and with the time when you think about Santino you will do with a smile.

    A big hug for you guys from Mexico.

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    So, sorry for you and Jesse loss. Those furry friends are unforgettable.

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    You find comfort in the fact you gave all these animals such a loving home and im sure youll open your heart to more animals in need again!

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    Zuzka, I am so sorry for you and your family’s loss.

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    so sorry to hear the news about Santino : (. Its never easy to lose someone you love no matter four legs or two…

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    I’m sure at the end of his days, he would have earned the best compliment a dog can achieve.

    He was a good boy.

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    I don’t think I am getting your blogs or was this the last one posted so sorry for your loss xx

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