ZVLOG #11 – Try On Fashion Haul

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Here’s my new weekly vlog – I hope you’ll enjoy watching it!

I went shopping for some casual clothes so that’s what I’m sharing with you this week and also a little bit about my diet. ZGYM memebers already know I follow low carb diet and avoid sugar. It’s really not that hard to stick to a healthy diet and actually enjoy it, when you know a lot of great recipes. There are tons of those in my Nutrition section you can try at home including the Low Carb Chocolate Pumpkin Waffle – the perfect 1 minute dessert for fall.

Here’s my new outfit from Free People:










This is my $15  jacket from Cross Roads Trading Company (A.B.S. Brand) & Thermal Top from Free People


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23 comments on “ZVLOG #11 – Try On Fashion Haul”

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    I got my hoodie and tank top I ordered in the mail yesterday! I am so in love with both; I was very impressed with the quality and they are so soft! I’ll definitely be needing more. I’m looking forward to trying the supplements and tea once they are available.

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    Private  | 

    Hi Zuzka I am sooo excited about your new clothes launch! Will you be shipping to Australia??? 🙂

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    Private  | 

    This was fun, Z! I love your style!!!!! We have a very similar style. I love the colors you choose, too. Those light natural shades and all the shades of gray. I love all the variety of shades of gray. AND I love Crossroads. I second your advice! I have sold a lot of clothing there and gotten very cute stuff. It’s a great way to maintain good clothing/closet feng shui (keep things circulating so the energy doesn’t get stuffy!). It is a great way to practice non-attachment while enjoying a cute and fashionable wardrobe! I also love that typically you buy less with the credit you receive, so it can help with slimming down an overloaded closet….(I’m guilty of letting that happen, mainly because people give me their clothes all the time). I also love that everything you get at Crossroads is of good quality and nice brand names, even if they are used. I’ve gotten clothes with tags still on them there for half or a quarter of the price……

    Anyway, love you Z! You’ve inspired me to buy a waffle maker…

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