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How To Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Do you know how to track your weight loss progress without driving yourself crazy?  I’ve talked to a friend that is literally obsessed by checking her weight at least 3 times a day by stepping on a scale. She weighs herself in the morning, before she eats, after she eats, and before she goes to […]

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Confidence and Fitness – Coffee Talk

I haven’t done any coffee talk recently and since I was resting at home after shooting two kettlebell workouts, I decided to do a coffee talk and talk about confidence and fitness. It breaks my heart when I read comments or emails from young women that are struggling with their self confidence and blame their […]

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My Trip to Las Vegas

  Here we are. Me and my boyfriend Jesse in the plane on the way to Las Vegas.       I had a cheat meal already on the very first night at a restaurant of hotel Wynn where we stayed. I know, shame on me, but it was so good that I wasn’t even […]

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Interview with | Kettlebell Workouts

Hi WarrioZ! As most of you know, I recently earned my certification for Kettlebell training! It was so fun, and I learned so much I thought I knew, but I really didn’t! I absolutely love Kettlebell workouts. I was definitely tested beyond my limits, but I did it and it was such an amazing feeling! […]

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My DIY Projects

      A couple of weekends ago I decided to be creative and I shortened the legs of our table that was actually pretty tall and we had no stools to go with it. I thought why not to make a nice coffee talbe out of it. I also wanted to sand it down, […]

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Setting Up New Fitness Goals

The end of summer is a great time for setting up new fitness goals. The best thing is to set up a long term and specific goal first. When I say long term, I am talking more about 3-4 months down the road and not any longer. While there will be goals that might take […]

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Zuzka Light on Fox News Magazine – Benefits of High-Intensity Workouts…

Hey guys! Im so proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to an article for Fox News Magazine!  It’s all about short, high-intensity workouts.  All of my online workouts are focused around this style because they’re super effective!     Check out the article by clicking:  GET THE MOST OUT OF A MINIMALIST WORKOUT […]

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An Open Letter To All My Fans – Finally I am Standing up for Myself

I didn’t think that I would have to deal with this, but it came to the point when I just have to stand up for myself.  It came to my attention that my soon to be ex-husband wrote a post about our marriage in which he pictured me as an abusive monster that used him […]

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10 Minute Meditation for Inner Strength

I have been following my workout plan to the T the entire week and today I am taking a break from physical exercise (although I am still getting enough of that, by cleaning the old apartment, painting the kitchen and still moving stuff to our new home). Today I want to consciously focus on my […]

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