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Could You Do a Burpee in your Wedding Dress? Meagan Can!

Hey guys! I want to share with you Meagan Jacobsen’s story! She recently shared her beautiful pictures from her wedding in Australia, of her doing a burpee in her WEDDING DRESS! How amazing is she?!?!?! Meagan wrote that she’s been doing my workouts for some time and to get in shape for her big day, […]

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Christmas Meditation and Decoration

There is nothing more soothing then meditation via manual work. I’m not kidding. I had a blast when I had to pile chopped wood for our fireplace next to our house. I love the smell of wood and it was just nice to be outside and moving I guess. I get the same kick out […]

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Zuzka and Jesse’s Black Friday Thx!

  Hi guys,   this is what we did on Black Friday. If you like our vlogs, make sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel      So what do you think about expecting gratitude, when you give presents or doing something nice for others? Do you express your gratitude to others or are the […]

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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Here is another video of Jesse and I and what we did for the past two days. It involved pie hunting, kissing, filming a recipe video, laughing and re-designing our front room.      Our Thanksgiving dinner was a lot of fun. It seems to get better and better every year over here. […]

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Zuzka VS Cane Corso

Jesse and I have for you another video of our every day life–“Zuzka VS Cane Corso”. This time you’ll meet also the rest of our pack and see how much fun it is to have them around. If you haven’t seen our latest video with the Pillow Fight make sure to check it out and […]

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Pillow Fight and BlockBuster

Check out our new vlog! Jesse and I had a pillow fight at a store and then went to our BlockBuster. Did you know that Blockbuster is closing most of their stores? We are so bummed about it, because it’s been fun to get out of the house and go to rent a movie together. […]

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Zuzka and Jesse’s Saturday

Jesse and I had a lot of fun on Saturday even tho we were not doing anything exciting. It was just nice to hang out together and do the normal day stuff. That’s one of the things that I love about our relationship. We can have fun even doing the most boring things like running […]

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Fashion Haul | Lorna Jane Exercise Outfit

I am so happy for my new exercise outfit, and the fact that Lorna Jane was so nice to give it to me as a present. I am a big fan of her clothes and her philosophy, and I have read her book just last week on the plane on the way to Idaho. The […]

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Hotel Room Workout #2 | From Idaho

Hi everyone, I have already posted on my Facebook page this morning a picture from my hotel room in Idaho taken after my hotel room workout. I was really pressed for time and couldn’t upload the video and write the post earlier. I had to go to a couple hour long meeting and from there […]

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They Screwed Us

Saturday night I posted this “selfie” of my self stretching on Facebook saying that we are going to be leaving soon to the theatre to see the Counselor movie. The reason I really wanted to see it was actually just because of the cast. If I see a movie trailer that has Penelope Cruz, Javier […]

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