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They Screwed Us

Saturday night I posted this “selfie” of my self stretching on Facebook saying that we are going to be leaving soon to the theatre to see the Counselor movie. The reason I really wanted to see it was actually just because of the cast. If I see a movie trailer that has Penelope Cruz, Javier […]

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Blind Acupuncturist

I’ve been wanting to try an acupuncture for a really long time, because so many people here in Los Angeles have been telling me how much it’s been helping them. Even tho I’ve read that acupuncture has really no backing in the modern scientific medicine and the positive effects of this traditional Chinese medicine could […]

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Shopping for Jesse’s Birthday Present

Hi everyone, so Jesse’s birthday is coming up and I did not prepare for it. We both don’t really make a big deal about our birthdays, so I am not as stressed, however I would love to have at least a little surprise for him. I can’t even get him a cake, because he doesn’t […]

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Mirror Hunting

Today Jesse and I went mirror hunting, because I’ve been trying to find a large mirror for our living room.     The sad part is that large mirrors that you just lean against the wall are really expensive so I’ve been trying to find a good deal and I did! We discovered a tiny […]

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Two Skinny Types of People

Today I came across an interesting article in Huffpost by Scott Mowbray called “Who’s thin and why.” In his theory there are two skinny types of people. The first type that he calls “the congenitals”, naturally and unconsciously eat just enough to maintain their weight, and keep their body composition on the thin side. The […]

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How To Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Do you know how to track your weight loss progress without driving yourself crazy?  I’ve talked to a friend that is literally obsessed by checking her weight at least 3 times a day by stepping on a scale. She weighs herself in the morning, before she eats, after she eats, and before she goes to […]

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Confidence and Fitness – Coffee Talk

I haven’t done any coffee talk recently and since I was resting at home after shooting two kettlebell workouts, I decided to do a coffee talk and talk about confidence and fitness. It breaks my heart when I read comments or emails from young women that are struggling with their self confidence and blame their […]

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My Trip to Las Vegas

  Here we are. Me and my boyfriend Jesse in the plane on the way to Las Vegas.       I had a cheat meal already on the very first night at a restaurant of hotel Wynn where we stayed. I know, shame on me, but it was so good that I wasn’t even […]

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Interview with | Kettlebell Workouts

Hi WarrioZ! As most of you know, I recently earned my certification for Kettlebell training! It was so fun, and I learned so much I thought I knew, but I really didn’t! I absolutely love Kettlebell workouts. I was definitely tested beyond my limits, but I did it and it was such an amazing feeling! […]

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My DIY Projects

      A couple of weekends ago I decided to be creative and I shortened the legs of our table that was actually pretty tall and we had no stools to go with it. I thought why not to make a nice coffee talbe out of it. I also wanted to sand it down, […]

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