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This is the place where you can find anything that is lifestyle related including motivational coffee talks, news, answers to your questions, coaching, or personal blogs.

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Here’s my week in a nutshell and I talk about the giveaway at the end of the video.   All you need to do is to enter your name, and shipping address (your info stays 100% private) in the widget below – the square that says Big Holiday Giveaway. This is important because I won’t […]

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My Pre-Workout Protein with Fat Burner – ZVLOG #12

Start by watching my VLOG:   Two years ago,  I decided to start my own supplement line and develop a product that would benefit those who struggle with energy during their workouts and also fat loss. It was a long journey. My team and I have learned a lot along the way. It wasn’t easy at […]

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My Boots From Shoedazzle

This was my first time shopping at Shoedazzle.com, an online store specializing in shoes. You can also buy tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, the whole outfit, but shoes is what makes this company stand out. They have a large selection from pumps, to hiking boots and if you sign up for their V.I.P. membership, you can […]

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ZVLOG #11 – Try On Fashion Haul

Here’s my new weekly vlog – I hope you’ll enjoy watching it! I went shopping for some casual clothes so that’s what I’m sharing with you this week and also a little bit about my diet. ZGYM memebers already know I follow low carb diet and avoid sugar. It’s really not that hard to stick […]

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Z-VLOG #10 – I’m Back!

Hey guys, I’m back with a new VLOG  after taking a some time off for grieving. It was hard when Santino passed away and I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I’m much better now and excited to share my boring life with you again 😉 haha. I have a big dream though that I […]

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Best Wireless Headphones for Your Training

  Jesse and I went to the mall last night looking for wireless headphones. He’s been wanting to get the Jaybird X3 for his running, because he read some great reviews about them and did quite a bit of research. I spend hardly any time reading about gadgets, and rely mostly on Jesse’s knowledge of […]

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We Love You Santino

Santino had the biggest personality I’ve ever seen in a dog. He was the most loving, playful, protective and stubborn friend you can imagine. He passed away yesterday morning in the hospital but in Jesse’s arms peacefully. We all fought to the last minute. He was almost 13 years old which is a high age […]

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Am I The Next American Ninja Warrior & How I Made This Maxi Dress | Zvlog #8

Here’s my week in a nutshell 🙂

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