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How To Create Fun Summer Hair Styles and My Week in a Nutshell

  The highlight of the past week was when my friend Jesse German came over to give me a cut, colored my hair and showed me 2 really cute hairstyles for the summer. I was really excited for the faux bangs look, because sometimes you just want a change but you don’t feel like committing. […]

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Sunscreen Giveaway and Recently Asked Questions

You guys have been asking me what type of sunscreen I use so I took that opportunity to do another fun Giveaway, and introduce you to one of my favorite products. You may have heard that sunscreen is the only real anti-aging cream, which is probably true, however not all sunscreens have been created equal. […]

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Bikini Fashion Haul and E-Gift Card Giveaway

Hi guys, I hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve promised to do a bikini Fashion Haul and a giveaway contest so that one of you can win a $50 e-gift card to Victoria’s Secret. I’d like to point out that this giveaway is not sponsored by VS, and that this idea […]

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Fashion Haul and More – Sneakers, Shorts, Fancy Back Pack

You can buy the slide discs for 15 Minute Fit Slide Workouts here. Here’s the shorts from Popflex. Thank you Dooney & Bourke for the luxurious backpack.

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Fashion Haul – Perfect Fit Jeans, Faux Leather Jacket, Popflex Bra

I’ve done some shopping just before we left for our vacation to Prague and also when we were there. I wish I had more space in my language because there are some of my favorite stores that we don’t have here in Los Angeles. One of them is Pepe where I bought my new boot […]

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My Fashion and Beauty Must Haves

  Here are some beauty products I think are worth sharing. One will help you maintaining a healthy glow and the other will protect your sensitive ears. Here’s the essence facial stick. And here are Flutees.

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My Perfume Collection and New Shoes | Mini Fashion Haul

I’ve been asked about my perfume collection recently so here I am sharing with you my favorite scents and  also my new wedges from What perfumes do you wear?  

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Fashion Haul – Green Anorak Jacket – Love Your Melon Beanie – Guess Shoes

Here’s my latest online shopping experience: Shopping for clothes online can be tricky sometimes, because you never know what you’re actually getting unless you’re familiar with the brand and trust their garments. I don’t feel comfortable shopping at places for the first time and even tho you can read reviews directly from users on different […]

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Deodorants That Actually Work

  The deodorant I had been using for a long time is Dove clinical protection – it’s actually the only store bought deodorant that works for me. The other deodorants from a drug store don’t stop me from sweating. I’ve done some research to see if the rumors about deodorants being harmful for us is […]

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2 Tips for Beautiful Skin

Here’s where I got the mask: Tata Harper Here’s where you can get the facial steamer: Nano Ionic Facial Steamer – they offer a $5 discount if you use this code 9YFTYRG4      

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