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My Boots From Shoedazzle

This was my first time shopping at, an online store specializing in shoes. You can also buy tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, the whole outfit, but shoes is what makes this company stand out. They have a large selection from pumps, to hiking boots and if you sign up for their V.I.P. membership, you can […]

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How To Create Fun Summer Hair Styles and My Week in a Nutshell

  The highlight of the past week was when my friend Jesse German came over to give me a cut, colored my hair and showed me 2 really cute hairstyles for the summer. I was really excited for the faux bangs look, because sometimes you just want a change but you don’t feel like committing. […]

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Sunscreen Giveaway and Recently Asked Questions

You guys have been asking me what type of sunscreen I use so I took that opportunity to do another fun Giveaway, and introduce you to one of my favorite products. You may have heard that sunscreen is the only real anti-aging cream, which is probably true, however not all sunscreens have been created equal. […]

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Bikini Fashion Haul and E-Gift Card Giveaway

Hi guys, I hope your week is off to a good start. I’ve promised to do a bikini Fashion Haul and a giveaway contest so that one of you can win a $50 e-gift card to Victoria’s Secret. I’d like to point out that this giveaway is not sponsored by VS, and that this idea […]

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Fashion Haul and More – Sneakers, Shorts, Fancy Back Pack

You can buy the slide discs for 15 Minute Fit Slide Workouts here. Here’s the shorts from Popflex. Thank you Dooney & Bourke for the luxurious backpack.

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Fashion Haul – Perfect Fit Jeans, Faux Leather Jacket, Popflex Bra

I’ve done some shopping just before we left for our vacation to Prague and also when we were there. I wish I had more space in my language because there are some of my favorite stores that we don’t have here in Los Angeles. One of them is Pepe where I bought my new boot […]

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My Fashion and Beauty Must Haves

  Here are some beauty products I think are worth sharing. One will help you maintaining a healthy glow and the other will protect your sensitive ears. Here’s the essence facial stick. And here are Flutees.

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My Perfume Collection and New Shoes | Mini Fashion Haul

I’ve been asked about my perfume collection recently so here I am sharing with you my favorite scents and  also my new wedges from What perfumes do you wear?  

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Fashion Haul – Green Anorak Jacket – Love Your Melon Beanie – Guess Shoes

Here’s my latest online shopping experience: Shopping for clothes online can be tricky sometimes, because you never know what you’re actually getting unless you’re familiar with the brand and trust their garments. I don’t feel comfortable shopping at places for the first time and even tho you can read reviews directly from users on different […]

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Deodorants That Actually Work

  The deodorant I had been using for a long time is Dove clinical protection – it’s actually the only store bought deodorant that works for me. The other deodorants from a drug store don’t stop me from sweating. I’ve done some research to see if the rumors about deodorants being harmful for us is […]

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