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My Perfume Collection and New Shoes | Mini Fashion Haul

I’ve been asked about my perfume collection recently so here I am sharing with you my favorite scents and  also my new wedges from Shiekhshoes.com What perfumes do you wear?  

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Fashion Haul – Green Anorak Jacket – Love Your Melon Beanie – Guess Shoes

Here’s my latest online shopping experience: Shopping for clothes online can be tricky sometimes, because you never know what you’re actually getting unless you’re familiar with the brand and trust their garments. I don’t feel comfortable shopping at places for the first time and even tho you can read reviews directly from users on different […]

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Deodorants That Actually Work

  The deodorant I had been using for a long time is Dove clinical protection – it’s actually the only store bought deodorant that works for me. The other deodorants from a drug store don’t stop me from sweating. I’ve done some research to see if the rumors about deodorants being harmful for us is […]

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2 Tips for Beautiful Skin

Here’s where I got the mask: Tata Harper Here’s where you can get the facial steamer: Nano Ionic Facial Steamer – they offer a $5 discount if you use this code 9YFTYRG4      

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My Make Up Routine

  I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my make up routine, so I decided to do this video to answer any of your questions. I love trying new products, but my routine has not changed for years, because I’m a creature of habit. If ain’t broken don’t fix it, am I right? Here are […]

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My Daily Skincare Routine

  My Morning Routine: Burt’s Bees – Deep Cleansing Cream with Soap Bark & Chamomile (using my facial brush) Onsen – Daily Choice Peel Urban Skin Rx – USPx – Age Defying Mineral Moisturizer My Evening Routine: Onsen – Milk Lotion Cleanser (I take off my make up) Burt’s Bees – Deep Cleansing Cream with […]

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One T-shirt 10 Outfits Fashionhaul

Do you ever feel like you have nothing to wear even though your closet is full of clothes? Don’t feel bad if you do, because you’re obviously not alone. It’s a phenomenon amongst 99.9 % of women everywhere in the world. I bet you that even Beyoncee get’s tired at looking into her 10 walk-in […]

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How To Look Your Best in a Dress

I believe that fit body looks good in any dress or any outfit and if you keep up with your training, you will always look your best in your favorite dress. I have combined a fashionhaul video with some fitness tips and also great music, which might be a reason why is this video blocked […]

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Outfit of the Day and Furry Tote

  I went to run errands this morning and had to dress warm. Still, this is not the kind of winter I know growing up. At this time of year people in Prague are wearing North Face jackets.   I do have passion for good deals and recycled fashion. This cute little furry tote is […]

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Warm and Cozy

  It’s been really chilly here in LA, which is the perfect weather for warm, cozy and fuzzy sweaters.     There’s a really cute little boutique in Studio City called SOTO. If you guys ever travel to Los Angeles, make sure to visit the store.     Besides the fuzzy, soft sweaters and coats, […]

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