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Herbs That Help Reduce Anxiety And Improve Sleep

For a millennium, if not longer, people have been relying on natural herbal remedies for just about everything. Whether you’re suffering from an illness or simply going through a stressful period in your life, natural herbs can help, in fact, several of these remedies have been studied as possible treatments for things like anxiety, pain, […]

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The Health Benefits of Seaweed

First, what is seaweed? You may know it as the dark green leafy stuff wrapped around your sushi roll, however there is much more to seaweed that meets the eye! Seaweed, also known as algae is a plant-like organism that grows in the ocean. The different types of seaweed have been categorized by scientists, based […]

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Why is Sourdough Bread Healthier Than Most Breads

Question, is sourdough bread good for you? The simple answer? Yes. Sourdough is one of the oldest forms of grain fermentation, believed to have originated in ancient Egypt around 1,500 BC. Though it can be compared to your regular slice of white bread when it comes to the number of calories, carbs, and fiber, sourdough is in […]

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How We Develop Self-Confidence

Guest post by Dr. Karen Phillip  You have more control over how you feel than you ever thought possible. To be self-confident is to enjoy a feeling of trust in your abilities, qualities, and judgement. It is an internal state that is made up of what we think and feel about ourselves. To be self-confident is to be secure in […]

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5 Tips For Getting Lean In Summer 2017

We’re well into the summer now, and if you’re like many people, you may have given up on your New Year’s resolution to get fit, or, you’ve fallen off the wagon. Use these 5 tips to inspire and motivate you to get back on track! 1.    Burn More Fat with HIIT.  HIIT stands for high-intensity […]

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The 10 BEST Inflammation-Fighting Foods You Need To Be Eating

Fighting inflammation is quickly becoming a major health priority—and for good reason, considering inflammation is linked to everything from bloating and acne to life-threatening illnesses such as cancer and diabetes. Here are 10 of the BEST anti-inflammatory foods you NEED to be eating! 1. Turmeric. Turmeric was one of the most trending pins in Pinterest […]

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Is Chewing Gum Bad For You? 

It’s an age-old question. Is chewing gum really bad for you? People have been chewing gum since the time of the ancient Greeks, when they first peeled bark from trees and used it as a breath sweetener. Today, many people who chew gum, look at it as a snack. Mostly, they like the flavor or […]

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Fairy Blends Tea – Energy

I love tea. As a young girl growing up in Czechoslovakia (later Czech republic) my life wasn’t always picture perfect. But I think something wonderful can happen when we go through hardship. Much like working out, when the load you carry becomes heavier, you can either give up or you can become stronger. And I have always been […]

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Fitting Out

I’m sure that you’ve heard the phrase, “fitting in”. Someone who fits in can be described as someone who blends into a crowd. Someone who looks and acts like the people they’re surrounded with. Someone who doesn’t make waves or draw attention to themselves. It’s someone who doesn’t stand out for any particular reason. Many, […]

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5 Hyper-Functional Beverages: The New Health Tonics

Once upon a time, when we looked for a drink, all we wanted was some hydration. Now people want hydration and more. On the market, you know have beverages with collagen in it to enhance beauty, cinnamon extracts to tackle diabetes, and even Omega-3s for heart health. Functional drinks are exciting, but you still have to keep […]

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