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Stretch For Mobility Not Just Flexibility

Though the two terms, mobility and flexibility, may seem somewhat similar, they approach the idea of stretching from very different perspectives.  According to Kelly Starrett, a famous physical therapist and mobility expert, stretching with the mindset of optimizing mobility and performance rather than simply loosening up or staying limber is the essential attitude we should […]

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You Are Greater Than Your Genetics

Sometimes people mistakenly blame their lack of fitness and wellbeing on their genes.  They insist that heredity is at fault rather than their own lack of effort or will.  The good news is they’re wrong.  While our genetic makeup does affect many aspects of who we are, it does not completely dictate our physiological or […]

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How To Use Tape Measure to Track Your Progress

    If you don’t know how to use tape measure to track your progress, then read on and watch the video. Being able to take your own measurements is going to help you to see any changes in your body composition that may be happening on a weekly basis. It’s not a rocket science […]

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Chasing The Runner’s High: Exercise and Endorphins

Often after an intense workout some of us feel a sudden sense of joy, a rush that’s hard to explain to people who don’t regularly exercise.  Our blood is pumping, we’re breathing hard, but we can’t help but smile.  All seems right with the world.  This is what many loosely call a ‘runner’s high’ and […]

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Music To Our Ears: The Effects of Music on Exercise

Some of us simply cannot exercise without listening to music.  Many of us fine-tune our playlists on Spotify or iTunes in hopes of creating the perfect mix for our workouts.  Even athletes, from MMA fighters to NBA stars, insist on listening to music to get them amped for competition or to calm their nerves.  Recent […]

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Getting Your Zs: Five Tips For Better Sleep

Sleep is an essential aspect of wellbeing and fitness.  According to Dr. Phyllis Zee (what a fitting last name!), a sleep specialist and professor of neurology at University of Chicago, exercise, diet and sleep are the three essential components to health.  Dr. Zee goes on to explain that exercise and sleep share an important relationship […]

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Four Signs That You Might Be Overdoing It

Rest is a vital aspect of fitness.  In order steadily increase strength and stamina when working out, your body needs sufficient time to recover.   An important and often overlooked fact about exercise is that muscles are built while resting not while training.  Diet is also crucial in this regard.  Food is fuel.  The healthier, less […]

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How to Deal with Problems

  Being a human and being alive has his pro and cons just like everything else. One of those cons are challenges and problems that we have to deal with on a regular basis. Ever since we were born life wouldn’t always go the way we wanted to, but that doesn’t mean that life sucks […]

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Exercise For Your Mind: Four Benefits of Meditation

Fitness and wellbeing are not just about diet and exercise.  Our mind plays a vital role as well.  Various academic studies now show that meditation is perhaps the best way to train the mind and provide it relief from daily stress and anxiety.  Meditation also allows us to better focus on the important aspects of […]

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5 Tips For Better Squat

   Long considered the gold standard of exercises in weight rooms and most athletic programs around the world, squats are one of the most beneficial movements to do, not just for shapely, toned legs, but for overall fitness as well.  Squats work the glutes, quads and hamstrings with incredible effectiveness and efficiency.  They also work […]

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