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Five Tips To Help Fix Lower Back Pain

   At some point, many of us have experienced a dull, nagging ache in our lower back or even a sharp, sudden pain while lifting or playing sports.  We also spend hours at a time slumping in chairs or standing with bad posture adding more stress to our already sore lumbar region.  With that in […]

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Regular Exercise Is Now Proven To Treat Depression

Sometimes the blues just don’t go away.  Clouds linger around us and not much seems to brighten our days.  Add to the fact that our lives are increasingly sedentary even with our busy schedules and often filled with uncertainty.  It’s no wonder that pharmaceutical companies are minting a fortune off our sorrows. I went through […]

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4 Tips For Stronger and Better Push Ups

  Unlike Shakeweights and Thighmasters, the basic pushup has endured the test of time for its simplicity and effectiveness.  Done properly, pushups work the chest, arms, shoulders, back and core.  Unfortunately, many of us have been taught incorrect form – Elbows flare out, lower backs arch, and butts stick out.  We grunt and groan through […]

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2 Steps to Powerful Hip Flexors

  Having strong and flexible hip flexors is super important for our health and for any sport activities. Nowadays most of us spend so much time sitting at work, in the car, and on the couch, which makes our hip flexors passively contracted for majority of time.  What that does is, that our hip flexors […]

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Five Tips to Help Avoid Binge Eating During The Holidays

  While the holidays are a fun, festive time, they can also be full of frustration and fret. Unruly relatives, mobs of ravenous shoppers in crowded malls and broken budgets often lead us down a deliciously dangerous path of binge eating.  With so much going on this time of year, it’s no wonder that many […]

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How To Track Your Weight Loss Progress

Do you know how to track your weight loss progress without driving yourself crazy?  I’ve talked to a friend that is literally obsessed by checking her weight at least 3 times a day by stepping on a scale. She weighs herself in the morning, before she eats, after she eats, and before she goes to […]

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Stretching Exercises For Every Day

I am a strong believe in the connection between our body and mind, which makes me believe even more in physical fitness and the benefits of daily stretching exercises. I notice myself right away the  effect that stretching has on my mind and my mood.      I shared with you basic stretches in the […]

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Daily Fitness Goals – Small Steps Big Gains

The last time we discussed how to set your long term goals and now I want to talk about your daily fitness goals, that represent the small steps to your ultimate achievement. The first step to success is to have a specific goal, the second step is to make a plan on how to achieve […]

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Setting Up New Fitness Goals

The end of summer is a great time for setting up new fitness goals. The best thing is to set up a long term and specific goal first. When I say long term, I am talking more about 3-4 months down the road and not any longer. While there will be goals that might take […]

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The Benefits of Kettlebell Training

Why did I choose to implement kettlebell training into my routines and what benefits does it have you may ask. Let me first tell you a little bit about this special  exercise equipment. The kettlebell has been around for centuries and archeological records are pointing towards the ancient Greece as the place of origin. There […]

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