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Want to Get 6 Pack Abs? Train Your Core

Who doesn’t want to get 6 Pack Abs?  The key is to train your all your core muscles with a variation of exercises.  So how does your core strength measure up? Most people only focus on training abdominal muscles to get those elusive 6 pack abs however it really involves training your entire core.  This […]

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Recovery After Exercise – Important For Your Health And Progress

Exercise and Recovery   Why do you think that recovery after exercise is so important? Think of it this way, the pain that you feel in your muscles after an intense workout is basically a signal that your muscles have been damaged. Your body is letting you know that you have been injured and is […]

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Handstands Help With Stress And Weight Loss

  Handstands, Stress, and Weight Loss   Did you know that you can boost your metabolism, reduce stress, and speed up weight loss by doing handstands? Doesn’t it sound like fun? I love the idea of using fun activities to improve my health, fitness and mood. Handstands can do all of those things for you.  […]

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Beginners and Exercise

        I have an important message for all beginners that have been thinking about starting a new exercise program! Don’t ever be afraid to start working out, and remember that all winners were once beginners. Do not ever think less of yourself just because you are just starting. THIS applies to anything […]

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