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The Health & Fat Burning Benefits of My Pre-Workout Protein Blend

My pre-workout protein blend with botanical fat burner contains a variety of unique ingredients. I want to share with you today, the health and fat burning benefits of these components. Green Tea Leaf Green tea leaf has the incredible power to shift your fat-fighting metabolism into high gear! Green tea contains a potent antioxidant called […]

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Prebiotics and Probiotics: Which Should You be Taking?

People are into pro/prebiotics. And with good reason! You might have heard about probiotics being in yogurt and lurking around in your stomach somewhere and you know they’re supposed to be good for you. But what are probiotics exactly? Put simply, probiotics are good bacteria. But how can bacteria be good? The National Center for […]

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What Kind of Bread Should I Eat?

Many people choose not to eat bread or any products that contain grains. Some people only want to avoid gluten. Some people just want to avoid carbs. But I would hazard a guess that lots and lots of people have a vague idea that bread and wheat are bad for us but they’re not sure […]

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Rewrite Your Own Story

By now, as we’re nearing the halfway point of January, the shiny newness of your resolutions might be wearing off. Even if you didn’t make any formal 2017 resolutions, I bet there are some things you’ve vowed to do better with this year. If you’re like me, you’re the kind of person who is always […]

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Potatoes for Healthy Weight Loss

We all know that processed carbs like white flour cookies, frozen pizza, fast food burger buns, and donuts (just to name a few) aren’t good choices when we’re trying to lose weight. Those kinds of carbohydrates are chock full of empty calories (high calorie count with little to no useful nutritional content) and cause inflammation […]

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EFA’s Can Actually Block Fat

  A couple weeks ago, I wrote an article about what kinds of supplements I use and why. One of the supplements I take daily are EFAs, or essential fatty acids. I’ve went over what EFAs are (Omega-3s and Omega-6s) and why they’re important in that article. But I also wanted to talk about what they can […]

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My Advice for “Holiday Eating”

Well it’s almost here. We are near the peak of the holiday season (if you happen to be celebrating, which you might not). Thanksgiving is over and Santa-time is just ramping up. Whatever your beliefs and/or traditions are, it’s times like these that can really wreak havoc on your diet and exercise routines. Travel, business, […]

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The Essentials in Supplements

As most of you know, I usually like to trumpet the immense value of eating mostly unprocessed foods. I like to avoid sugar and keep it fairly low-carb as well. But sometimes it can be difficult to get every single bit of the nutrients we need to keep our bodies humming along perfectly from our […]

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Is Slow Weight Loss a Myth?

I don’t know about you but I’ve always heard that to lose weight and keep it off you must lose weight slowly. What I’ve always taken this to mean is that if you lose weight quickly you must be doing something that is unhealthy (like starving yourself) or unsustainable (like eating only cabbage soup). It turns […]

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Is Drinking Good or Bad For You?

Alcohol is kind of a sensitive subject. Many of us drink. Many of us don’t. Some people feel that alcohol is a lovely gift, a way to socialize and a way to relax and toast to all of the bounty life brings us. Some people love alcohol but aren’t able to tolerate it or drink […]

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