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Get Smarter in 5 Minutes by Reading This Article

I remember playing a game once at a party where we would read aloud questions that were printed on special little cards. Sort of like conversation starters. And one of the questions was: Would you choose to be significantly smarter if it meant that you’d have to weigh 40 more pounds? It was a silly […]

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A Simple Way to Lose Weight

What should I eat if I want to lose weight? The above question is one we’ve been asking for forever. The answer you get can depend on which decade you asked and what diet fad was in vogue. The 80s said fat was the enemy, the 90s said we should eat nothing but cabbage soup, […]

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Why I Don’t Really Believe in Heart Rate Monitors

How do you know if you’re working hard enough? In the fitness world, this question can often become all-consuming. One obvious way to tell if your exercise routine is strenuous enough is by the results you get from it. But results, be they in the form of gained lean muscle mass, fat loss, and/or a […]

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What Kind of Super Hero are You?

  A few weeks ago I had a day when I didn’t feel very good about myself. I like to stay as positive as I can and usually feel calm and confident. But we all have bad days. Have you ever had a day like that? A day where you sat on your couch feeling […]

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Change Bad Behavior for Good!

  I get asked a lot of questions. But one of the most common and prevalent issues people often grapple with is this: I want to change my life and truly get fit. But I always end up falling off the wagon. How can I really make my exercise and diet routine stick? It’s easy to start […]

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Good Stress VS Bad Stress

There’s this great concept I read about on the Precision Nutrition website. It’s called, “good stress”. I know what you’re probably thinking. Good stress? But Zuzka, you’re always telling us not to get too stressed out and worry too much! In fact, I’m pretty sure that you recently wrote an article telling us that stress can make us sick […]

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Complete This Exercise to Discover Your Priorities

“I don’t have time to exercise”. This is such a common refrain. I see it constantly as I read through all the comments and questions on my website. And I can’t pretend to know what happens during the daily moments of everyone’s lives. I know how busy I am. I have a beautiful backyard and […]

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Let’s Talk About the Reasons Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Are you happy with your weight? Great! You can skip this article. Do you want to lose weight and know how? Great! You too can skip this article. Do you want to lose weight and can’t? Do you work so hard and torture yourself with weird diets and waste tons of money at the grocery […]

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Drink Coffee AND Get Healthy!

  I love coffee! Not a day goes by when I don’t enjoy at least one cup. I love coffee so much that I write about it all the time. In fact, I wrote an article about the many health benefits of coffee almost exactly a year ago. And in 2014, I blogged about what a great natural workout […]

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Sugar Gives You Acne and Wrinkles!

  I try to avoid processed sugar mainly because the addictive, empty calories make me feel yucky and cause I know about all the health risks associated with sudden spikes of insulin levels. Not even mentioning the unnecessary weight gain in the form of body fat. Processed sugar doesn’t just exist in the obvious places […]

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