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christmas treat makeover

Get Ready for Christmas Treat Makeovers

Hi WarriorZ, It’s time to shop for Holidays and my plan is to come up with healthier versions of Christmas meals and treats. I had a great success with my Power Balls last year so I would like to do that recipe again and share it with you. A good friend of mine works at […]

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zuzka light healthy snacks for fat loss

Candy bars for fat loss?

Hi WarriorZ, In my recent post I have shared with you the treats that I had for Thanksgiving dinner, because I wanted to make the point that Im not as strict, when it comes to nutrition as you may think.  I don’t ever see myself stressing over the food I ate at Thanksgiving dinner, wedding, […]

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chocolate brownie for weight loss

Chocolate Brownie for Weight Loss

Hi WarriorZ! I have a great recipe for a chocolate brownie that you don’t have to bake. It’s also made out of superfoods and it’s a great snack that will boost your metabolism. I will post the exact amount of each ingredient on my facebook page so check it out.   Best, Zuzka Light.

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