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What is a Burpee – Learn the Basics

With a cute name like burpee, one doesn’t naturally think it is an extreme exercise that will crank up the intensity of your workout. However, after a few minutes of performing burpees, you will quickly discover that your own bodyweight provides enough resistance for a true kick ass workout that will increase your stamina and […]

six pack abs

Best Ab Workouts – Tips to Get 6 Pack Abs

Think back to grade school gym class and you’ll probably be reminded of the classic sit up or crunch.  While this may not been one of the best ab workouts, many people haven’t advanced much past these primitive ab exercises, yet they wonder why they’re not getting the 6 pack abs that they seek.  The […]


Benefits of Flexibility and Stretching

      There are many benefits of flexibility and stretching!  Flexibility is a very important component of fitness, and stretching is an important activity that offers significant benefits to our health and exercise. There is no doubt that flexibility plays a huge role in any kind of sport performance. For example, the big bulky guys […]


Sexy Butt in 3 Minutes a Day – Butt Week #2

  Hi girls, For all of you busy bees out there that don’t have time to do even my short 15 minute workouts, don’t get discouraged, get excited instead, because I have a solution for you. I get days like that myself, when even my shortest workout still seems way too long for me to […]