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Fashion Haul and More – Sneakers, Shorts, Fancy Back Pack

 | 29 Comments  | Fashion & Beauty


You can buy the slide discs for 15 Minute Fit Slide Workouts here.

Here’s the shorts from Popflex.

Thank you Dooney & Bourke for the luxurious backpack.

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29 comments on “Fashion Haul and More – Sneakers, Shorts, Fancy Back Pack”

  1. private avatar image

    Private  |  Michigan, USA

    I know I’m a little late in the conversation of watching this fashion haul and I usually keep my keyboard quiet when I don’t agree, but discussing Zuzkas body proportions and comparing them to the inth degree really disturbs me. Even if the intentions were good I think it’s distasteful to ask a women if her thighs are bigger and then converse about it. I would personally feel very uncomfortable if people were discussing me that way if I didn’t ask their opinion. Obviously we all know Z looks amazing. We don’t need to analyze her body dimensions. It’s just creepy.

    Any way, great fashion haul! I love pop flex shorts and I have the same print! Super comfy! I plan on getting more also from them 🙂

    • private avatar image

      Private  |  Seattle, Washington

      It had nothing to do with her sex. It had do with an increase in muscle mass in one of the bigger groups muscle on a friend. It could be a male or a female it just happened to be a female. Your discomfort is internal to you.

      • private avatar image

        Private  |  Seattle, Washington

        To clarify, this is about muscle gains not some thigh fetish. If I asked a guy or some less famous person there would be no problem with the idea. I get tired of people projecting their own problems on to others.

  2. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    When are you going to start selling your clothing line!?

    • private avatar image

      Private  | 

      I keep wondering the same thing!!

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