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Some individuals can be easily classified as a specific body type. Elite athletes in particular are easy to recognize. For instance, soccer players are usually mesomorphs; marathon runners are likely ectomorphs; and heavyweight powerlifters endomorphs.

You could also fall in between categories. It’s possible for some people to be genetic ecto-mesomorphs (athletic looking yet still on the thin side), or natural endo-mesomorph (really muscular yet carrying extra body fat around their waist).  It’s important to know that your lifestyle can also alter your natural somatotype to produce a hybrid type. For example you could be someone who was born as a genetic ectomorph or endomorph that has exercised and eaten well for years and now resembles a mesomorph.  On the other side of the spectrum, you could be someone who is a natural ectomorph or mesomorph that has developed poor insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate tolerance due to years of poor food choices and lack of exercise,  and now resembles an endomorph.

If you’re having a hard time to figure out what somatotype you are, don’t worry about it too much. It only serves you to determine your ideal macronutrient composition (the ratio of carbs, proteins, and fats). It all comes down to your goals.

  • Are you interested in muscle gain? Begin with Ectomorphic recommendations
  • Do you want to prioritize fat loss? Begin with Endomorphic recommendations
  • Do you need to improve your endurance? Begin with Ectomorphic recommendations
  • Do you want to improve your strength/power performance? Begin with Mesomorphic recommendations

Carbohydrate timing table for Somatotypes:


1. Typical goal – gain muscle

2. Carbohydrate tolerance – Excellent

3. Carbohydrate timing rules – include starchy carbs during/after each exercise session. Some starchy, whole-grain carbs can be eaten at every other meal. Stick to super foods and healthy carbs. Veggies and fruit should be eaten at each meal.



1. Typical goal – gain muscle, lose fat

2. Carbohydrate tolerance – Moderate

3. Carbohydrate timing rules – include sugary carbs only during/after exercise. Starchy, whole-grain carbs can also be eaten at breakfast. Veggies and fruit should be eaten at every meal.



1. Typical goal – lose fat

2. Carbohydrate tolerance – Poor

3. Carbohydrate timing rules – all starchy carbs should be included only during/after exercise. Veggies and fruit (5:1 serving ratio) should be eaten at each meal.

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78 comments on “Body Types”

  1. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    hey zuzka ! first i love you so much and i m following you from the vcery first begining with body rock tv ! you are such an inspiration ‘such agreat person from the inside and of course from the oustide !
    i have 2 questions please: 1- aot carbs: whenyou say about the timing rules: during exercise ‘it means before ? because during my exercise im not eating 🙂
    2- about carbs again:) even if i eat brown rice/brown pasta ‘quinoa’ or things like that i need to eat it only if im working out hard ? i mean if its a weight training only (not easy-challenging) iits include it ?
    i think aim an endormoroph: i have small waist by nature’flat and pretty define abs’ by nature but i have large shoulders’large huips from the belly line i think’i tend to stock fat in my thighs and butt/and also have a stochage in my triceps area !

    and yes my passion is starchy carbs’and seweets as chocolate and more but i tried to eliminate them or reduce them all my life ‘i cant stick with taht /it is so hard/

  2. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    oh and i forgot to explain something : i was doing lots of hit in the past almost evreyday ‘and i checked my moves with professional fromdifferent degres just to see that im doing right befroe moving to harder ones’but i think it destroyed my back ‘i m now avoiding jusmping (even if i like this so much ) ! i know its a great way to burn lots of calories but i prefer avoiding/so whats call a hard workout for you ? only hiits ‘or even weights training ‘cardio like walk fast on gradient’ and then eliptic on level that challengung me ? i need those carrrbbsssss!!!

  3. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    I have gain fat on belly, hips, and thigh over a year. I what to lose this fat so I try to do your workout. I have hard time to stay motivated and I pay attention to my diet more veggies and fruits and smaller portions of carbs.
    But I wonder if I should include more cardio like a run or two over the week besides your daily workout? Or if there’s enough cardio in the workout schedule.
    Thanks so much for answer.

  4. private avatar image

    Private  |  Austin, Texas

    I’m mostly endomorph….. is paleo a good eating style to take on for this body type?

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