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Guest article By Dr Karen Phillip

Many of us have heard about Hypnotherapy, but did you know it is now regarded as one of the fastest and most efficient ways to naturally improve your body, health and mind.

Hypnotherapy was registered as a medical treatment back in 1956 and has been growing in popularity ever since. Thanks to technology we now have it available online after the launch of the innovative new site

Hypnotherapy sessions are all about emotional, physical and psychological health. Recent studies have discovered when we become stressed, suffer anxiety or become overwhelmed; we use excessive energy to survive and cope. The burden this places on the body is enormous and dangerous. The results can be devastating as our relationships become strained, emotional issues overwhelm us, brain processing deteriorates, energy reduces, and weight often increases.

How many of you have gained weight, struggled to quit cigarettes, toss and turned through a sleepless night, snap at loved ones, developed pain in an area of your body or become excessively stressed or overwhelmed? According to studies, the majority of the population.

Many people are now entering into the world of self-healing using safe and natural Hypnotherapy.  We are finally starting to reject the use of chemicals and drugs as we embrace the simple and natural way to invest in our self and use the power of our mind within. It is encouraging to see so many smart people utilizing the use of their own ability and mind to naturally improve their body and life by the use of exercise, healthy diet and now using the power of their mind with Hypnotherapy.

‘What the mind believes, the body responds to’

When our mind is clear and empowered, we can function in ways that are of benefit to us instead of ways that are detrimental. We can alleviate that habitual or addictive behaviour such as excessively eating or drinking, gambling, even that hot temper. Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic way to relax the body and mind while suggestions are given allowing you to remove that annoying issue and redevelop power and self-control through your mind. This is reflected in our body, health, behavior and life.

Successful Weight Loss

Excess weight is one of the countries most serious issues both emotionally and physically. Once you re-adjust the way you think and feel about food, you can take control instead of letting food control you. Hypnotherapy gives people back their control. Healthy small portions are selected as the preferred method of consuming foods instead of treating your body as a garbage bin. The choice becomes easy, weight dissolves. When weight is under control, your self-esteem and confidence rises, and you can become the individual that you deserve and want to be. No diets, measuring or special foods, just intrinsic right choices.

Essential Sleep

7 – 8 hours of good restful sleep each night is crucial for health and brain function. Research tells us approximately 70% of the population struggle getting a full night of restful deep sleep. We often try pills or even alcohol, but these have limited effects and usually make us foggy the following day. You can change this sleep problem within a few nights. Hypnotherapy can help your body learn to switch off your busy mind and relax, allowing you fall asleep naturally and enjoy that full night of deep sleep and comfortable rest to wake refreshed.

Quit Smoking

The majority of people turn to Hypnotherapy to quit smoking after all other attempts have failed before discovering Hypnotherapy is fast, easy, and instant. Thousands of people stop smoking using hypnotherapy, and it is completely safe and natural. You regain the control instead of letting the cigarette control you. And, there are no withdrawals or chemicals.

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety and stress issues continue to escalate; reports of panic attacks continue to increase. Anxiety is all about thoughts and coping skills. You can readjust your thoughts and regain your ability to control your emotional responses. Imagine how amazing it will feel when you are no longer bothered by anxiety and panic attacks. Imagine remaining relaxed and in control. Hypnotherapy provides this quickly.

Lower Pain

Did you know that pain medication blocks the message pathway from the affected area to the brain? This is precisely what hypnotherapy does. Hypnotherapy can interrupt the signals to alleviate and lower pain levels allowing you to be less focused on the discomfort. Using the power of the mind, you can dial down that pain drug-free.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

People are discovering the benefits and speed of which Hypnotherapy can assist with so many issues. Now being able to access and do the session you need on-line, is proving enormously effective and beneficial. The smarter and more informed people become, the more popular Hypnotherapy sessions become.

Virtual Hypnotherapy

After working for years supporting people through those challenging issues in their life, I became frustrated having people wait months for an appointment. To resolve this problem Virtual Hypnotherapy was created. As a leading Counselling Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Australia, I placed my sessions on-line to enable instant access. Now people from all over the world are benefiting from these innovative therapeutic sessions. I so love hearing the stories of recovery, renewed happiness, strength and empowerment.

When your mind can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it.

There is a choice of valuable sessions available at Virtual Hypnotherapy including Reduce Anxiety, Remove Past Baggage, Relationship Recovery, even Stop Nail Biting. One of the most popular sessions is Weight Loss followed by the Sleep Session to Reduce Insomnia and Quit Smoking.

By using the power of your mind, you learn to access your own strength, knowledge and awareness to heal and manage so many annoying or challenging issues. You Take Back Control. And all you need to do is sit back comfortably, and allow my voice to relax and inspire you. It really is that easy.

Start your renewal and recovery today. For details please visit

Look through the Session choices in Virtual Hypnotherapy, and select the right session to help you. If you require assistance and advise on the therapy session most beneficial for you, please email me via the site. I look forward to supporting you.

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3 comments on “Improve Your Life Naturally”

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    Hi zuzka, i know im little bit out of this article, but i´d like to ask, if you dont want to continue shooting your cooking videos (i mean Zchef as you did). I really like them and it´s better if i see somebody to prepare meals not only to read recipes:)

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    I love this!!!! It is so true…. “when your mind can conceive it, and you believe it, you can achieve it.” Thanks for posting this:-)

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    Private  |  Mexico, México

    It is true that to be healthy we have to take care of the three aspects of our body. Thank you so much for posting this Zuz.

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