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3 Habits that Cause You to Age Faster

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Do you feel like you are aging faster than your years? Did you know that the types of foods you eat and even the way you sleep can add years to your face and may shorten your lifespan? If you aren’t happy with the face staring back at you in the mirror, here are three habits that might be at fault and should be stopped ASAP.

You Haven’t Quite Shaken Your “College Bedtime”

Gone are the days when we can pull all-nighters, cramming for tests and can simply recharge with the help of energy drinks and coffee. Research links a lack of a good night’s sleep to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight gain, and even just looking tired and old. Sometimes in our busy and hectic lives, we forgot just how important a good night’s sleep really is. Start making sleep a priority and your body will thank you. The National Sleep Foundation recommends trying to get anywhere from 7-9 hours of sleep a night, and once this becomes a more frequent routine, you will start finding yourself feeling refreshed and well rested upon waking up to tackle the new day!

You Bottle Up Stress Rather Than Handling It

University of Canterbury researchers have discovered a link between the avoidance of stress and high anxiety levels. It takes that much energy to suppress your emotions! “When issues aren’t addressed, the stress still exists in the body,” says women’s lifestyle expert Charly Emery.  Stress can have a HUGE impact on your health. It can start affecting your skin, causing acne breakouts and even go as far as messing up your sleep.

Take a little you-time when you start to feel stressed out. Healthy and quiet ways to deal with your stress can include meditating, deep breathing, and even going for a walk. A study published in Psychological Science, showed that just 15 minutes of focused-breathing could encourage people to make more rational decisions rather than reckless ones that could just add to any existing stress.

Feeding That Sweet Tooth of Yours

Aside from a sugar-packed diet taking its toll on your waistline and weight, too much of a good thing can even accelerate the skin-aging process leaving your skin looking dull and prematurely wrinkled. A 2009 study published in PLOS Genetics showed a connection between the rise in age-related diseases and the over-consumption of sugar. Due to a process known as glycation, sugars attach to/damage proteins like collagen and elastin. These proteins are what your body needs in order to keep your keep skin smooth and flexible.

Breaking this habit is a little easier said than done, especially if you have a major sweet tooth. But avoiding processed sugars and switching them out for natural forms to satisfy your cravings for sweets is a great start!

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