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5 Hyper-Functional Beverages: The New Health Tonics

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Once upon a time, when we looked for a drink, all we wanted was some hydration. Now people want hydration and more. On the market, you know have beverages with collagen in it to enhance beauty, cinnamon extracts to tackle diabetes, and even Omega-3s for heart health. Functional drinks are exciting, but you still have to keep a close eye on the product despite its health claims.

Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, post-workout recovery, focus and concentration, or quality shut-eye, there’s a drink for that.

Here are 5 hyper-functional beverages, that dominate the market as the newest and greatest health tonics.

Bone Broth Protein Drinks. Protein drinks are making a huge leap this year, as more and more people become aware of the metabolism boosting, anti-aging, and appetite suppressant effects of protein. You can find all sorts of protein drinks for every moment of your day. From pre-workout to post-workout, to pre-bedtime recovery protein drinks.

In particular, bone broth protein has exploded this year and with good reason. Bone broth is full of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulfur, and others, in the best form that your body can easily absorb.  Bone broth also contains chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine, the very same compounds sold as pricey supplements to reduce inflammation, arthritis and joint pain.

As a bonus, bone broth is full of collagen. As we age, we lose collagen. Collagen is a super functional ingredient for beautiful skin, fewer wrinkles, and healthy joints. Sounds like the perfect protein drink!

Mushroom Drinks.  From mushroom coffee to teas to even hot cocoa, mushrooms are IN! Sipping on mushroom drinks for health reasons, is a practice that has been done for thousands of years in the East, and recently, us Western folks have hopped on the fungi drinking train!

Medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps, reishi, chaga, and lion’s mane (to name a few) promote stress-reduction, immunity, and an extensive list of health benefits. (FYI, none of these mushrooms are associated with the hallucinogenic variety that we know of)

Since our immune systems is constantly under siege, drinking these mushroom based drinks is an excellent way to boost your immune system and protect your body. These mushrooms are classified as “adaptogens,” which help your body to adapt and better handle daily stress.

When purchasing medicinal mushroom drinks, it’s important to know what extraction process the company uses. We are not able to absorb the mushroom’s nutrients because the fungi lock their immune activating beta-glucans and polysaccharides in chitin cell walls. This is indigestible to humans. Look for hot water extractions from companies such as Four Sigmatic and Rebbl drinks.

Macaccino. Organic macaccino is a maca based energy drink. Maca is a powerful adaptogen, increases energy, endurance, strength, and the libido. It contains more than 10% protein, nearly 20 amino acids, including 7 essential amino acids.

According to the founders of Macaccino, “Maca root has been used for thousands of years as a natural stimulant for long lasting energy, improved mood, and to treat illnesses. It’s also well-known for its libido-enhancing properties for both men and women as it improves blood flow and overall well-being. It balances the body’s muscular, lymphatic, nervous, and cardiovascular systems, and gives the user internal balance and strength known to those familiar with a superfood rich diet.”

The beautiful part about this natural stimulant is that you don’t feel like you are taking a stimulant.  Maca is a perfect balance of well-being, energy, and superfood nutrition that leaves you feeling young and refreshed. This is an excellent choice for anyone that has a caffeine sensitivity, or just wants a boost of energy without having it interfere with their sleep.

Golden Milk. If you’re looking to reduce inflammation, boost your health and increase recovery, then consuming turmeric is for you. And a delicious way to get it? Golden milk. Ordering golden milk at a coffee shop is becoming more and more popular and accessible. The primary ingredient and most health-boosting property of golden milk is turmeric. Turmeric is a relative of ginger and an absolute powerhouse when it comes to health.

Turmeric contains the potent antioxidant called curcumin, which is responsible for giving turmeric that bright yellow color.

Golden milk is very popular right now, not just because it tastes delicious, but because consuming it on a regular basis, will help you reap the many health benefits of turmeric.

According to scientific research at the University of Maryland Medical Center, turmeric may help with the following health conditions:

•    Bacterial infections

•    Cancer

•    Heart disease

•    Digestive issues

•    Neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease

•    Arthritis

•    Stomach ulcers

•    Ulcerative colitis

Golden milk makes it easy and delicious to incorporate turmeric into your diet regularly.

Amino Acid Drinks.  Amino acid drinks are being targeted to the rising health, fitness and wellness conscious demographic. These drinks are full of L-carnitine or Taurine the two amino acids that most of you are already familiar with. But these drinks are also filled with BCAAs – branched amino acids. These drinks combine three amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine, to beneficially influence your muscles. This functional beverage helps to build muscle and reduce soreness and recovery time after workouts. Be aware that most of the times, BCAAs are mixed with caffeine and l-carnitine, taurine or vitamins to make them even more effective.

What to look for: No matter what hyper-functional drink you’re into, always read your labels. Stay clear of high sugary drinks, and anything with artificial flavors and colors. Many herbal based drinks that promote alertness contain high levels of caffeine so know your tolerance.

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6 comments on “5 Hyper-Functional Beverages: The New Health Tonics”

  1. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Hi Zu! When do you drink your Maca ? Before workout or? xxx

  2. private avatar image

    Private  |  GA, United States

    Ha! What timing: I JUST made a huge crockpot full of bone broth the other day! We have a local farm that doesn’t use hormones, is all-natural, and treats their animals right — We got some beef bones from them the other week, and wow, it made the best tasting broth ever! Perfect for home-made French Onion Soup with homemade sourdough french loaf! YUM!!

    I’ll have to give the others a try, too! 😀

  3. private avatar image

    Private  |  Jura, France

    I love golden milk and bone broth (learned about them from Dr.Axe) .I tried adding ginger and turmeric in my bone broth! ha, ha. tastes good, but need a proper slow cooker. My Cookeo is high -pressure and can do slow cooking, but only 30 min at a time..sucks.

  4. private avatar image

    Private  |  Sydney, NSW, Australia

    Hi Zuzka,
    Thank you for all the useful information.
    I’ve been seeing an incredibly experienced osteo here in Sydney, Australia for a couple of years now. He’s helped me through various injuries, and has never pushed me to buy any health inhancing products. However, recently he’s been very excited about a health drink out of the US called ASEA. It’s meant to help your body’s cells repair faster and work more efficiently by using your body’s fat stores rather than glucose to produce energy. I’ve purchased it and am giving it a try in an attempt to naturally heel damaged cells from a herniated disc injury.
    Have you heard of this product?

  5. private avatar image

    Private  |  Minnesota, USA


    I use bone broth now instead of adding water when I make curries. I hope that is healthier and it makes the taste richer as well.

    Every morning I have a homemade green smoothie, to which I always add cinnamon, ginger, and cloves for flavor. I add supplements, like maca, collagen and others, to these smoothies. Making it at home gives me full control over the ingredients.

  6. private avatar image

    Private  |  Michigan, USA

    What are your thoughts on collagen whey protein and collagen peptides? I just started using those this past week mostly for muscle recovery and natural hair loss (have lost half my thickness but no balding Just extreme thinning) which I’ve been experiencing for over a year now with no underlying medical cause (I’ve had tests by my doctor and Dermotologist ☹️) the only time I stopped shedding was when I was pregnant but three months later the post pregnancy shedding started and it’s not letting up. So I heard collagen might play a role. Initially the “cause” was extreme stress but I’ve experienced more stress in my past than now and have never had this issue until the last few years. Sorry to vent my health issues on here. But really just curious of your thoughts on collagen protein 🙂

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