Breakfast Egg & Mustard Yogurt Sandwich (FM/WEM)

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This recipe is a FM for those of you who follow moderate low carb diet and WEM for those of you who want to be more strict with carbs. Ezekiel bread is the healthiest whole grain bread you can find in the store, do not substitute for any unhealthy so called “whole wheat” bread.

*Yields one portion


breakfast Egg sandwich

2 thin slices of Ezekiel bread

1tbsp greek yogurt (or goat kefir)

1 tbsp cream cheese (I use Philadelphia)

1/2 tsp dijon mustard

2 eggs

1/4 avocado mashed

1 large or two medium slices of organic tomato (Heirloom)

3 tbsp radish sprouts (you can use other sprouts like alfalfa – but the radishes are really awesome)

pinch of salt and pepper



1. Crack the eggs add salt and pepper and whisk.

2. Heat up a small frying pan over medium heat and grease with a little bit of oil (I like to use Avocado, Algae or Coconut oil) and then pour the eggs into the pan. Let the bottom to become firm and then flip over. Fold the edges of the omelette to create a square that will fit onto your toast. This process takes only couple minutes. You just want to make the eggs firm and very lightly golden on both sides.

3. Mix the yogurt, cheese and mustard in a small cup.

4. Toast the bread in the toaster or an oven and then spread the cream cheese mixture on both sides of the toast sandwich. Then spread the mashed avocado on the bottom half, then add the sprouts, then the tomato slice, and then the eggs. Cover with the top half. Enjoy!

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4 comments on “Breakfast Egg & Mustard Yogurt Sandwich (FM/WEM)”

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    Looks great! Will try it tomorrow. Thank you Zuzka!

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    Private  | 

    That’s awesome. I used to make a very similar dish like this for breaky for about 3 years until I got on the Keto train.
    I toasted a slice of bread-usually Ezekiel since my parents are german bakers. Then I’d spread avocado on the one slice of toast and sprinkle garlic roasted paprika spice, layer with cucumber then sprouts or spinach. Then I’d fry an egg with a turkey deli slice as the “top slice” to keep it all together. Some mornings I’d add a slice of cheese to melt between the egg and turkey, sprinkle with pepper. Done! 5 mins and I could do it blind folded. Super duper!

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      Private  |  Jura, France

      Germans do Pumpernickel, I wondered if it is sprouted too as we can’t find Ezekiel here?

      • private avatar image

        Private  | 

        Ezekiel is the healthiest way to go that is why it was their top seller. I’ve seen it sold frozen in grocery stores For over $8, crazy!! It’s healthy but not worth the robbery.

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