My Food Journal The Week of December 5th

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Most of the questions I get in the comments, are already answered in my Nutrition Guide and in the info below, so please take your time to read... [more]

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23 comments on “My Food Journal The Week of December 5th”

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    Private  | 

    Z eats a really low carb diet, but she uses fats that are readily metabolized in the liver (like coconut oil). Her body utilizes the fats more easily than someone that eats more carbs (Atkins is this type of diet). When the body utilizes fat for energy production it releases 36 molecules of energy, compared to carbs (glucose) production of 2 molecules. This is how one can eat so little and still have energy. I eat similarly….it can get boring though! I miss bananas! 😁

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      Private  |  angels camp, CA, USA

      Lol great info, I had surgery recently so can only walk for exercise now. Maybe u could have a banana with a workout earned meal 😜😇🍌

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    Private  | 

    Hi Zuzka
    I have noticed you haven’t done the food journal for a while now, are you stopping this series?

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    Private  |  Goodyear, AZ, USA

    Hey there! I took a look in recipes to see if you had your veggie chicken casserole recipe there. I could not find it? Could you tell me what the sauce is in there and how you made it please 🙂

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    Private  | 

    Zuzka, do you not get hungry after such a small dinner before going to bed? Why is it that someone who works out as much as you eats so little when someone, like myself, who works out once a day is just always hungry? Doesn’t make sense to me. I feel that being hungry all the time is what’s keeping me from losing weight. And I do eat healthy and don’t fill my calories with empty ones. I eat protein and a ton of veggies and fruit but it’s never satisfying enough.

    Also, when will you be posting the diet or nutrition plan that you mentioned before going away to Hawaii? 🙂 looking forward to it!

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