Get in the best shape of your life with our new tailored workout programs!

Welcome to our latest website feature, ZGYM Programs!

Most people choose to follow along with me on my daily workouts in ZGYM. But, if you are new to ZGYM, or have specific workout goals, you should take a look at my new ZGYM Programs.

ZGYM Programs are tailored to your workout goals with schedules running for several weeks. Each weekly schedule lets you know right away what workouts you will be doing that week. Keep track of your progress with the ZGYM Progress Tracker to stay motivated.

I have worked hard to put together programs with workouts for all fitness levels and goals. No matter where you are starting from, there is a program here for you.

Bunny Slope Beginner Workout ProgramFREE for everyone
Now Available
Kettlebell Basics ProgramNow available for ZGYM members
Now Available
Cardio and Strength Starter ProgramNow available for ZGYM members
Now Available
No-Equipment Needed Total Body Fitness ProgramNow available for ZGYM members