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Ab workouts you can do anywhere! Your journey to get 6 Pack Abs starts with Zuzka Light!

5 Minute Fat Burning Workout # 10 – For Jacked Abs

Hi guys,   This workout is great for your abs, because it combines high intensity cardio and exercises that force all of the muscles in your midsection to contract. So make sure to give it all you have and push hard if you want your abs to show!   Workout Breakdown:   1. Jump Jack […]

What Are Planks?

Planks are one of the best ways to strengthen a weak core and get you on your way to achieving those 6 pack abs!  Planks also help develop strength in your shoulders, arms, and glutes… but what are planks?  Even though you aren’t lifting any weight, you are consistently contracting your abs to hold the […]