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7 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism and Enrich Your Diet

Do you want to boost your metabolism and enrich your diet? …I want to share with you, the 7 tips that will ultimately help you reach your fitness goal.     Metabolism is the amount of energy or calories our bodies burn to maintain vital function. Whether we are sleeping, working, relaxing or exercising, our […]

Diet Tips – Be In Control!

Are you in control? I believe that Diet and Nutrition is something that people struggle way more with, than some of my most intense workout routines. The reason why is because when it comes to workout, I tell you each time exactly what to do and you just have to do it. However, I am […]

My Day of Eating #1

Hi WarriorZ, Here is my first day of diet confessions. I took pictures of everything that I ate during the day, and posted them on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. Now that the day is over I am posting all of the pictures of my meals here so that I can reply to your questions that […]