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My Day of Eating #1

Hi WarriorZ, Here is my first day of diet confessions. I took pictures of everything that I ate during the day, and posted them on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. Now that the day is over I am posting all of the pictures of my meals here so that I can reply to your questions that […]

Skinny Spaghetti Recipe for Fat Loss

I love pasta and Mediterranean cuisine in general. Actually most of us do, however the delicious pasta and pizza is not the best choice for anyone who is trying to lose weight and/or fat. Luckily we have an awesome substitute for spaghetti that is full of nutrients, high in fibre, and super low in calories. […]

Leftover Soup For Weight Loss

This soup out of leftovers saved my life last night. I had my dinner around 6pm and I thought that I won’t be hungry. Boy I was wrong! I got hungry around 10pm and I wasn’t going to sleep for another 2 hours, so I had to do something. I wanted to avoid snacking on […]

Get Ready for Christmas Treat Makeovers

Hi WarriorZ, It’s time to shop for Holidays and my plan is to come up with healthier versions of Christmas meals and treats. I had a great success with my Power Balls last year so I would like to do that recipe again and share it with you. A good friend of mine works at […]