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Summer Shred #21 X

For those of you who are new to Summer Shred – this series focuses on your entire body using dif… You must be logged in, and be a ZGYM subscriber to view this premium content. Join ZGYM Username Password Remember Me     Reset Password Join ZGYM

My Diet on Wednesday

I started my day off with a small glass of smoothie. It was a frozen banana, almond milk, whey protein powder, and cocoa powder. Very simple, tasty, and filling. I had my next meal about 4 hours later and it was a little more than a half cup of plain greek yogurt, about 10 black […]

What I ate on Tuesday

This beautiful looking dish was my breakfast. It is about 1 cupped hand of cooked oatmeal and another cupped hand of blackberries. I also sprinkled some walnuts over the top and cinnamon. It was very filling and I didn’t need to eat for the next 4 hours or so. I wasn’t feeling very hungry so […]

My Day of Eating #1

Hi WarriorZ, Here is my first day of diet confessions. I took pictures of everything that I ate during the day, and posted them on Instagram, twitter, and Facebook. Now that the day is over I am posting all of the pictures of my meals here so that I can reply to your questions that […]

Leftover Soup For Weight Loss

This soup out of leftovers saved my life last night. I had my dinner around 6pm and I thought that I won’t be hungry. Boy I was wrong! I got hungry around 10pm and I wasn’t going to sleep for another 2 hours, so I had to do something. I wanted to avoid snacking on […]

Get Ready for Christmas Treat Makeovers

Hi WarriorZ, It’s time to shop for Holidays and my plan is to come up with healthier versions of Christmas meals and treats. I had a great success with my Power Balls last year so I would like to do that recipe again and share it with you. A good friend of mine works at […]

Chocolate Brownie for Weight Loss

Hi WarriorZ! I have a great recipe for a chocolate brownie that you don’t have to bake. It’s also made out of superfoods and it’s a great snack that will boost your metabolism. I will post the exact amount of each ingredient on my facebook page so check it out.   Best, Zuzka Light.