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Hi guys,

Here’s another one of the older ZWOW routines. This one is great for ALL LEVELS and really good for beginners. It’s quite easy and chill workout. I think it’s a great recovery routine that I’m sure you’ll enjoy after the past 2 days of high intensity training.

On another note, I was thinking about doing some new Coffee Talk videos and I was wondering if there’s anything you’d like me to discuss. I will appreciate any ideas and your suggestions.





Warm Up Routine

Workout Breakdown:
1. Bicep curl to overhead press x 10

2. Med Ball mountain climbers x 30

3. Sumo Dead lift high pull x 10

4. Comp Burpees x 5


Cool Down & Stretching
12 minute AMRAP. Go through this circuit as many times as possible and don’t stop until the 12 minute countdown is up. What counts is the amount of reps total.

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145 comments on “ZWOW #5”

  1. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Loved it! Certainly not beginner when you use the right weight. 6 rounds with 15lb dumbbells and high pulls with 35lb KB – feel like I could’ve done 7 rounds but I did this in the a.m. when I usually workout in the p.m. so I didn’t have as much gas.

  2. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Ok I know that I did this before but I don’t have my score. I know I have increased weight because I couldn’t have lifted what I did today then.

    12 Minutes – 6 KB pulls and 5 Burpees Shy of 6 Rounds
    Completed 6 Rounds in 13 Minutes

    1. Bicep curl to overhead press x 10 Started with #15 DB but went dow to 10# DB
    2. Med Ball mountain climbers x 30
    3. Sumo Dead lift high pull x 10 – 45# KB
    4. Comp Burpees x 5

  3. private avatar image

    Private  |  Brisbane, Australia

    I loved this workout today. I have a cold so it was perfect.

  4. private avatar image

    Private  |  Viña del Mar, Chile

    Well, tonight I did Body Crush # 8X in 10:42 minutes and my last time was 13:05 min. ! very good 😀 and the second workout was ZWOW #5 and I did 10 full rounds + #1 + #2 + 5 reps of exercise #3, and last time I did 9 full rounds + 6 reps of exercise #1 ! It was a great night of workouts ! See you tomorrow ! 😀

  5. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Hi I wanna be slim but i don’t know how to begin, i work too many hours (no time for gym), im crying for help.
    I’m (90 kilos) and (176 cm), i need advises from my beautiful champ, sweet zuzana how can i have a spirit to challenge my self like you ?

    plz help

  6. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    I wanted to do this workout for so long and now I finally did it: 4 rounds + 7 bicep curl to overhead press. I used 2kg dumbbells. Given that I don’t own a kettlebell (yet), I used the same dumbbells for the high pull exercise.

    • private avatar image

      Private  | 

      I can’t wait for Zwow6!

  7. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    oh my !!
    5.5 rounds + 6 sumo
    44lb kettlebell n 10lb dumbells
    that wass a killer !!

    • private avatar image

      Private  | 

      I agree Crystal!
      I used a 44lb KB & 10lb DBs – it takes this workout to a different level!
      I did this instead of beginner strength,haha short on time today. 🙂

  8. private avatar image

    Private  |  Czech Republic

    Dear Z, due to many factors in my life, I have not been working out and eating right for the past 4 months. I just couldn’t. Nothing mattered. BUT!!! Also due to many factors last week I have encountered so many great people and saw various things and I decided to take back what I was fiighting for for so many years – my healthy and slim body. I chose this workout as the starter and it was simply amazing. I think I’m going to do this for the rest of the week and when I recieve money, I want to renew my membership. And I cant wait for your first book which is going to be release in the Czech Republic in May 🙂 Take care. And thank you.

  9. private avatar image

    Private  |  Samara, Russia

    Many thanks for this fantastic workout, Zu! Such a pleasant feeling in the arms! I was doing the original ZWOW 5 (10 minutes), so I completed 3 rounds + Bicep curls to overhead press + Med Ball Mountain climbers + 7 Sumo deadlifts high pull (with 5 kg dumbbells and 12 kg kettlebell).

  10. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    6 full rounds + 4 sumo deadlifts w/pull. 8 lbs. Needed to do something a little more intense today but didn’t want to do high intensity. There could be chocolate cake in my future today. 🙂

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