15 Minute Fat Burn #6

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This workout is awesome and really great for toning up and burning calories. The exercises are fun and It’s a great challenge for me to feel the pressure of coming up with new exercise combos for this series. Try your best to keep up with me and remember that if you're a beginner here's a simple guide that will help you to get started with ZGYM... [more]

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108 comments on “15 Minute Fat Burn #6”

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    Private  | 

    I zuzka, wanna Know if it s possible to show exercices Before start the training because my english is the perfect and some Times a dont know the move and i lose Time and rep looking at you and how to do it well , thank you to listen to me !! I like to follow you until so many years!! 🙂

  2. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Love, love, love love love
    Thanks, zuzka!!! 🙂

  3. private avatar image

    Private  |  Minnetonka, MN, USA

    Did this workout at 5 a.m. this morning. I’m trying to workout in the morning so I have more time to spend with my boyfriend after work. It is so hard to wake up but I do feel more awake, it’s like a cup of coffee! Except I still end up drinking the coffee.. 🙂

  4. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    This workout killed me in the best way!! Omg!!! I missed these workouts! Glad I re-joined ZGYM

  5. private avatar image

    Private  |  Paterson, NJ, USA

    Hi zuzka nice workout, but I had to modify most of the exercises most of them are too extreme for me but I’m still seeing results

  6. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Great Workout! One of my faves. Has anyone else noticed Z doesn’t seem to keep to a timer? I started the workout a tiny bit ahead with my tabata timer set and by the end I was almost 2 exercises behind her. Strange….

  7. private avatar image

    Private  |  Santiago, Chile

    I really enjoyed this workout! Just what I needed to start a new week of ZGYM. Also did my jump rope homework and my 100 KB swings. Thanks Zuzka and everybody!

  8. private avatar image

    Private  |  Boston, MA, United States

    I channeled my inner superpowers and managed to beat my all time highest record ever…334 reps.🏆

  9. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Do you have any plans to do another 15 minute fat burn series? I love these workouts so much, I do two of these a week usually.

  10. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Did this one today has the new heartbreaker workout was not up before I wanted to train. I love this series so much! Hope you’re having a great holiday Zuzka!

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