Body Crush #20 X – Abs, Legs, and Cardio

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I've been just as sad as you guys about Summer Shred series to be over, so I tried my best to put together new bodyweight workout that would be just as intense and I think I actually made it. This one was seriously challenging and with the same focus - core, legs, cardio and weight loss. That said, you don't have to worry about losing weight if you keep up the caloric intake. Then you'll just become more lean without losing any meat :)


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126 comments on “Body Crush #20 X – Abs, Legs, and Cardio”

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    This was serious. I did it fasted which made it that much harder. I feel like a ninja now:)

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    I’ve been really slacking about being consistent lately and my diet is in the trash (and the momma pooch is back). In all fairness, it’s the end of the school year and I keep telling myself once we’re done for summer I’m going to diet bootcamp, but I was excited to see this workout on the list since the last time I did it I was on top of my game and had been working out for about 13 weeks straight since I made the decision to turn my life around. ALSO, I remembered how much FUN this workout is… I was going to use this workout to see how far I’d slipped, but moreso for motivation to push really hard, rather than making excuses that I had been slacking.

    I beat my time by 2 minutes!

    I love having fun workouts that really are about being competitive with yourself, rather than seeing how many miles you did on the elliptical. Having an accomplished workout feels great, but beating yourself feels even better!

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    those lunges OMG!!! love it

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    OMGosh, total crusher! Replaced the side hops with 10 Over The Box Jumps, the side hops tend to hurt my knees. Soaking and dripping wet! My abs feel hard :D, loved the Diagonal knee tuck/toe touch!

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