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Lifted Butt Series #14

 | 131 Comments | Lifted Butt Series


You should probably know that this workout is not one of the short ones. It took me almost 30 minutes, it was tiring but doable. When you're lifting heavy weights, it's really important to pay attention to your form, so even though this is a time challenge, it's not really about speeding through each movement, but more about taking as little breaks as possible between exercises. Try to focus on feeling the tension in your glutes and really squeezing those muscles whenever you're pushing your hips forward, or up, when laying down. In order to make these large muscles strong and tight, you have to put them through a lot of tension. Always push through your heels, it makes a big difference. If you're using medium size kettlebell, try to move a little faster through the exercise. And remember it's ok to feel the burn in your muscles, but it's not ok to feel pain in your back, hips or knees. If that happens, stop the exercise and pick one of the postural therapy routines depending on what's hurting you. It's important to catch these things at the beginning before it becomes a chronic pain. Now turn on your favorite music and have... [more]

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131 comments on “Lifted Butt Series #14”

  1. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Hi Zuzka, Great combos. Loved the One foot elevated backward lunge knee up with dumbbells! Also, I added yoga blocks for One Leg weighted and the other two hip raises. It was intense! xoxo

  2. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Just the right intensity for 30 minutes. This one creeps up on you, after the first round … can’t do those lunges on the ball so had to use a chair else I would have face planted!

  3. private avatar image

    Private  |  Maui, HI

    Feeling pretty wobbly in the legs after this! Just betting I am going to have sore buns tomorrow!

  4. private avatar image

    Private  |  EAST FREETOWN, Massachusetts, United States

    Ha! Nadia, same for me, almost lost it a couple of times with the ball lunges, so brought up my chair, and it did creep up on me, I thought everything was going fine, and suddenly I’m like wo, My butt is on fire!! sore tomorrow for sure!! Now on to 5 minute fat burn 102!

    Thank you!!

  5. private avatar image

    Private  |  USA

    Such a great booty burn!!! I vastly improved in weight and time from last year. Thanks again Zuzka!!

  6. private avatar image

    Private  |  OR, USA

    WOW! That is for sure an X for me. Used my band to do the wide leg weighted hip raises. WOOO baby! The burn was catastrophic!! haha

  7. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Ouch. My legs are now noodles.

  8. private avatar image

    Private  |  Los Angeles, CA, USA

    My legs are really feeling the burn, tomorrow I can only imagine how I would feel? I feel amazing! didn’t eat much today for some reason maybe its the heat but I feel great and pushed myself. Awesome!!!! Thx Zuzka.

  9. private avatar image

    Private  | 

    Soooooo good! Thank you Zuzka! Absolutely loved this wo! Happy Day!

  10. private avatar image

    Private  |  Hailey, ID

    another good one to hate so good 🙂
    loved doing this just now!!
    thanks for putting in this week’s conquests!


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