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Lifted Butt Series #15 X

 | 144 Comments | Lifted Butt Series


This workout is an X although it may not feel as intense if you’re not using the proper weight that matches your fitness level. So if you’re not out of breath already during the first round of this workout and if you don’t feel intense muscle burn during the second round, it’s a good sign you need to upgrade your kettlebell and go for a bigger size. Remember that your lower body is powered by the largest muscle groups which are not easy to activate. You need to really hit them hard to create the desired tension that is going to lift your butt and create the sexy round shape. Also focus on bringing your butt as low to the ground as possible way below your knees during any squats or lunges. That’s why I also use the yoga blocks for bigger range of motion because your glutes are best activated at the very bottom of these moves. If you don’t have the blocks, don’t worry about it, it’s not a big deal, you can still do the same exercises on the ground, just make sure your focus is on pushing off the heels. And focus on your form, because these workouts have the potential to screw up your lower back if you don’t engage your abs and start rounding your upper body. DO NOT ROUND YOUR BACK!! Use a mirror to keep an eye on your form. Always hinge from your hips, keeping a natural curve in your back. Have... [more]

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144 comments on “Lifted Butt Series #15 X”

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    helloooo! this was an amazing workout.. I did it whitout any weight because I just moved to another country and left my dumpbelss there. So I am thinking on buying new equipment, how do I know what is the correct weight for dumpbells and kettelbell?? Thanks, you are such an inspiration…. Hugs!

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    Private  | 


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    Private  | 

    Dear Zuzka,

    Let me tell you simply “WOW” !!! I was with Bodybuilding, and even with them, i never felt the burn like with your workouts. Amazing. You’re a very hard worker person, i love that.All the best.

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    Private  | 

    WOW.. If you want to kill your body in short time do this work out!!
    This is the hardest one ever among Zgym! Prisoner knee up made me die. I used 5 kg dumbells and my beast12 kg KB.
    I tried also #16 but it was not hard . Thumbs up!!!

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    Private  |  Georgia, USA

    This one was a definite X! Holy cow so hard. My quads were screaming and my throat was on fire. Thanks Z! XOXO

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    Private  | 

    4kg x2
    15lb dumbbell

    doubled the swings 🙂

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    Private  |  London, UK

    This workout is one of your toughest, that first exercised made my legs burrrrrn! Great stuff thanks Z, I think 😉

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