Postural Therapy #1 – Low Back Pain Relief


This is one of the exercise routines that helped me with my herniated disk. This routine will help you to mitigate lower back pain, but you have to commit to it and stay consistent. Do this menu at least once a day first thing in the morning. When I was in excruciating pain and was taking pain killers to be able to even think straight, I became very diligent with these exercises and did them several times a day.  As soon as I felt the pain creeping up again, I would take my chair, mat, and pillows and would repeat the same 4 exercises until the pain went away.

You will notice a difference right away, but it won’t last long at first. Staying consistent and doing this routine daily will progressively increase your pain free hours into days and eventually you’ll get rid off the symptoms completely. Once you get rid off the pain, you should get on a an exercise routine that will prevent the symptoms from coming back and help you to build a healthy... [more]

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51 comments on “Postural Therapy #1 – Low Back Pain Relief”

  1. private avatar image

    Private  |  Hailey, ID

    Z, I did the Hip Therapy routine today throughout my work day, then I did it in full before I went for an hour-long Boot-Camp with my 25-yr old friend. It was so AWESOME that I was in WAY less pain and could move freely after just 3 days of doing these therapies!!
    Before bed just now, I did this routine I’m commenting on. I could feel my lower back twitch as I did the moves.
    I’ve also passed this site on to my friend because she and her husband have had some issues they need to address. I also gave it to another friend today because she has been getting worse and worse with arthritic pain. I actually gave her my login (because I trust her very much) so that she could get some immediate relief. I love her very much and it hurts me to see her having so much agony!! We used to climb mountain trails and in Idaho, it’s as close to a SIN as one can get, if you can’t climb anymore.. ..
    With my own progress in just 3 days, I am ECSTATIC that I am finally on the mend after fearing my demise..
    thank you SO O O O ooooo much.

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